I am here. Arrived safely, had a whirlwind of a day yesterday and now we are on Day Two already.

Wellington, New Zealand. The home of the gusty,-wellington-012

So there was no ferry ride out to the island after I got off the plane, the weather was inclement and the sea, choppy. (and I am a terrible sailor at the best of times).  Instead we had a nice afternoon IN. The champagne was lovely and cold,  with  fresh fruit for the Sangria and delicious local cheeses.


I have always said that Wellington is beautiful  – when it IS beautiful.  I walked down to the supermarket this morning to buy milk and was almost blown right over. Old ladies were walking at a slant, forcing their walking sticks to the ground and holding onto lamp-posts for a rest, their shopping bags flying out at right angles.

urban chickens

The chickens in the back yard are a happy bunch. Urban chicks – love it.

We have five days before the wedding of Senior Son and his beautiful bride.  So we will  be in the city a few days yet. There is a lot of cooking and food preparation to be done.  And meals and meetings in between. Such Fun. I love feeding people. The-Bride-005

It seems that dirty windows run in the family.

Good morning. I am going to set these travel posts so that they publish at the normal time. That is: the Early American morning. Which means that they will go out around midnight from here. And you will still get your post around the same time as you usually do. Otherwise how can I say Good Morning.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy.



38 Comments on “Gusts!

  1. I am so happy for you and your family, Celi! It is only 10:30 pm Pacific time, but I’m glad to get your posts any time of the day. Hugs, and best wishes for all!

    • And now I see I’m not alone after all. I joke sometimes that it’s not that I’m running late, it’s that I’m actually early but running on west coast time. 😉

  2. I’m a night owl so I rarely catch your posts first thing in the morning – I’m often one of the last ones to the comments lounge. How funny to find myself here all alone. So good morning (and good night to you, Celi!). Enjoy the hubbub!

  3. It’s a little past 12:30 as I write this in SE MN — Good Morning Celi — have a good time with your family!

  4. Was nice to catch a fresh post when I came in from outdoor tasks. Lovely to see you with your family – in the warmth two ways. Have fun.

  5. Welcome back to the great wide South, Miss C. Please can we have some of your wind over here? It’s horribly hot and humid. I hope the wedding is marvellous, and you have a splendid time.

  6. Put some rocks in your pockets 🙂 Welcome back to the southern hemisphere. Happy to have caught up with you, I am now going to watch cricket all day. Laura

  7. A Sunday afternoon treat to hear from you… while I’m relaxing on a breezy Sydney balcony… a different sort of urban chick… joining you in a glass of sparkling… but not Bubbly… more mundane but pleasant white wine spritzer, and in a little while some good cheese. Enjoy your holiday, time at your other home and with family:)

  8. Welcome to New Zealand! Here in Auckland the weather has been hot and gorgeous again and I’ve had another swim. Bad luck to fly into the Wellington winds, but I hope they clear soon. I’m SO disappointed that you are going to set your posts to American time. I was looking forward to commenting high up the list for a change and enjoying the feeling of being in the same time zone!

    • Oh no.. I am sorry,I have found though that as I usually post on a daily basis at the same time – I am experimenting with doing it this way. Many people miss the post when it comes in at a different time, we will see.. anyway, I am first up this morning (as usual) packed and ready to go to fourth sons house, but first i will tackle these dishes! ..c

  9. Happy to know you arrived safely,,,, in typical mother mode… pointing out the spots on the window! 😉 Happy cooking, playing and champagne!

  10. Morning , Noon and Night your good morning is always a delight. What a comical picture it brings to mind ..old ladies with their bags flying at right angles…hanging on to lamposts..have fun Miss C .in this small world of Internet you are never far away

  11. I thought the window was quite clean until I read your comment about it. My standards are embarrassingly low. I could see out of it! Enjoy the warmth of both the climate and your family. Sheila is an internationally known porcine, how proud we are of her.

  12. Have a great time with your kids and the wedding. I loved the description of the old ladies walking down the street. That could be a Youtube! LOL Also, loved the chickens in the back yard. Nice set up. It’s compact but looks very workable and darling. I love it when people are homesteaders in the city!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful time will be had by all! No doubt they are thrilled to have you there with them! Hope the wind lets up a bit and that you can go to the beach! I know you will have a fabulous week!!! xoxoxo

  14. It looks very much like where I was raised as a child. Water sticks with a person, is my opinion, and being too far from it for lengths of time can leave you feeling a bit high and dry. Beached, one might say. Not sure if you ever have that feeling, with you living on the prairie as you do. Peder and I were both raised on water, and we seem to share that connection. Love the mountains but can’t get enough of the water. Enjoy your time with your family, c. We’re making plans for a winter trip to see our eldest and the grandchildren also. xx >

  15. I love the images you create for us… both in mind and photograph. Dirty windows are just bits of nature’s debris stuck to the house… sometimes it’s quite interesting to see what attaches itself. Enjoy the coming days and get some rest! It sounds like you need some “rocks in your pockets” (as they say here in the south) to weight you down in the wind!

  16. We were all waiting to hear from you and happy you arrived safely. Hope the plane withstood the great winds! And didn’t make the landing rocky! I quick went to a map of New Zealand so iwould know where Wellington is and which sea you were referring to. I love looking into people’s houses, especially kitchens!

  17. Ahh have finally arrived! Love the aerial views of NZ! Cannot wait to see more of your pre-wedding festivities, not to mention the wedding itself on the island!
    Enjoy Enjoy!

  18. ha ha ha … looks like my computer is still on US time! I did the equation and everything.. I will fix that when I post next! too funny! here was me thinking I was being clever! Laugh!!..c

  19. Delightful to return from the sawbones to find Sheila ‘my big fat pig’ has put her feet down in the Windy City as well! [Oh my, a beautiful bride-to-be to boot!!] Awfully ‘nice’ to be talking to you in ‘our’ time!!

    • Oh yea, ‘spoilsport me’ ‘complaining’ – why could the very large Down Under contingent not read your wonderful posts in our time just for once! Huh!! Why should the rest of the world not ‘know’ how it feels to share in something a dozen hours old all year round . . . whinge . . . whinge . . . whinge . . .with a huge smile !!!

  20. You must tell us what you’re feeding everyone! It sounds like they’re going to have a lovely wedding, can’t wait to see the photos.

  21. Dirty windows make for nice photographic texture! No worries. And besides, the t-shirt steals the show in that picture!!! Go Sheila!!!!

  22. What fun! I can’t wait to see photos of the wedding and I do hope you plan to take pictures of all of the fabulous foods you’re making! I must admit, when I see urban pictures of NZ it always throws me for a loop. NZ in my mind is rolling gorgeous green pastured hills with free roaming sheep. LOL

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