Kids and Toys

Kids and Toys.

rooftops New Zealand


Toys and Kids.



I miss the farmy already.

But I will be getting ready to go home in a week. So no time for missing.

I think that our new cow will be arriving back at the farmy in the next few days. I will get Jake to take a photo for us.

Yesterday the tiredness hit me so I was quite happy to just stay home and play with blocks.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy





28 Comments on “Kids and Toys

  1. Those are beautiful blocks! I love building blocks. They are quite expensive here if you get the lovely wooden kind. I am a sucker for lovely natural toys, and I always wonder why we’ve created a world where the pink and purple plastics win out over them? But…what a superb calendar those kiddies have!!

  2. sorry Celi ~ but that is a really ugly cat!! wouldn’t want it on my lap!! just give me Marmilade and her kitties!!! Enjoy yourself while there ~ it will probably be a while till you go back! When is the big homecoming Party? all of your farm kids will be at the end of the driveway mooing, baaaing, meowing. oinking, clucking, barking when you drive in!!!!

  3. Those wooden blocks look very good, full of possibilities. I want to get some for my little grandchildren. Plenty of play animals but you are pining for the real thing – of course! Nice to have a day of rest. These are big journeys across the world, and a huge temperature change for your body to adjust to.

  4. Love how a firm grip on the ice cream is maintained through all that construction.
    I adore the ugly cat; attitude plus – is it a Sphinx?
    It must seem odd seeing your home on the wall like that. Make the most of the time with those littlies, the best part is you can hand them when you have had enough ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Love the picks, esp the building blocks vs building block houses… up and up and up for the view! Kids and toys (beanie babies in there?) and kitty are cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Your luggage contents is getting good use! I love those blocks and the structure is a work of art. I’m glad you rested, much activity is on the horizon. Enjoy! I presented the calendar yesterday as a late Christmas celebration. It was well received and of course, I named all the animals for her! My friend presented me with an old fashioned prairie bonnet and made me promise to wear it at the farmy whilst caring for the chickens. Hysterical!

  7. Lots to keep your interest there…and ours too. Love those little sheep. Not sure about the cat! When a friend admired my calendar I began naming all the animals and telling about their habits and traits….until I caught her eyeing me oddly……..perhaps you have to be a member of the Farmy to “get it” ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Jet lag can be really awful, that’s for sure! Kick back, relax, enjoy and have the kids wait on you! xo

  9. Such a different life from The Farmy. But a welcome break. The lighting is lovely in your images today. But I must say (I’m sorry) that cat is the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen. What breed is it?

  10. I suspect the Farmy is missing you too. Lovely southern light in your photos, clean and vivid. The wind has blown away all the fug and everything looks freshly scrubbed. I hope you are putting your feet up a bit too? And by the way, that is one grumpy looking cat. I’m sure it has a very sweet temperament, but it does not look happy with life!

  11. Well, this post surely shows exactly where your heart is !! Thinking of the farmy just a few days into your journey and counting the days until your return flight leaves !!! With me, at this stage, it probably would be ‘Farmy? Which farmy?’ ๐Ÿ˜€ !!!! Celi: DO enjoy the NZ summer: will you!!!!!!! It’s cold back in Illinois!!!!!!!!

  12. I love the little notation on the ‘Farmy’ calendar… ‘Cecilia arrives’! Someone was looking forward to your arrival. Enjoy the beautiful weather here, and no doubt your animals are all looking forward to you coming home!

  13. Oh that little cat is a hairless cat, I think. Pretty sweet, too. I’ve just finished ALL THE LIGHT what an extraordinary book. In all my life, I’ve never read one that quite so captures the beauty of this world. I look at Anthony’s head and say to myself, “How is it possible for one mind to hold not only so much knowledge, but also to write such poetry.”. Quite extraordinary. Thank you, thank you, Cecilia, for mentioning it.

  14. Beautiful country! Glad you can rest, even if your body made you. And I believe the cat that has everybody talking is a Devon Rex. Having owned several of them, they are the most wonderful cats. Loving, family oriented little babies! Generally tiny, 4-6 lbs. max.

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