The D –

I am up very early. I awoke at 2.30 anD lay in beD for a while thinking all those awful thoughts one thinks when you cannot sleep. AnD I am a granD sleeper, just sometimes after a trip away my sleeping pattern interrupts. It is snowing steaDily outsiDe. Huge fluffy flakes. I knew it was going to snow,  not just because I reaD it in a weather report but because my voice outsiDe yesterDay afternoon was hollow anD echoey.

Last night the D fell off my keyboard. I mean the top bit of the key that has the letter written on it. Fell Off.  Leaving a strange lit up stalk.white peacock

First all the letters rub off from typing, (so I put alphabet stickers on top of the keys because I am not much of a touch typist) –  now the actual plastic veneer (with its sticker on top of the key), has collapseD  into a fit of pique! An actual piece of the key. Gone. Here was I reaDy to write an exceptional post – a ground breaking post.. a post that would win me a freshly pressed prize (that I have never had by the way – anD Do not minD at all ) anD the keyboarD is falling apart.. literally.. CoulD it be that keyboarDs are not what they useD to be? paying-back-018 dutch belted cows

Well me being me –  anD all. I will continue with my De-functioning keyboarD anD we will see how far we can get before someone has a D-class Nervous breakDown as opposeD to an A- class nervous breakDown  – which surely Must be worse! paying-back-028 barn animals

I useD to play a piano that haD no top E..( the boarD was wonky or the arm, maybe the key kept sticking too long ago to remember),  anyway the  top E was a note I coulD reach singing but my piano coulD not reach with its clinking.  Is this history repeating itself? KinD of. Too early in the morning to really work that out.

While I work on recovering my D –  yesterDay was a lovely Day.. above freezing – the Elsie anD LaDy A came in anD out of the milking parlour with very little fuss. Though they are prone to turn left when they shoulD turn Right.  The pigs went walkies all Day long and I just smileD.  With a capital D.  FilleD all the waters, trunDleD about. paying-back-030

AnD just in case you forgot how truly LONG Sheila our big fat pig is. She is our Big Long Pig.

Oh, GooD morning. That D is really distracting isn’t it. I will Glue the D back on later to-Day.  If I can finD a Drop of super D glue. Apparently we are being  snoweD in anD the winD is coming up just for gooD measure.. so I will have lots of time for insiDe things.

I hope you all have a lovely Day!

Your frienD on the farmy,




73 Comments on “The D –

  1. Tears of laughter were oozing out of my eyes by the time I finished reading this. I suppose with all the travelling you’ve been doing it’s inevitable that your sleep pattern wll have hiccups. I hope it doesn’t last – you need the small amount of sleep you normally have!

    On my laptop there is a keyboard that pops up on the screen when I am least expecting it. Never been used! If I could send it to you, it would come in handy.

    • Morning viv, actually you might have hit on something.. i Do have another keyboarD. I might plug it into my laptop.. well Done.. c

  2. you are one crazy woman….( a couple of instances D did make a proper d) I think that the early hour must have frazzled Mr Brain. How can anyone think about D’s so early in the day when you should be tucked up in bed with zzzzzzz’s .
    A most enjoyable read..I loved it and if you have never ever been WP’d then I say we are all doomed to failure..not that WP is the best example of good interesting post…some I have read were completely and utterly dull …….your post never are even at 2.30am

  3. I HATE being awake in the wee small hours; all issues seem bigger and more worrisome, but to have to deal with a dropped-off-D must be a worry too far!

  4. Phone your computer guru, give him make and model of your laptop and order a new keyboard. They pop out and are easily replaced – with all new numbers and letters! I would be careful about using super glue near electronics. Enjoy the rest of your D Day 🙂 Laura

  5. LOL!!
    I understand about the nights awake as I do that all the time like last night.

  6. Delightful post, my Dear! My last laptop I had worn the letter N off the keyboard part which my son found interesting for some reason. I guess I have a heavy thumb or finger when it comes to the N. The sleep thing—oh I so get that. The mind starts roaming and all kinDs of things pop up, Don’t they? Here’s to a nap toDay and some relaxation if you can fit it in. Oh–the snow maDe it here—looks like 4 inches at least but probably more. It’s been awhile—I guess we were Due.

  7. The national weather service is calling this snow storm LINUS. It’s all about that kid with a blanket from the peanuts comic. Only one D in that sentence.

    • The name isn’t from the National Weather Service, as much as the Weather Channel would want you to believe. The NWS doesn’t name winter storms.

        • We’ve got somewhere in the range of 8 inches on the ground in East Central Iowa, so far. It’s getting hard to tell, as the wound had picked up in the last hour or so. The Min Pin foster dog, when I took her out for a quick potty break just looked at me, very plainly saying “Are you crazy?”, and headed for the house. Thank goodness for piddle pads!

          • 8 inches.. thats a good bit I have no idea how to work out how much we have so far ,( I will ask Our John when he gets in from plowing, not that much though

            • IIRC you’re a bit south of us (as well as east). This mess seems to be tracking east by northeast. Most recent update I’ve heard calls for another 2 to 4 inches today. What’s out there is very wet, and slippery underneath when I did a bit of shoveling (so the dogs have somewhere to go). Then colder & another round of snow Tuesday. Winter in Iowa – it finally catching up with us! 🙂

              • we are still at 33F and the wind is picking up.. this is going to get icy when the cold hits.. makes life interesting!.. c

                • Here in east central Wi. it’s been snowing all day with a stiff NE wind. Hard to tell how much, some places are bare and some are knee deep. It hasn’t gotten out of the low 20’s F so at least we don’t have that ‘cement snow’. Should be cold tomorrow with -15 wind chills, it’ll be great fun doing the final clean up oh joy.

  8. I woke up at 1:36 and could not get back to sleep, my mind wanders quite over actively in the wee hours. We could have had a chat! Have a Delightful Day.

  9. As RecyclerSA said you should be able to get a replacement keyboard or you could plug in an external one (there must be lots of those going into landfill). Don’t tell the cannibals that Sheila is a Long Pig 😉

    • yes, i have another keyboard here, for the meantime and. I will get my computer man to order a replacement too..

  10. Celi, you did it again. You made me smile while reading your post, thanks. I know as a farmer’s daughter I should know this but I don’t ……….what is a long pig?

  11. I once had a Compaq laptop where all (ALL) the letters wore right off. Keys stuck fast. Then the spacebar stuck. I took it to a little shop, and they hammered on a new generic keyboard. That keyboard outlasted the darned laptop! I’ve had two Compaq laptops, and both did the same thing. But Viv is right, use an external keyboard and forget about the uselessness of the not-fit-for-purpose-piece-of-rubbish. Good morning, darling! xx

    • morning darling!! aren’t computers funny and not too long ago we did not even have them.. what were we doing?

      • Remington typewriter with keys that stuck together …. it’s all about the keys, I reckon. Then and now.

  12. I had to laugh when I read about your keyboard. My keyboard currently has seven keys totally black and another couple letters partially worn off.

    • I have stickers on all but three keys, the letters totally gone.. this keyboard really is rubbish, but a good little laptop so far.. I will have to order a new one.. hope they do them for this model.. c

      • My typing teacher told me a useful trick – and I learned on a manual typewriter, where you really had to hammer the keys. She said that to avoid the letters wearing off, you should apply a coat of clear nail polish when the keys are new, to protect them, and reapply from time to time. How’s that for the cheapest fix of all?

          • I learned on a typewriter with nuns too and woe to the one who looked at her hands OR at sheet in the typewriter – the ruler hovered! Best keep your eyes on what you were transcribing if you valued your knuckles unbruised!

  13. Talk about a simple letter demanding so much attention! Did it ever speak to me about how silly I can be! Ha ha! Well, you know how when you read some deep and very thought-provoking prose you might read a line or a paragraph over and over because it really needs to sink in or you just can’t seem to grasp it with one pass? You read more slowly… and you consider and ponder. You go back and repeat the sentence – can’t seem to move on. Well, that’s what happened here. I was so glued to what you were saying about the “D” key, taking in all of those “D’s” wondering about that… the “D” problem, then checking as I went – yep, every D was in caps… strange – I read several sentences again and again because I’d stopped to look back at those previous “D’s”. And then it wasn’t until the very end that I realized I was so involved in the content and all of those “D’s” that I hadn’t looked at any photographs until LONG SHEILA. I scrolled back up… started over… and when I finished, I laughed heartily. I LOVE that you posted with the “D” issue. I love that it took me out of my tendency to just breeze along.Who knew a little old letter could demand so much attention!!??

  14. It’s good for our brains to look at something differently. All your D’s gave my noggin’ a workout this morning when I was reading it in bed at 5:00 AM. Ha! Hope your sleep schedule rights itself quickly! 🙂

  15. We used to send our “J” key skittering across the floor. My current laptop has recessed keys that are resistant to removal, but the letters are missing on many of the keys. Good luck to you!

  16. There is a wonderful poem by Wendall Berry called THE PEACE OF WILD THINGS. The first line begins, “When despair for the world grows in me, and I wake in the night at the least sound…”

  17. I hate those 2.30 – 3 am awake thoughts… You did the best thing, wrote funny funny words to dispel their miasma. Losing a D would be terrible for me, a significant portion of my identity is tied up in D. But we manage to live without a functioning 7 on our microwave no problems at all 🙂

  18. [laughing] ‘Doe a deer, a female deer’ – methinks we all can sing that one 🙂 ! Don’t remind me how many times I trieD to learn to touch-type manually: it simply was not to be. I Do play the piano on the computer keyboarD at a molto bene rate tho’ 🙂 ! Was there something going on in the atmosphere in the last 24 hours ’cause I coulD not get to sleep until about 3 am and I am a baby who neeDs her slumber!! [still laughing and enjoying!]

  19. So far the computer keyboards are okay, the microwave “7” doesn’t work, the “8” is sproadic as to if it will or won’t. It’s much easier to learn to touch type if you play piano or organ or harpsichord or clavichord, it just becomes a matter of muscle memory, like when you memorize a piece of music.
    Stay warm and dry.

  20. Oh my goodness… The kids these days have an entirely different meaning for ‘the D’! As you can imagine it isn’t polite. I learned to touch type on an actual typewriter with no letters on the keys – probably the class before introduction to computers where I knew more than the poor hapless shop-teacher who got stuck with the job.

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