Cold Feet


It is a measure of Sheila’s trust in me that she would trudge  all the way across the snow drift that has had her cooped up all this time and come out for a walk.  (Though she has balked at it three days running so I guess she trusts me when she feels like it) . eggs-063

She sent Poppy out to test the waters. calves under trees

Then across she came. Like an ice-breaking barge in heels.  She did not appreciate me taking a photo of her navigating the silly footpath I had made for her. But even Marmalade came out for a walk.


People and pigs need time in the sun, whether it  is cold or not. Winter is hard on warm blooded animals.


Once she was across/through my little path she trotted about Daisy’s field eating any grass she could find.  Everyone needs their greens  in this wintery weather too.


Getting back through the Ice Floe was not quite as graceful – having missed the path while wondering about dinner. Don’t worry she made certain to let me know I had Erred. I love that pig.  Sheila my big fat pig.


Lady Aster is becoming the lead cow in the teensy herd. She is a lovely gentle cow. And much wider than Elsie.

I took Camera House Across The Way yesterday to show you the calves.  They are doing very well in and out of their big beautiful barn.


They are growing fast. Shiny even in their winter coats.


Aunty Del is a beautiful wee heifer – destined to be a big player on the farmy in the next couple of years.   It takes a long time to grow a milk cow.  Lucky you and I are in for the long haul.


I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm



44 Comments on “Cold Feet

  1. I love the vision of Sheila as an icebreaker. I feel sure, though, that she’d prefer to be though of as a huge and graceful ocean liner, say the Queen Mary or something of that ilk! She definitely has the aura of a great lady, a fitting successor to PG Wodehouse’s famous fictional sow the Empress of Blandings.

  2. Yes, I can certainly see why everyone there has cold feet! We have been super fortunate so far this winter. The weather has been fairly mild with only one snow that lasted a few days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it remains that way. We are starting to plant our seeds for the garden. Exciting!!! xo

  3. I think Sheila sees all that snow and dreams about all the wonderful mud it will make as it melts in the spring.

  4. I must be the first to ask – the meaning behind the little note on the box where the kitties are eating – who was doing the pooping, and which one of the animals is smart enough to read the note? We know they are all highly capable of just about anything, but… 🙂

  5. Deb beat me to it! No more pooping!!! Your animals are so smart to be able to read that! Love today’s post of all your lovely animals. Thinking warm thoughts.

  6. maybe trotters are made for fine weather and not for snow, a pair of piggy wellies is called for. I can imagine what she said to you when she strayed from the path and ended up with her belly touching the snow ! You are right…a wonderful pig full of character with her sidekick Miss poppy

  7. Love your header photo, the young ones are looking great. Daisy’s Bobby is quite the looker. You made an excellent mating when you chose his sire. It is a shame he wasn’t a heifer. Queenie’s Bobby looks like his momma. Quite the set of legs on him. Aunty Del is beautiful. She is looking good and developing a nice depth of body. I hope everyone follows directions and stops pooping on your box. lol

    • I was just thinking the same thing. But knowing these animals, they probably wrote it there themselves, like recalcitrant school children writing lines after school.

      • I’m with you … now was it the rooster Son of son of Neanderthol Man or big fat brown hen 🙂 Laura

  8. So nice to see the gang out in the sun. I was just thinking that I don’t know the kitten’s names. Do they have names? I know I’ve tuned out a bit over the last few months.

  9. Oh look at the little pink nose on that kitten!!!! I had almost forgot about the bobby’s and Aunty!!!! They have been so absent these past weeks. Lovely to see them. When do you think you will introduce Aunty Del to Lady Astor and Elsiie?

    • I will bring her across when Queenie has gone.. Queenie is such a bully, and Aunty is only small yet. But I cannot work on fattening that lot over there until Aunty is shifted. So hopefully we can move Queenie along soon.. c

      • I could make a comment about strong willed women growing strong willed women…. but I’ll refrain. 😉 I have two very hardheaded female dogs….

  10. No more pooping………I could use something like that in my front yard . Your animals are so lucky having you as a caretaker.

  11. We all need the sun… good for the soul. I know they say animals are built for the cold, and I observe that most mammals and birds tend to flourish in the cold rather than the heat. But oh, how I long for the warm days of spring and the rain that washes away the last traces of these long winter days. Keep warm and toasty if you can! 🙂

  12. Excellent! Sheila in her high heels!!! Elegant, as always, and picture perfect. So true what you say about all of us needing a bit of sun every day. I love that. Best part of the post, though? The bit about NO MORE POOPING ON MISS C’S BOX.

  13. Oh how I wish you had sound on this blog. I’d love to hear what Sheila said to you in her scolding, scalding voice! Lovely photos all! Most enjoyable.

  14. Celi, I absolutely love these pictures this morning!! love the top picture with the 3 cows in a row!! would make a nice picture o the wall!! just love Marmelade trotten around with Sheila and Poppy! and then Sheila knee deep in snow ~ bet she was gruttin’ around!! and all the cowsies are lookin’ good! love these pictures!

  15. Good Luck getting the “no Poop” rule to stick. I don’t seem to have much luck with that

  16. Looking at all those bright photos I can feel the crisp cold air in my lungs – way better than the damp cold grey days over here. Suddenly I realised my feet hasd gone cold, can I blame the trudge through your snow? 😉

  17. The animals seem to take everything in stride, except for Sheila. Tho I must say, I might have complained loudly too if I was thigh high in snow. Glad there was sun for everything to soak up. It does make such a difference.

  18. Still learning! How much longer will those good-looking bobbies stay? Lovely to see so much of the family getting their vitamin D, but from Sheila: ‘Miss D – look at your long, long legs and look at the short ones I was given – I am SO much closer to snow, Miss, and it IS cold, Miss’ 😀 !!

  19. The calves look so healthy and happy. Aunty Del is a charmer. I’m glad Sheila ventured out into the sunshine. It’s bound to make a girl feel better. The kitty at the top has a nice pink nose!

  20. I can really feel your love for your animals in this post. Their coats look so healthy and they are being so tenderly cared for.

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