Peafowl Dancers

At least I think it is a dance.

When you spend a lot of time watching your own animals and birds and they do something new it is immediately apparent. And entrancing. And hopefully I have the camera, and hopefully they are not in a dark corner. Well I did have Camera house but Godot and Tui were in a dark corner. Circling each other.

They were most definitely dancing around each other. She had her wings down and he had his tail up. Though by the time I got back with the camera the tail was down but the dance continued. There was a lot of movement which is reflected in the images.  You just don’t have time to rattle about with settings on a camera when the action is suddenly ON. So,  watch this sequence. The blur of movement  kind of adds to it I think. Tell me what you think?







Then they start all over again. Round and round circling each other then pausing jumping across and over each other like Capoeira dancers.  See how high they are holding their heads.


None of this is normal behaviour. Is it a preliminary courtship dance? A battle?   He has had his tail up a lot lately but I have not seen this before. Look at her wings, down like that. And circling each other with their heads high. And they did it again and again. We are getting close to the mating season.  I wonder if I should put the peacock penthouse on standby.

Though we cannot get our hopes up. Godot is only two years old. Technically a peacock needs to be three with a long tail to breed. But he is our only male.  No competition – You never know.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


51 Comments on “Peafowl Dancers

  1. Lovely pics, and the movement works well in spite of the blurryness. Love ’em. I know nothing about peacocks (other than that I’ve learned through you), but this looks like courting, doesn’t it? I’m not v good at commenting on here and on other blogs I follow (Mrs Chiconia, I’m think of you here too!), but will trying and do it, rather than think about it…

  2. aha! a bit of hanky panky going on there…how lovely if we shall have some chicks….He maybe only two years but maybe he is very advanced for his years,,,but if he has got his’ get up and go’ then all the better….

  3. I think the pigs have been singing to the birds in the wee hours of the night….romantic songs of bird love. Spring is in the air at the farmy. Dancing peacocks. Even if it is too early for Godot, the dancing is very pretty.

  4. That sounds and looks like courtship display, especially as it was repeated, not a one off. He may be a bit young, but he knows which end is which. And she knows a gorgeous white peacock when she sees one! Here’s hoping…

  5. Definitely a mating dance. He may be only two but look at him, he is ready…You are right no competition so why not right? They are so beautiful.

  6. perhaps if you could provide some instruction in the form of peacock pornography to show him what is expected

  7. Good on you Miss C for managing to capture this dance. Even if this is only practice it is lovely to see that natural law is handling all the intricacies of love among the peafowl.

  8. I think the “head” shot is great – you kind of see everything in that 1 shot. I’d say Spring is in the air and the peacocks are feeling lucky 🙂

  9. Sure looks like they’re practicing for something! The blur rinses does give us an idea of their movement. 😀

  10. I would say that is Fowl Play for sure….. Heads raised high, female wings low….. Maybe the additional light in the barn is moving their urges along a little earlier this year.

    Gadot is a really handsome fella too…..

  11. Heads up, the origin of the term “peacocking about” – they must be fancying one another. She is accepting the attention, too, so I don’t think there’s much doubt. Is there any accompanying sound? (I googled peacock courtship, and there’s loads of information on Wikkipedia.)
    Have a good day

  12. If it were a confrontational situation, I would think they would both have their feathers fluffed out, looking as big as possible. Looks like a beautiful dance.

  13. When I was living on the tundra in Alaska, I was fortunate to come upon two Sandhill cranes doing a mating dance. And it was very similar to what you described Celi! I agree that ‘love is in the air’! xo

  14. I read this post with a whisper. a la David Attenborough . I’m a big fan of dance animal or otherwise.

    • AHA! Jean you have all the best references in your wild dancers brain.. have you ever seen a capoeira dance? it is more of a challenge or fight really.. I had a troupe staying at my house in NZ one winter when they were training close by.. it is terrifying.. and exhilarating.. very intense..

      • I know of capoeira. I know how to say, ” capoeira ” like those of capoeira countries. I’ve told off capoeira people for f-ing up our tap floor. I have never seen capoeira in action. Shame on me. I hope your floor recovered from any rehearsal that may have taken place.

  15. Looking like a mating dance to me! Love the high heads! Great job having camera house at the ready … you capture a lot of great spontaneous action. Thinking ‘Little Godots’ are in your future.

    • usually my girls start to lay later in the summer and then he will be a little older so it could happen. And a white peacock and a blue peahen are likely to produce : 1/2 pie bald, 1/4 white and 1/4 blue chicks.. then it really gets interesting..

  16. It def looks like a courtship dance to me . I have seen a capoeira troop dance in Ibiza, as you sit in the square having a drink they perform in front of you, amazing to watch x

  17. Fingers crossed for the pea dancers. I am almost jealous, I could do with a little dancing and rmancing around me!

  18. My money is on courtship. Sometimes they get ideas in their head long before they’re able to make the money shot. I would love to see baby peafowl!

    • I was hoping you would chime in Heather, I will have them in their run this year so if someone does lay I can nick a few for incubation and leave them a few for sitting on. Pania is such a broody old hen. Between us (and if Godot is fertile) we might yet get a chick.. c

  19. I love that you caught the movement and Godot’s tail display… yep, courtship 🙂 It’s been a long cold winter and the peas’ are thinking springtime thoughts!

  20. We need David Attenborough to give us a commentary and his learned opinion. Whether it leads to “the money shot” as Heather so hilariously said……snorted my tea over that one………it’s beautiful.

  21. Nothing better than to happen on a good courtship display… stops ya right in yer tracks! What a fabulous capture. 🙂

  22. The activity on the Farmy so far this week is fun! fun! fun! Spring is in the air.

  23. Well, best proof spring has sprung and dress rehearsals to show their drama teacher are in order! And are they ever better than the human ones trying!! And am smirking at Kate’s comment about the courtier knowing which end is which 😀 !!!

  24. I would also venture a guess that you witnessed a courtship dance. I’m glad we got to see it, too!

  25. It certainly looks like pre-breeding behavior. Reminds me of a more elegant version of what my turkeys are just starting to do.

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