Gardening with Cats

I have never met a cat who did not love to garden. There was no rain yesterday so Federico and I gardened and gardened and gardened.gardening-012


And the cats gardened and gardened and gardened too.  But on the inside.



Kim and Alison that shot was for you. You know first hand the determined dogged, dogging with a stick, these dogs love to do. gardening-002


Yesterday  morning while we were in the garden I let Tima out by herself, Tane is even naughtier than Tima, if that can be believed, so I left him in the back field. So Tima took her dogs for a walk again. She is getting so wide now that she literally bounced off a wall turning the corner yesterday and has been observed SITTING DOWN for a rest  mid stride. Her bum just drops to the ground of its own volition.  Poor Tima looks just as surprised as anyone.

The Lady who Knows About Pigs visited with her  and after exclaiming at how big the poor wee thing was said she might be getting close but is not showing any imminent signs. She was very impressed with F’s new baby pig creep box though.


Sheila was up and about again yesterday. Came out on her usual walk. She is back in a deep straw bed in the barn and this has made a difference. I think the poor old girl got chilled, it has gone quite cold again.

Oh .. news.. today I saw a LEAF on a grapevine, Yay.

I let all the peafowl out for a walk yesterday evening and Pania went straight for her old nesting box scratched around in there for a while then settled in to lay an egg. Everyone else went to bed.  I am tempted to take her some of the eggs I have collected, then enclose that little pen and see if she can hatch them. She will sit this girl. She is a broody wee thing. All she needs is fertile eggs. But you know Boo and chicks, if she does hatch any they will have to stay in an enclosure safe and sound until they are bigger  – so she will have to be fenced in with them.  Though lets see what happens next.

No turkey eggs yet .. maybe today. I must tell the Post Mistress to watch out for them. Though she is one of The Fellowship and is probably already on the alert. Eggs in the mail! Fingers crossed.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm




34 Comments on “Gardening with Cats

  1. Gorgeous pics as always Celi 🙂 I love Boo’s determined “Throw me the stick” look! … with ginger ninja hiding in the mats in the foreground 🙂 Makes me happy ❤
    What will you do with the peachicks you raise? Are they to keep, or sell as pretties?

  2. I feel for poor Sheila, we have in common a gammy hip in cold weather. I wish someone would feed me my pain drugs in cake… hint, hint.
    Miss Tima is now less of a little steam engine and more of a miniature Sherman tank. Soon, poor girl, soon! I wonder what kind of mum she’ll be.

  3. Thinking of our postal system, those eggs would be well scrambled by the time they reached their destination. See, the vines were just waiting for rains and (slightly) warmer weather. Love the new perspective on the cat sat on the mat 🙂 Laura
    PS Did the nice Pig Lady have any comments about Poppy?

    • Poppy is only just half way she said. But she can see nothing at all – we are just hanging onto the fact that she has not come back onto heat.. c

  4. I think Tima may rely heavily (!) on Nanny Boo! I hope you and Federico are not aching too much from all the gardening. One of those pictures looks like a pig with pig’s ears at the front and dog’s ears at the other end!

    Enjoy the respite from rain: it’s back here, and the maize field is more green than brown.
    ViV x

  5. It looks so lush and almost tropical when the sun comes out. I’m glad Sheila is feeling better – I bet the cake helped 😉

  6. I am with you and F and the kitties in the garden…in spirit anyway. Love the photos today. Thank you.

  7. Oh the sun looks so inviting!! I have lost count of the days of rain we have had this spring, but I know that it has been two straight weeks here with very little sun. And the forecast has rain every day for the next 7. Quite hard on the emotions especially since my hubs is traveling 5 days a week for the next 6 weeks… I like having ‘me’ time, but I also like having some help around the house and company to talk too!

    Oh well, as they saying goes “if God is will and the creek don’t rise” -> well our creek is very high (creek that is really just a deep ditch… yours)

  8. What a great batch of photos… and I LOVE that one of the cat in the rug! It makes me think of a story about a clever cat who avoided work! Even more comical to see Federico working diligently in the background, while the dogs seemingly search for the missing cat who is supposed to be working! Ha ha! Poor Tima. I wonder if those babies are wiggling and kicking a bit? How disconcerting must that be?

  9. We, too, garden daily with the cats! It’s mostly good, except when they throw themselves in front of us, on young veggie plants, begging for a pet! 😦 Our first kid came yesterday! A precious baby boy, although I thought he was a girl at first! Just beautiful! Our other goat, Betty Boop kids next week. We are still waiting on our mama pigs to ‘get with the program,’ but neither of them is in any hurry!!! xo

  10. C. Someone else had asked and I’m curious too…what of the peacock eggs in the basement waiting…are you keeping them warm and if not will you still be able to hatch them? Those are gorgeous kitty photos! They have the life of Riley, don’t they? Well who doesn’t on the Farmy? 🙂

    • You don’t want them to warm up before you incubate them, they are kept at 55F.. peacock eggs are notoriously hard to hatch at the best of times.. so I will be using the freshest.. c

  11. Animals seem to like when their humans get down on their level. We are more accessible. Love that pic of the dogs and Federico. Dogs thinking “throw it, throw it, pleeeeeeease throw it. Counting the days! Little Tima chugging along. Sunning and hiding cats. It’s all good and wonderful. We are forecast again today for rain. We got a lot yesterday as well. The yard has never looked so lush. My so called dwarf pomegranate trees are almost as high as the house! Have a wonderful day, C.

  12. It’s nice and cool in Az and cloudy…in fact this is the nicest May I can remember in a long time.
    Peacock eggs…reminds of when I was about 9 we went to my parents friends house to look at peacocks, my mom always wanted them and we eventually did get two. When we were at our friends house I found a peacock egg & I wanted it, so they gave it to me…I was bound and determined to hatch this egg. I kept it warm for about 2 weeks, unfortunately it was not fertile and it blew up in my face. Oh my god it was horrible lol ! I can still smell that egg! I give props to my parents for letting me try 🙂
    I love the picture of the cat on the metal chair. Have a wonderful day Celi.

  13. So much news! So many fabulous photos! And I LOVE Katechiconi’s taie on Tima… “Miss Tima is now less of a little steam engine and more of a miniature Sherman tank.” Kitty in the mats is such a super shot, and again on a tree stump. The grape vine, congratulations… and so, too, with all the other news! Thank you for allowing us to visit again today ~ Mame 🙂

  14. Ton Ton looks like he is trying to help Tima along with a gentle push!

    ‘Cat in a mat like an oversized hat’ is a winner today.

  15. I do love kitties in the sunshine! Glad to hear all went well yesterday. Did you work up a plan for Pania? It sounds like a good idea to let her brood.

    • I had to bring her back in. This morning she went STRAIGHT to tje vegetable garden and started rooting up the cabbages.. so we locked her back up and then tried to hide the wreckage from John.. I will work harder on having better nests up there, I would rather she sat up there .. c

  16. Oh my been so busy I missed three days of posts! Just caught up! When I garden I have two dogs dropping tennis balls, one cat that MUST lie right in front of me as I am weeding and eight chickens that hover around looking for any worms I might unearth! Takes 10 times longer than it would if I was left alone, but I enjoy the company! One of poor hens is not well, although I think it is age. She walks around like John Wayne (like when he has just gotten off his horse to drink his milk), and stops and just stares into space for ages. I think she may have a bit of dementia poor old thing.
    Glad every one on the farmy is doing well Big Hugs

  17. Your day in the garden and pics were so lovely I could feel it all the way over here. Cats must supervise anything happening on their turf. At our house, our shared cat supervises, then chases birds, then gets narky and leaves because we tell her off for chasing the birds. Last time a passing dog stopped in and took advantage of our proximity to the ground for pats and lap time but unlike Boo and Ton no interest in stick throwing.

  18. Yes, cats and gardens. When I’m out in my wee patches, Duc lulls nearby and watches as though he’s waiting for me to hurry up and do my business so he can make sure I cover it properly! As for spring on the farmie…Bring on the Babies! Great photos.

  19. Looking at the photos don’t know about cats gardening – the dogs also seem to be there and everywhere!! Taking your decidedly cold spring into account: where on earth did all the excess growth removed as per photo one come from 🙂 ? Send the warmest greetings across Pond and Land to Federico: he surely has provided that much needed second pair of hands for you . . .

  20. It’s good to see Sheila up and around, with even a wee bit of a smile.

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