Permanence – there isn’t any..

You know how you think about stuff as you work.kunekune

Well, the idea of permanence has been wandering about in my head. How I have this list of stuff that I want to do and then when it is all  done I have this idea that the  I will be DONE and then things will be good and perfect.  In fact  everything will be permanently perfect and I will go off and lay on a lawn chair and paradise will descend.

kunekune and cats

Except it won’t because paradise is a momentary respite. It is like sublime. Pure oxygen. It would make you mad. Too much will send you over the edge.  Life is simply a progression of a delicious day following another. We strive to improve. And this is good.  Every pile of compost counts.  Every day is its last day.  You won’t get it back. goats-and-carts-018

What we strive for on the farmy is day to day, hour to hour achievements. Small goals met.  Small animals trained to ride in wagons. Small steps to the self sufficient goal. The goal of feeding ourselves good food.

Big pigs cajoled out of bed with three aspirin in a piece of 10 egg pound cake because all the damp makes the arthritis throb so. That was a great achievement.

pig in straw

Or  a draft free creep made for miniature pigs, just in case someone has babies when it is cold. Though I doubt it. Someone is going to make us wait.


It is the kind word of a friend who says to me – you enjoy what you do which lets us enjoy it too.  And I do. En Joy. Kind words are so important. We should all say at least one kind word – for no apparent reason or gain – a day.
cat in tree

Last night Lady A milked perfectly without kicking once. She raised her foot, I said, No and she put her foot back down again.  After a while Our John wandered off and chatted with Aunty Del.

After more cake Sheila was up and about  by late afternoon. Tima has taken to waddling along then suddenly sitting down, straight onto her bottom, heavy. Oh, I know how that feels I tell her.  No you don’t, she huffs as she drags herself back up.

The turkey eggs have been dispatched. One to three days until arrival the email says. And I have quite the collection of peacock eggs waiting in the basement.  Today I will start the incubator.  This is going to be exciting. Hatching big eggs is a bit trickier than the little hens eggs. I’m up for it.. are you ready?

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm



42 Comments on “Permanence – there isn’t any..

  1. A slice of farmy life and all is well. Cake for everyone! without or without aspirin. 🙂 Good morning C.

  2. How would we know what is good if we had not experienced the bad. Happiness has a habit of coming in brief spurts . . . oft when we least expect it . . . often brought on by the simplest things . . .

  3. Ok, it looks like we have a three-way race between Tima, Turkey and Pea Hen eggs – all within 27-30 days. Poor Sheila, love Hazels jewellery. 🙂 Laura

  4. Love the kitty smooching Tane! I’m curious….are the peacock eggs being kept warm in the basement? If not, won’t there be a problem with them hatching?

  5. what a to-do! There is nothing permanent in this world…we could all be gone by tomorrow, if stupid people start a war….So we live for today…yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow is out of sight….so enjoy your life roday and live this day as if it were your last!!!
    Hopefully that will not be so.
    Love the pics, and love the animals

  6. When you get a second chance at life, Carpe Diem is the only way to live. You have made a fine art of it, Miss C. That Tane is a handsome devil with his thick curly black coat. I don’t blame Tima for finding him irresistible. Please, please let Tima be breeding… I went back to look at the photos of tiny Tima, and they still make my heart turn over. I wonder if baby peacocks are just as ugly as most other baby birds, or do they emerge fabulous already from the egg. I suspect we shall soon find out!!

  7. I guess you are having a eggseptional time this month!!! 😉 Morning everyone!

  8. I love it when you brood on the meaning of life and share the results with us. Yes, kind words are vital to our well-being, and also to the Farmy Flerd.

    Tima: thank your lucky stars you are not a human (9 months), a horse (11 months), or worse, an elephant (almost two years): your heaviness will soon leave you – but then a different sort of bother starts!.

  9. Eggs in the mail, this is a new one for me. I am intrigued as to how they arrive, how they were kept warm and all that.
    Have a beautiful and happy farmy day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  10. Yes, ‘life is impermanent,” that is one of the main teachings of The Buddha. And it is very, very true! Living in and relishing each moment, is so important to finding happiness and peace of mind. Just love your thoughts in today’s post Celi! And as for waiting….we thought our sows would have piglets 5 days ago…..and we are still waiting! Maybe today!!! 🙂

  11. Your thoughts about this busy and productive life is eggzactly what I was thinking about while riding the mower yesterday afternoon. So much of what we accomplish in a day depends on the weather, or some event or something that just happened and interrupted the day. We are resilient, kicking into a lower or higher gear, and we forge forth… or, we might just come to a halt. But those wheels and cogs that are of our mind and spirit continue on however they can. Think about it; even when you were down in your back, you still did what you were able to, and you were thinking and planning and being. It is just that – BEING – in which we continue on in contentedness and joy. Happy day to you Celi! I’m heading out to get ready for the rain again! It is to rain here into next week. Oh, and Daisy deer’s udder is filling!! She always has her fawns in the rain!

  12. Wise words indeed, and as you say a smile or a kind word helps the day along. Have a lovely day X

  13. Such an important reminder that we need to make each day its own, and find ourselves happy with just those 24 hours, before moving on to next week or next year. I am so very guilty of the ‘what is to come’ that I imagine I miss so many more important little moments. Thank you Miss C. I am finding joy in the idea of rewarding my own arthritic aches with a small bit of cake…however if I give in to that wonderful idea I will look as lovely as Sheila quite soon.

  14. I used to live in that future paradise, too. I was a super planner, spawning lists of worthy goals and clever strategies. But the older I’ve gotten the less I feel like planning anything. Once you’ve seen the randomness–and ultimately, the kindness–of the universe, it becomes more about accepting whatever energy enters your life at that moment–whether it’s what you thought you “wanted” or not. There’s a saying I love–Things happen FOR you not TO you. The rain makes mud but it grows hay. One of the reasons I treasure your blog is that it traces the everyday ups and downs (kicking cows, arthritic pigs, dazzling peacocks, mink attacks, inter-species love, frozen fields, home-grown meals) yet the spirit of the farm is always relentlessly kind. It gives and gives. Thanks for sharing its bounty with us all.

  15. Living with growing living things makes permanence not only impossible but undesirable. Thank you for the energy you put into sharing your life. Not romanticized but beautiful.

  16. This is true for all of us whether we have farms or not. I have plagued myself my whole life in search of a perfection, and at 52 I am starting to let that go just a little. Yes. It comes in fleeting moments. And it is blissful. And then it is gone again, giving us another challenge. I loved every word of this post…and I love you and your blog.

  17. I love the Radio Flyer wagon. Those were made in my old neighborhood in Chicago. Are they still made there? I don’t know.

  18. “Small goals met.”

    Love that phrase. Love that approach to life. I may not be feeding an aspirin-filled cake to a pig, but that thought resonates with me, suburbanite that I am. Wonderful photos, too.

  19. Eggciting weeks ahead. Fingers, knees and toes crossed they are all successful. A kind word costs nothing but like a smile, it is no good until you give it away! Hope the day is going well.

  20. Patrecia (with an E) that sounds like you are quoting from a Kris Kristofferson song – I love those words ‘Yesterday is dead gone and tomorrow’s out of sight). Pretty much how things go on the Farmy too.

  21. This too shall pass. Except now, there’s always right now. And now is right. One of the things I enjoy about The Farmy is the sense of being with you, just as it is, and your thoughts on what it might be which then becomes what it is. At the same time, I am just as I am and what I might be becoming what is. The Commenters’ Lounge are who they are, and what they might be becoming what is. And that is where the beautiful light and energy of life comes from. And what brings us here together, I think.
    In the last pic, you and ginger puss have a lovely vantage point 🙂

  22. I love what Violet Hoarder says–a kind of summary of what this extraordinary bloc does. In the past week, I’ve met two extraordinary Irish women–one had 12 children and she is every bit as engaged with living–despite the fact she has to be in her 80’s has a form of leukemia and macular degeneration–can’t drive any more–but there she was betting across the board on the Kentucky Derby.
    The other woman has 7 children and despite having had several mini-strokes (I wouldn’t know it except for someone telling me) just as vibrant and frankly beautiful. BOTH women have kept their figures big-time. You probably wouldn’t believe me, but for Cecilia–with 5 children and a figure to die for. Of course, Cecilia is tons younger. But if I were a betting woman, I’d bet Cecilia will be every bit as elegant as these women HER 80’s.
    And I know Cecilia, you are a New Zealander, but I assume you have Irish blood in you. I’m jealous/envious because I’m Irish too, and it is just so hard for me to believe these women don’t/didn’t suffer from biological depression as I have my whole damn life. I wish my thoughts would be seen by the other women, but I know it’s too late in the day.

  23. I’m Equus–don’t know why sometimes I show up as Anonymous and sometimes Equus.

  24. Have you tried giving Shiela some willow branches? I recall reading an article a long time ago about a hunter who shot a bear and found that it had a badly broken tooth. The bear had chewed up willow leaves and had them wadded all around the bad tooth! Makes you wonder how that bear knew to do that.
    I think I am finally to the point in my life to allow myself to enjoy the accomplishments of right now, not rushing on to the next or regretting the missed ones in the past. That’s important I think.

  25. Tane has the cutest face and of course his young bride…they are both so cute. I wonder if they might have calico piglets? You can always tell how much someone loves their animals by the photos they take. I love the one with the cat head bumping Tane! Very sweet! Have a wonderful evening Celi. Robin 🐥
    p.s. Aren’t goats fun? I used to put shirts on my goats and that was before people dressed their animals, circa 1970.

  26. Oh, so thoughtful! Also very spiritual. I remember, as a kid, my dad telling us the only sure things in life were death and taxes. We all thought it was a joke but I suspect now that he was making an attempt at preparing us for a future of nothing being forever. At such a young age I lacked the eyes to see that. It’s true, youth is wasted on the young. How different things would be today had I been mindful of this concept long ago. On the other hand, taxes are a necessary evil and death is simply a birth to something different… so not all is lost, I suppose.
    So, yes, grasp the moment and, as Auntie Mame was wont to say, “Live! Live! Live!” Take note, she also said, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”
    Hope your day has been a great one! ~ Mame 🙂

      • Miss C – you are too young!! Look up 1956 Patrick Dennis hugely famous book of same name and the absolutely wonderful film adaptation of 1958 with Rosalind Russell – same name!! Methinks you would enjoy!!!! Sorry – the benefits of years passing . . . 🙂 !

      • heh heh … yes, dear Cec, check out an early to mid-50’s film by the name “Auntie Mame”, and starring, as noted, the wonderful Rosalind Russell. It is still available to be rented… if folks still rent films these days — and it is a delightful, feel-good, sort of film — and the line quoted is from the movie. I would LOVE to be Auntie Mame. Truth is, I am a Penelope… and, when very small, my sister couldn’t get that mouthful out and it came out as Mame. Hence, it stuck and here I am… lol

  27. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone practiced a kindness a day? I hope the weather improves so Sheila can feel better. I love Tane’s cute turned-up nose. A wagon with a goat–every kid will want one of these!

  28. At least one kind word a day? That’s hardly enough. But then so many can’t find one. I want to spend my remaining years saying only kind things. Life is as delicious as we make it. I have a great recipe. Loved Mame19’s take on it. I love to see the photos of all the animals. I would have a hard time not cuddling them.

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