Pregnant or not?

I wish I knew. I am still not positive. The lady who knows about pigs thinks she is.  I have trolled the internet looking for ways to tell when a kunekune is pregnant and short of getting the vet out to do an ultrasound there is no way of really knowing just by looking. It is kind of easier with poppy because I know she has not come back into heat. Heat detection in kunekune is tough too.

Her belly is definitely down, there is a whole layer that has become obvious (I think) down the center of her belly where the udder will be and when she sits she looks so large, but we will have to wait and see. The people who breed them say that sometimes the udder fills up a week ahead of labour sometimes on the day they farrow. Even they have trouble detecting pregnancy. Well, that is not much bloody use is it.


The meat chickens are almost ready for the pasture. Jake is just finishing their chicken tractor.  They are a very vigorous bunch and are already eating weeds and grass clippings.

chick heaters

The Cadet cleaned the chick heaters today, let’s hope we get to use them for the turkeys who are still in eggs and maybe, just maybe, a peachick too.  The peahens have laid three more eggs in their Penthouse. In a nest this time. I am leaving them there for them to sit on. Though no-one is actually sitting.  We will see how these ones go before I steal any more.


The pigs still eat like kings.  As The Cadet climbed into her grandmothers car to go home I heard her say “I made pig salad today, it looked good!”

pig food

Good morning. It is cold again. Just cold enough for the boys to be moaning and shutting windows and I am wearing three layers.

So maybe it is a good thing that there are no piglets imminent.

Today Gabrielle our next guest worker arrives.  She is going to be here for a couple of weeks I think. I need to check the diary. So I had better get her room ready.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm



28 Comments on “Pregnant or not?

  1. Tima looks like a big pig now and not just down to stomach size – we don’t often see her next to a human for a scale comparison. Fingers crossed 😉

  2. Tima looks much bigger to me, too. Fingers crossed for babies! The girl-child is in love with that animal, but she’s leaving for college in a couple of months, so no piglet for her!

  3. Hmm, looking back into the archives (Tanes’ Cojones) Tima should really only farrow end of June beginning of July, me thinks? So lets start with 4 July he he he. Laura

  4. I think that your cadet should go to catering college, she has a gift for salad!

    • The cadet LOVES food! It’s a wonder she didn’t get right in there to dine with them!

  5. Clearly patience is required with some piggies and their pregnancies or lack there of. Pig salad. Love that! The cold, don’t love that so much.
    Have a grand day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  6. it is so difficult to try to predict! We have been waiting on one of our sows for 1 and 1/2 weeks now….hmmmm, just about the same time we all have been waiting for Tima, now that I think about it! Maybe they’ll farrow on the same day! 🙂

  7. Celi what are you doing to this city gal? I went trawling the net for information about pregnant Kune Kunes. I did learn and now ask if the ‘hood’ is pointing up or down?

    Hood up = pregnant
    Hood down – still a virgin.

    Info gleaned from here:

    I know I shouldn’t try to teach Celi to suck eggs, but I could not resist sharing. Am I forgiven?

  8. Yes, don’t they have those little sticks for little porcines to wee on? I thought I saw some in the drug store the other day! 🙂

  9. Those goats. Love them. Wonder if Lady A learned to step up into the boot from them..

  10. Oh, how I adore news from the farm, no matter what the news is. The Cadet’s prowess on the farm is quelle impressive. I really like hearing about all the Farmy guests, and seeing them when they will let us have a look at them. It is amazing how much work you accomplish together. The meat chicks look like proper teenagers, gangly and a bit too big for their feathered britches. Much love from the sunny side of North Carolina.

  11. Jock eats pig salad for lunch every day. You are so lucky with your helpers – I hope Gabrielle fits the pattern well. A beautiful day today with little fluffy clouds floating on a glorious blue backdrop. But, like you, COLD – a 3 layer day.

  12. It’s cold and foggy here on the California coast . We haven’t seen the sun for a while. Good luck with all your helpers.

  13. The Farmy pigs are just like Hollywood film stars… they have a personal chef! The pig salad looks good 🙂

  14. Timatanga Moana, Pig of Mystery! She’s determined to keep us all guessing until the last possible moment, isn’t she? Perish the though that she should do anything predictable… I think the Cadet is a bit of a treasure, and she’s looking like your next Jake when she’s a bit older. Mind you, I have serious Cadet-envy.

  15. My typical morning is opening my eyes and then reaching for my cell phone to check for your latest blog post. When it wasn’t there this morning I was sure you were playing doula or midwife to Tima. Guess not!

  16. So good to see all the help you are getting now. When I think back to a year ago, and you doing everything on your own, I wonder how you survived.

  17. I honestly didn’t know my Nubian was pregnant till maybe 2 weeks before her due date… Her suitor, Jimmy Mac, certainly seemed to do his part November 20 2014… but we just weren’t 100% positive. Sure enough Apr 22, Earthday, a darling set of twins arrived:) It’s hard to wait but time will tell no doubt! cheers… wendy

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