Farm Girls

And a Peacock. Every day, multiple times a day, Mr Flowers displays his rather impressive tail.  There is a new egg once every few days, but no-one sitting yet.

(Hopefully, Viv, this image will be useful to Jock and his project).

And rhubarb crumble.rhubarb crumble.

I think we wore Gabrielle out yesterday. The Cadet was thrilled to bits to have another girl on the farm.They all got  through a lot of work. And our Gabrielle was in bed with her lights out very early.

In fact they wore me out!

I hope you have a lovely day,

Your friend on the farm,




27 Comments on “Farm Girls

  1. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good day’s work and delicious food. Good morning. c!

  2. What a fabulous Mr Flowers display. The change of air and being outdoors all day might have added to Gabrielle’s tiredness. Nothing like a day of physical work to knock one out as soon as a head hits the pillow. have a lovely day.

  3. Welcome to the Farmy Gabrielle … truth be told we are all dead jealous of you and The Cadet 🙂

    Miss C, I read somewhere (can’t remember the exact site) that the Pea Hen will lay 10 – 12 eggs before settling down to sit for 27 – 30days. Quite a large clutch (?) to cover and keep warm. Enjoy the sun. Laura

  4. If I had a dress like mr flowers i would also put it on display for all to see

  5. Careful, Celie – break them in gently (the girls)! Not everyone is as energy-full as you are. Thank you for the peacock fan pic – I’ll save it,and perhaps Jock can piece the pix together to make a complete fan.
    Enjoy the company,
    ViV x

  6. That was one happy kitty in those arms. Have a spoonful of that crumble for me please! I love rhubarb, but sadly it does not love me as my tongue itches every time I have it… Which they say is a sign that I am slightly allergic to it. Tahini does the same thing.

    • For me it is nuts, almonds and walnuts, peanuts, naturally i still munch on a few every now and then to test it – hoping the silly reaction has gone away!

      • For me it’s hazelnuts… and so many of the nice brands of chocolate have hazelnut in them 😦 I keep hoping it will go away too, and not develop into a full blown allergy, that would be dreadful! The other funny reaction I have is to egg – raw egg mainly (like mousse or cookie dough), but also a bit of a reaction to cooked eggy things like scrambled eggs. Strange isn’t it? I can’t imagine how awful it would be to live with a life-threatening allergy.

  7. I feel as if I have come full circle with this blog and you, Miss C. When I came onboard most of the posts were of the type you have featured lately…heavy on pictures and only a few words here and there to add little bits to the scenes. These are quite fun, as we can imagine as we like, embellish or take away, or simply concentrate on what we see to tell us a tale. Of course I treasure every post that comes my way, but these last few days have just been a lovely reminder of my early days with the fellowship. I will be glad to believe that you have done this just for me 😉

    • Yes my darling – just for you – and interesting that you comment on it – because when things get busier, my words get briefer, but still the pictures are there to tell the tale as you say.. I am glad .. c

      • I have been wondering, “when things get [even] busier…”, can you still pause, find your balance, look, and nod… (I’m leaving out the question mark – no pressure… ;-))
        “… but still the pictures are there to tell the tale…”, which I appreciate and admire greatly; I, too, find them as impressive as they are expressive.

    • Though the poor girl has just left. She got a call that there was a family emergency – packed swiftly and has gone. So we are back to The Architect and Miss C with Our John when he can. More girls coming on Sunday – though just for the week.. c

      • Oh! Heartfelt hugs for the girl, family emergencies are terrible. Not long until Sunday…thankfully!

  8. I’ve been making rhubarb crumble too!!! I think I’m the only person in Italy who does…I have to special order it from the Netherlands…yum.

  9. I am happily envious each time I see photos of The Cadet as I remember how wonderful it is as a young girl to be on a farm, in my case my grandparents’. Hopefully Gabrielle will be able to return, if not soon at a later time.

  10. The grass is so high and lush! And the peacock tail is gorgeous.

  11. Coming from amidst a crazy weekend attempting to combine cycling on the Giro with Eurovision – a political cult experience I cherish but many don’t understand . . . it is lovely to stop for a cuppa . . . claps to the Cadet and The Architect!! [Am a ‘European’ both by birthright and because of being Australian this weekend: Eurovision has made all of us honorary Europeans and we are madly barracking for our wonderful Malaysian-born Guy Sebastian – bookies place Australia 4th and my own Estonia 5th: who on earth has ought else on mind!!] . . . back on the farmy some time next week 😀 !!! PS . . . and vote for Estonia if you can!!!

    • Right with you Eha, knitting and Eurovision, can’t get better than that …..and Guy Sebastion….oh yes!!! He sings pretty good too 🙂 Must check out your Estonian singer, watched last night, but didn’t know to look for any one in particular, except our Guy of course.

      • Nanette – a lot of people do not understand the cult political emotive belonging side of Eurovision and hence deride it! I love classical music but for one week every year I am ‘with’ Eurovision 🙂 ! Guy very, very good and wonder how he will do. For my money we do not belong!! The Estonian duo are typical of my birth nation; low key but v good :Elina Borg and Stig Rasta who wrote the song. Very elegantly produced: should make the top half-dozen!!

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