Hop and Pop Pops Up

– Poppy. Trying to jump the gate. Because BooBoo was drinking milk on the other side. Shades of the old Hop and Pop. A terrifying thought.  Gave the poor dog quite the fright.

hereford pig

chickens in barn

Lady Astor has won a gold star every day for six days now.  No kicking at all. Though I did not let the calf into the barn until later in the afternoon yesterday and this made a big difference to the amount of milk we took to the house. That Naomi is growing fast.

dutch belted cow

This is Tane wondering what is happening in the milking shed and whether he would like any help?

kunekune pig

Do you remember  how I made a compost heap outside the barn last year with old bales of rained-on hay? Well the heap has sat a year in the weather and with the addition of a little soil I planted pumpkin plants the other day  and they are growing like crazy now. Especially as they are watered with warm milky water every day from rinsing the milking buckets.  Raw milk is good for plants.


Oh, we had a great day yesterday. it was chilly outside so all the young people were tucked into corners with good books. Totally relaxed.  Berit came down from Chicago and we all had a huge lunch.  Do you remember Berit? He was my first volunteer worker ever.  He started as a wwoofer and quickly became a good friend.  Now that he is back in the area he is hoping to come down to the farm to help every now and then this summer, which will be marvellous.  He will bring his tent. Hope the weather warms up.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Love your friend on the farm,




41 Comments on “Hop and Pop Pops Up

  1. Good morning, and a lovely day for you too at the farmy.Can t believe I m the first one here today.

  2. I want a compost heap. My friend has “volunteer” squash that pop up every year in hers. I’d like to raise some squashes for the zoo. The tortoises love them.

  3. Awwww, that Tane is a cutie, bet he and TIma make adorable babies. Poppy is a slightly scary piggy, in the way that a large, strong girl who plays hockey is scary – you’re afraid she’ll just mow you down. Wouldn’t be in Boo’s boots for anything! I’m loving how the Farmy is becoming a hive of helpers, each bringing something lovely, warm and happy to the mix.

  4. I am visualising the Farmy in 20 years time, with an army of ex-Woofers-turned-lifelong-friends bringing their babies, and Celie reclining on the porch directing operations in the kindest way possible. Boo don’t be frightened of Poppy. Just think of her the size she was when you first met her!

    Enjoy your day,

    • Yes! I can see just that happening on the Farmy in 20 years too! Just as you’ve described it! And big smiles on the faces of all! 🙂

  5. Poppy is still a naughty piggie! Life is better and hopefully dry for a week or so….. Thank you all for you kind words last week.

  6. Turned my Sheila calendar page this morning – and there is Boo, laughing in the grass! Such a nice collection of photos. Happy June!!

  7. It’s 5:30 here and you have already been up for hours! I love your pumpkins growing in the hay bales and I’m sure pasteurized milk wouldn’t work the same. Poppy looks like she is determined to find a way over. Look out, She may achieve her goal. Thanks for a wonderful morning. I looked up Wwoofers. I wish you many. What a wonderful idea. I’d come back too. Especially after all the fun to be had in the kitchen this weekend.

  8. This farm touches people Miss C, and clearly they cannot stay away for long. Just how do you disguise your abilities in such clever ways…you seem so normal yet I suspect magic and fairy dust and happiness spells, and maybe even some love potions are involved here 🙂

  9. Poppy does get herself into some predicaments…bless her!
    I think that Deb is right , there is more to Miss C than meets the eye…I have always said Superwoman but after reading about Angels , I am sure that there is a smattering of fairy dust, you really are a very extra ordinary person, and that is why we love you and the farmy

  10. You probably already know this bit of gardening lore, but my uncle, who was trying to raise the biggest pumpkin ever so that he could enter it in a contest, swore by giving the pumpkins cow’s milk as a growth enhancer.

    Juliana in SD

      • I don’t grow pumpkins (don’t have the room), but I seem to remember in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book Farmer Boy, that Almanzo fed milk directly into the pumpkin through a slit cut in the vine, with a candlewick leading from the slit to a dish of milk. This was to grow the huge show pumpkins. I have often wondered whether it works? I’m sure I would get all the neighbourhood cats drinking the milk before it got anywhere near the pumpkin!

  11. There’s something so cute about Poppy’s trotters. I love studying animals’ feet.

  12. Hop Hippity Pop! That photo of her looking over the gate is a gem…calendar worthy I think! Sounds like your days lately couldn’t be any lovelier! Here’s to many many more C.

  13. I’m still alive Celi!! just been so crazy busy with all the mowing and doing lots of landscaping type work planting shrubs, bushes, perennials and of course pulling weeds by the thousands ~~ however the Farm keeps going ~ great!! All the great pictures!! This morning the million dollar pictures (there’s always million dollar ones!) are crazy Poppy looking at Boo! and Tane ~ “what the heck is going on over there”!!!!!!!! We had 2″ rain this weekend and I still don’t have my garden planted ~ was tilled only the first time 2 mo ago and now every time it’s ready to be tilled again for planting ~ it rains. and here it is the first of June!! but I don’t complain when I see all the damage, flooding and loss of lives in Texas. Have a good day!!

  14. I made my garden in hay bales this year so I’ll be interested in how yours does. In the mountains here there is not much “dirt”, so I have been doing container gardening up til now.

  15. Me too Poppy! I’d like some raw milk… hate this choice being made for me. On my grandparents’ dairy farm I grew up on it. Celi, you will have lovely pumpkins for the Farmy Cast, and for soup. I have a homegrown pumpkin, a gift, waiting for me to bake it into soup for dinner tonight 🙂

  16. Celi – it’s suddenly winter here!! Yuck!! Won’t like the first electricity bill in July!! Yes, I concur and just hope I’ll somehow be alive to see all the families of your wwoofers pile in on the farmy!!! What a delicious thought 😀 !

  17. Hi celi – Berit had a great time at lunch yesterday!! He is looking forward to visiting more often! I would love to visit this summer too!! 🌻

  18. Good morning! I’m about to head out to pick buckets of blackberries. Isn’t this warm, sunny weather lovely? Here’s to a banner day for all!

  19. You are surrounded by so much cuteness! Poor Boo! His life probably flashed before his eyes. I’m sure Tane would like to help you out with the milk. How wonderful to have such wonderful help–even returning helpers!

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