From the verandah

Last night my good friend who lives up on the ridge came down into the marshes for a drink and some pizza on the verandah.  And from there we watched the animals and birds wander past. fields

And as Berit, Federico and I had stacked the last of the hay and gardened the last bay in the vegetable gardens we were ready to sit a spell on the verandah and watch the world go by.  from-the-verandah-017

Though Berit had to leave early for the big City.



Sometimes the field came up to watch us go by.


Yes Tima is still pregnant. from-the-verandah-027

And no, cats are not allowed to drink Johns junk food drinks – no mater how hard they try to convince me otherwise.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm





33 Comments on “From the verandah

      • Agreed – I think we all want to see wee kune kunes. You’re going to have to choose some names and keeping a stud book if you’re going to start breeding!

  1. Looks like you have warm weather for the weekend too, enjoy. That photo of upside down kitty is a winner. Have a good weekend. Laura

  2. What a lovely way to spend an evening – I can’t think of a better. Tima and Marmalade should be film stars. They ARE film stars, along with Tonton and Boo and all the other Farmy folk.
    We’re off to a strawberry tea party…

    Have a good weekend,

  3. A perfect way to spend an evening, with good food and good friends and best of all lovely animals….heaven on earth

  4. Enjoyed my morning visit. This is your busiest time of year so I imagine time on the Verandah is limited these days and much needed.

  5. Sounds like a great evening and I am hoping that the kitty cat was the only one standing on her head!

  6. Nice kitty yoga, downward cat pose. Tima just wanted to join the party and perhaps get a scratch or two. Hope you have sunshine today as well. We seem to have entered summertime here in Texas..the heat has arrived.

  7. I can think of very few things more enjoyable than sitting out on a summer eve enjoying good friends, good food and of course, good wine! Is that you I see in the reflection of the sunglasses? 🙂

  8. When you have a moment could you point your camera towards the ridge your friend comes down from……the land is so flat I can’t imagine where you might have a ridge ….I live in a caldera (volcano depression) so ridges are everywhere I look. I have a stand on her head kitty …usually when she doesn’t like what she’s been given for dinner and wants me to open something different. And forget the cute pig and sweet cat…that is one handsome man you have sitting on your verandah!!! 🙂

  9. How absolutely civilized! Get the hay in and then drop in a comfortable chair and pour a glass of gentle red 🙂 !! Oh when it is your Tuesday/my Wednesday lift a glass and wish me something called ‘Happy Birthday’ tho’ the day has officially been ‘cancelled’ for this year!! Told everyone so but everyone is not listening !!! Perhaps Tima will have her babies on the day: now would that not be grand . . .

  10. Cute cat photo. And Tima. And all the rest of the cast of characters around the farmy. My hubby enjoys “watching the world go by” after a hard day, too.

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