A kick from the belly

Yesterday I sat down in the straw with Hop and Pop Poppy, she sighed and laid beside me so I could stroke her belly.  She loves to have her belly stroked. And that is when one of her piglets kicked me. A little hoof reached out and poked me in the palm of my hand. I was surprised and did not believe what I had just felt so I left my hand in the same spot for a while and the little fella kicked me twice more.

There are live babies in that belly.  Though it is way too early for that kind of activity – isn’t it? She has a month to go.


And that belly has begun to drop down.  Her due date (now that we are 90% sure she is pregnant) is July 3rd.  This week I will set her farrowing pen up, with her hut, it is a nice big area, and next week she can shift in there to get used to it. Plus she is getting madly excited when I am milking (and tries to climb over the gate) and that needs to stop. She is an excitable girl which is not ideal when she has little piglets underfoot. So she is being  shifted to the other side.

cows in the field

The cows are the opposite, when out in the fields they are always calm, they sleep together in the long grass, even though there is a fence between them.


And  Aunty Del can be close to her beloved calf Naomi.


But not have access to her mother’s udder. (Who is till milking beautifully).

mother and calf

hereford steer

I told you that Federico is reading aloud to me every night as part of our  “Learning English” program.  On the 12th he  goes up to the Big City to take the English exam that will enable him to apply to an American university to complete his Masters in Architecture.  This is why he came here to work. To immerse himself in English. So every night he reads aloud. And now he is starting to speak American English with a New Zealand accent. Oops.  Last night he was reading Ernest Hemingway – The Old man and the Sea.  Getting some culture we are!

I love this book. We love this book.

When he gets tired we fall back on Dr Seuss. For the rhythm. I started him out reading Cat in the Hat. And now it is an old favourite.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Your friend on the farm,



35 Comments on “A kick from the belly

  1. Tank you very much, Celi – have a lovely day, too.
    I love that fluffy ears of Aunty Del…

  2. eeeeek!! Kicks already! Can’t wait to see some squishy baby piglets! I wonder if becoming a mumma will calm Hop & Pop Poppy!?
    Love the cows ❤ Beautiful pix Celi!
    Time to crack out Green Eggs and Ham! My own favourite Seuss book {and my boys' too}

  3. Yay for wee piglet kicks , now you can be certain. The Argentinian with a New Zealand accent , kinda funny. Beautiful cows laying about in beautiful green grass, cow heaven. Have a good Sunday!

  4. Oh yea of little faith 🙂 Will all of Poppy’s babies be Plonkers? Queenies Bobby still has his gorgeous long lashes. Enjoy your Sunday. Laura

  5. Love the udders like little buttons all in a row. Love that Fede reads Hemingway and Dr. Seuss by turns. Love it that you read aloud. We do that in my house, too, every single night. Still. We will grow old and die reading aloud.

  6. Reading aloud is a dying art. I read your posts aloud to the Husband every morning, and describe the pictures to him (generally he is immersed in something else or still has his eyes closed…). I don’t put on a NZ accent (OK, icksunt), but I do try and make it sound like your genuine voice, more fun for both of us that way. He keeps asking when the tiny-Timas are going to be born.

  7. So much wonderful news. Baby piglets almost and an American university!! That means he will possibly still be close enough to visit. I do love accents. My aunt moved her family to Australia many years ago and when she came to visit, we had the hardest time understanding the Aussie with a German accent. But everything was “good fun” . A masters in architecture is quite a goal. Wonder where that will lead? You all have a wonderful, relaxing (?) day. Those pictures will get me through mine.

  8. Green Eggs and Ham could be great fun with a New Zealand accent! Lots of vowels in that one 😉

  9. Is Federico musical by chance? I have no idea if there might be any connection at all, but if he has picked up an obvious NZ lilt to his out loud reading voice it would seem that he has quite the ear for sounds and such, and I think NZ voices are lyrical and wonderful and musical so to my silly head it seems logical that he may also have a great ability for hearing and playing music. Hows that for an unscientific notion 🙂
    Piggy kicking…I am now imagining you with a Pinard Horn listening for piggy fetal heart tones through Miss Poppys belly. Add midwife to your list of accomplishments.

  10. Great news about Poppy. The cows look to be in good fettle, and content with their lot – as they jolly well should be with your tender care. Good luck for Fede with his exam. As a TEFL teacher for many years, I can thoroughly recommend the reading aloud practice. Perhaps he could try something newer, so that his vocab and style will be more up to date.
    Enjoy your day,

  11. Old Man and th Sea is the one Hemingway book I haven’t read. Good luck to Fede on the test!

  12. Nothing could be more exciting than feeling that tiny hoof. I’m wondering if it would be possible to do the same for TIma.
    Serene pictures of the cows resting in the tall grass. Love it.

  13. Haha! We once had a doctor here in California with a Chinese/British accent. Craziest accent I’ve ever heard. When I took French in high school our teacher said that people in different countries, as a whole, react differently to language-learners. She said the French were very snobby about it…you had better speak their language perfectly! She said in Germany, however (she was also the German teacher) they are very tolerant and helpful. How are we here, Celi?

  14. Oh how very exciting having a wee piglet kick your hand. Lovely! And clearly you are an exceptionally good teacher, getting Federico to speak American English with a New Zealand accent. 😀
    Have a super week ahead C. Weather permitting I shall be in the garden all of tomorrow.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  15. I taught Intensive English to international students at the university. What fun! The accents were funny–not the native language to English, but the southern drawl, British English, and Korean accents of the teachers reflected in their students. Best wishes to Federico. Hemingway is my favorite…Lovely to see through Auntie Dell’s eyes…er, ears.

  16. Oh, have Federico read “Ferdinand The Bull”!! Isn’t it amazing to feel a little hoof on the belly? I have felt Daisy’s big belly many times and it’s just magic to me to feel the hoof and wonder about those long deer legs all folded up in there. I wonder if it feels magical when that kicking happens within one’s own belly? Perhaps I will know in another life… or maybe I already did and it’s old hat!! Ha ha! Such a lovely and peaceful post about the satisfaction and relaxation after a hard day’s work.

  17. My grandmother had her children read to her in the evenings while she darned socks etc. They were all good readers. I laughed at the thought of Federico learning American English but with a New Zealand accent. So funny. xx

  18. Lots of good wishes here for Fede and his forthcoming English Test. I wish him good luck, too, of course! – As my native language is not English (I’m German and never lived abroad though I always wanted to) I am a little bit sad that I can’t always express myself here as I would like to. There might also be some reason for being misunderstood, what I myself of course do not realise and what makes it a bit more an adventure for me to comment here…
    It’s so super, that you are supporting him in learning beside your hard work, Celi. Did you tell him about my comment of may 30, where I was referring to my way of learning languages by lyrics and listening & singing songs? Of course not only by that – but it helped me so so much as a second approach to any language… – You’ll get it, Fede! By Friday night next week you’ll be a winner! I’m sure…

  19. Suerte Fede – todo va a salir bien! Love the way the animals love to be together. And I love the reading aloud – we are always reading little snippety bits to each other here when we know it’s something the other will find interesting or funny.

  20. I love the cows staying close despite the fence! I’m learning so much about animals from you. Fede learning a kiwi accent – that’s so funny!

  21. Oh dear – still remember the sound of your voice from the Portland days . . . of course I did not notice any accent at all: just a beautifully modulated voice 😀 !! Sheesh: once I get to the farmy wonder whether anyone will understand my European Australian one at all !!! Lucky Federico and the best of luck for his exam: great place to prepare for that! Loved ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ – really have to go back and read again . . . Somerset Maugham short stories would also be interesting . . .

  22. Best wishes to Federico for his oral examination! He deserves to do well. Eggs turning, pea hens sitting, piggies in waiting, that is one big maternity ward you have there Celie! I look forward to the results of all that labour!

  23. Everyone gets an education at the farmy! Good to Federico! Wishing him well on his test. I love the “New Zealand accent!”

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