Stormy Internet

Last night we had a series of strong storms rip through.  And that took out the internet for a while.  Then my day got in the way.  But now we are all back in order. the-waiting-038

So here is my yesterday in pictures.

Today is the last day of turning the turkey and peacock eggs then I will drop the temperature to 98.5 and increase the humidity for the next four days. Hatch date is Friday which could be Thursday.  They are in a closed room. I hope it goes well. I have struggled with maintaining an even temperature this time,  I am not sure whether this is due to the incubator or the environment’s fluctuating temperatures.

Fingers crossed. tomato disease

Has anyone encountered this disease in their tomatoes. It is hitting the Amish Paste variety and they are dying. We have had a lot of water lately but the other tomatoes are not affected.


I hope you have a lovely day. I am. It is beautiful today. Perfect weeding way.

Love your friend on the farm,




34 Comments on “Stormy Internet

  1. Wonderful. Did Mr. Flowers peck the interloper on the fence? And Boo? Good grief, he looks like he is snorkeling in that water tub. Silly boy.
    Happy Weeding!

  2. Such beautifully rich happy photo’s C.
    Have a great day. Sadly I never even saw my garden today – here’s hoping later in the week I will have a better chance of getting my fingers in the soil.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. Oh, am so glad to see you! I was concerned, as your postings are always up long before I get up in the morning and here it is almost noon. Good to know it was just internet problems… although ‘just internet problems’ can be completely frustrating, I know.
    Rain here today, but not a stormy one — just a soft summer rain, but all rather dismal outside.
    Good luck with the eggs; fingers crossed here.
    Have a lovely day! ~ Mame 🙂

  4. I have no idea about the tomatoes. Maybe farmers almanac can help. I have those tiny white flies. That pig is darling.

  5. Oh my gosh Celi, there are so many viruses and diseases that hit tomatoes that it’s almost impossible to grow them! Here is a little chart My thoughts on tomatoes, as a master gardener here on the west coast, is that generally people are tending to grow them under cover more and more to keep out the blight, (which transfers thru watering), and water them from the bottom. I’ve seen some wonderful results with tomato gardens which are grown in a garden bed and covered with a “roof” of clear corrugated plastic. It keeps most of the rain off and that’s the way the transfer of blight happens. 😀

  6. You got the brunt of terrific storms. We in Chicago were lucky as it rained in the morning then held off with grey skies until late in the day–then we had clear skies and the most extraordinary sunset–clouds I’ve ever seen–scalloped and thick like an old-fashioned petticoat. Then they morphed into cottonballs.

    I see Boo has learned a trick fromTonTon. He’s been known to sit in that tub too. Good luck with the turkey eggs!

  7. Here is what I found on the tomatoes – Bumpy stems. You will sometimes see lots of little raised bumps on the main stem (see image at top of page). Fortunately, this is usually nothing bad. They’re just the “root primordia,” or earliest stage of roots that would develop if the stem were underground. They are most common in wet weather. Occasionally the bumps signal underground root damage, so watch the overall health of the plant.

    I give my tomatoes egg shells and milk. It’s helped a lot with all kinds of problems.

    • Dito on that. gramma taught me egg shells and coffee grounds.

      • Yes, coffee grounds as well as tea grounds are great for the garden. The egg shells not only give calcium to the plants, but it keeps slugs away. Bonus!!!!

  8. I suspect you’re dealing with some kind of fungal infection/blight on the tomatoes :-(. It would certainly fit with the cool weather this spring, along with the damp.

    If you have an agriculture/extension service office near you, that would probably be a good place to start – they should have someone on staff who can help identify the problem. On a quick search, it looks like your best bet might be the University of Illinois (web page: ). You can find your nearest office from there. It also looks like you might be able to send pictures for a diagnosis?

    • Update: I’m thinking fungal, since I can see some leaf involvement in the first tomato picture, along with the more obvious stem changes. Plus you said you’re losing plants 😦

  9. I find it better to keep an incubator in a cool environment rather than a really warm one. It’s easier for the incubator to maintain its temperature, and there are fewer fluctuations. When I’m hatching things at home, I put the incubator in my basement family room. It’s about 68 degrees there in summer.

    Good luck with hatching day! I hope all goes well.

  10. for the tomatoes, I think that is a fungus, and I have read somewhere (?) to dilute milk:water 50/50 and spray and gently dig in finely crushed eggshells (not disturbing or damaging roots). I was almost hoping you were late because you and Tima were farrowing, seems not. We are freezing here, brrrr. Laura

  11. Almost ready for hatching, my fingers knees and toes are crossed. Driving should be fun tomorrow! Glad you got the ‘net’ back!

  12. That’s definitely something fungal, but I haven’t seen anything similar here. The milk spray suggestion is a good standard treatment for fungal issues. Look at that Boo cooling off – it’s a great shot, because the water doesn’t look deep enough! And a lovely picture of my darling Tima…. Glad your day is all caught up.

  13. There was a tomato blight here a couple of years ago and we lost all our tomatoes and so did many local growers.. Have you tried Googling?

    Lovely pictures, specially the ones of Mister Flowers and Time.
    ViV x

  14. smart dog….cooling off! Good luck with the eggs- I am looking forward to those photos! Cheers!

  15. I am always amazed at how you manage to get exceptional photos – day after day after day!! It’s pretty cool here right now in Western Massachusetts. I buy my annuals from a local farmer and yesterday he said, ‘We’ve had summer (those five weeks of heat and no rain), then fall (when it was pretty damn cold in the northeast) and spring – meaning right now with lovely, cool days filled with lovely soft breezes and nights just perfect for sleeping with temps in the 40s !!

  16. 😉 ! You have internet problems because of storms; don’t know what my reason is ’cause it has taken me half an hour to ‘get on’ – possibly old age: me and a sympathetic machine . . . and it will take me about three weeks to get a new one if so!! More valuable hay in the making it seems and Tima has a clean nose! All good 🙂 ! Blight: we get a lot of that in the summer . . . know how dependent you are on your tomato crop tho’!!

  17. Tima is adorable! Boo looks like he found the perfect place to cool off.

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