Fat Pigs

Well not fat exactly. But I certainly have two fast growing pigs on the Farmy.

At least we have a date for Poppy.  July 3rd. fat-pigs-027

She is rounder.  Pulling in before the hips. fat-pigs-028

And her udder is showing signs of dropping (I think).


But for Tima we have no dates and a lot of wishful thinking.


She is such a tired girl and I feel no movement in there.  For no apparent reason I am guessing her due date might be the 15th of this month.

Speaking of movement last night we heard a turkey (or peachick) egg peeping. Fede said that when he rolled them the night before last he heard it too. Which is an awfully long time for a chick to be peeping without breaking out. I have increased the humidity and lowered the temperature. Now we will hope for the best. It is not uncommon for peachicks to hatch at 26 days or for turkeys to hatch early – so we will see.


Here is our favourite Big Fat Pig. Sheila. Not pregnant thankfully. But certainly big and beautiful.


More thunder and lightening last night but no rain to speak of. Just enough noise to send Boo scurrying through the house, head down – bum up,  in search of a deep wardrobe to hide in.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Your friend on the farmy,


37 Comments on “Fat Pigs

  1. Poppy looks like she’s reading a newspaper – it must be the pregnancy announcement 😉

  2. To market,to market to buy 2 Fat Pig..Home again ,home again jiggerdy jig…… all this waiting…its like being father parent outside the maternity unit

  3. poor Boo..Bongodog is really scared of thunder and has athunder jacket but I don’t think it works too well as he is still frightened

    • Patrecia, good morning
      Could you please explain what is a thunder jacket?I have 2 rescued dogs who are absolutely terrified of thunder, could it help them? Thanks, and thank you Miss C. for this “lounge” where we learn so much. Isabel

      • The nice thing about the Thundershirt is that it is completely returnable. Save your receipt. It did not work for my dog at all. In fact, the sound of the velcro fastener scared her too. Also, she got overheated in it. It works for some dogs, but not for others. I hope it works for yours.

        • Is anyone familiar with the homeopathic liquid Rescue Remedy? It is safe for animals and humans. It WORKS! Love, Gayle

          • Rescue remedy works, but for dogs use the pills as the drops contain alcohol and burns the mucous tissues of dogs throat. My weimy hated the thunder and I used to give him 2 rescue remedy pills and then cover him with a heavy blanket or towel. I’ve heard of the thundershirt but found the blanket worked just fine. Laura

      • Good morning as i understand it a Thunder Jacket is a very snug dog coat.. the theory is it makes them feel safer.. Boo often feels better when i cover him with a heavy blanket?.. c

        • My brother’s French Brittany, Whisper, is afraid of thunder and thankfully the thunder shirt works well for her. My Mac is also afraid but all he does is lie very still in the corner so the thunder monster won’t find him.

  4. Loverly fecund (not fat) pigs.
    During a thunderstorn some years ag, our next door but one neighbours (about half a kilometer away) couldn’t find their dog. I love watching thunderstorms, so all our doors were open, and I found Havane (a Pyrennean sheep dog) hiding behind our sofa, hours later.
    Fingers crossed for the hatchings.

  5. Fingers crossed for *all* the hatchings, whether chickies or piglets. It’s a busy month for you, Miss C, you have to be midwife to all your creatures.

  6. Will the difference between turkey and peafowl chicks be immediately apparent after hatching? Poor Tima does look hot and heavy, looking forward to those little piglets.

    • Gosh i hope so, as i have never seen a turkey chick OR a peachick we will just have to wait and see I guess, though the hatching will be watched with great care so if we get any of either then maybe we will see them emerging and know that way… (does that sentence even make sense?) c

  7. I hope you have hatching today. It is an awfully long time between hearing the peeping and it not hatching..

  8. With all that napping, you’d think there was a heatwave on! Good afternoon to all on the farmy! xxx

  9. The little schnauzer I dogsit for has a Thundershirt and it works for him. I think it is based on the ideas of Temple Grandin, the autistic woman/professor who has done so much to improve cattle’s lives.
    Can’t wait to see the pipping.

  10. Oh I can’t wait for a little Chickpea! 🙂

  11. That stormy sky is so lovely. We had an early summer rain last night. Thunder. Big plop drops. That spectacular smell that sends you straight back to childhood. Yum. The pigs are luscious.

  12. Happy hatching! – I’m looking forward to your post tomorrow 🙂 – there must be a surprise (one at the least).
    Have a lovely afternoon…

  13. Maybe tomorrow weI’ll find what we’re after.
    With you on the new day we’ll share hints of laughter
    As we learn to discern peachicks from the turkeys…

    Help! I need Viv to finish this epic! 🙂

  14. Tima’s lunch counter is far more prominent than it used to be. Don’t worry too much about the eggs. They peep before they pip. You’ll see a little hole in the egg before too long, and from there, it can be an additional 24 hours before the chick has emerged.

  15. Great for once to arrive late: wonderful about the peachicks . . . daresay the rest should also put in their appearance within the next day! But I agree with Boo: your skies do not attract me at all and I hope any cupboard Boo would find to hide in would be large enough for us to cuddle together. Oh, I have been on Google for just over seven years: my Google page has a large ‘Happy Birthday Eha’ today the way wellknown people usually ‘get it’ : is that usual should anyone still be reading? Sure has not happened to me before 🙂 ! Big lark!!!!

      • Yes, but!!! Have you ever had Google wish you a Happy Birthday!!! [Thanks for your warm wishes, but owing to ‘complications’ have actually ‘cancelled’ e’thing!] But Google must have a new app or something ’cause I am certain I have not received cakes, cupcakes, sparklers, candles etc with my name on them!!! Fazed!!.

  16. All the piggies look tired! Poor Boo! I say that a lot, don’t I?

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