The Hatching!

I have hatching news. You will remember from the day before yesterday that one of the turkey eggs had  been Chirping in her shell for two days. This gave rise for concern. Well it concerned me anyway. The chick in the egg was deeply unconcerned.

We had been checking it on and off when all of a sudden right next to this little turkey egg a Pea Chick egg began to pip. This means it started to break a hole in its shell.  Then when we were re-focused onto the Peachick egg ANOTHER Peachick egg popped open and out leapt a little multi coloured peachick. A very feisty noisy Peachick. peachicks-038

Followed closely by its brother. And then there were two. peachicks-058

And Federico and I were well pleased. We let them dry off for a few hours then transferred them to the Mother Heater in a box with a window on top.


And then we proceeded to sit and watch some more. Fede and I. Like characters in a childs book, sitting watching the incubator as though it was television on a Saturday morning.  Side by side in our chairs, surrounded in cameras, phones, making notes on the chalk board and gasping at each new and often tiny development. (So easy to entertain we are!)

dr seuss

Boo was banished.


And even though it was hot outside (and it got wickedly humid yesterday) the room was kept closed and cool.  Then Peachick Number Three began to rock and roll.


Interestingly the turkeys waited until all the Peachicks were hatched and in their own brooder box before they started hatching. The peachicks have such long legs and all look different from each other.

turkey hatchling

The turkeys are slower to hatch but oh so cute.  Only two so far.  They hatched within an hour of each other late last night. Though their actual hatch date is not until tomorrow.  So hopefully the rest are still viable.

So we hatched 100 percent of the peachicks (there were only three). I will take more pictures today.

kunekune pigs

kunekune 7

What a treat. Now back we go to sit in our chairs and to stare at the incubator again! It is addictive. Fede is Hooked.

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


55 Comments on “The Hatching!

  1. what happened to the first turkey chick that had taken so long….
    isn’t it grand being parents of peachicks and soon to be turkey chicks..Congratulations

  2. Too.Much.Cuteness!!! I can’t hardly bear it! ❤
    I dub them Fede, Rico and Peaches {a play on "Peachicks" 😉 heehee }

  3. You’re hooked on chickyvision! I love all these bird babies. But I’m still waiting for Tima to squeeze out her sprogs…

  4. Not many people can say that their day started with a read about hatching chicks! Lovely. And a very good morning to you all!

  5. Congratulations, it’s wonderful! As in literally full of wonder. It never gets old, witnessing the debut of a new life that has never existed on this earth before, be it a peachick, a puppy or a people 🙂
    And thank you for thinking to immediately share it all with The Fellowship! Fingers crossed for the rest of the turkey

    Mary (presently in Shanghai, of all places)

  6. How exciting ‘chickpeas’ and turkeys. I wonder how the girls are doing with their own eggs? The farmy is a wonder-ful place. A lovely to you and Fede. D

  7. Hooray! Welcome new babies! 😀 What’s going on with the eggs under the peahen? Any activity there? High excitement.

  8. I’d rather watch eggs hatch than TV any day. It always surprises me how long it takes from that first chip and also how you can hear the eggs cheeping! Is it possible to sex dayolds or do you have to wait?

  9. Just love the Dr. Seuss analogy and wonderful picture!!! xo

  10. That is the BEST reality watching that can happen!!! I would be mesmerized on them too. Enjoy and well wishes for all the babies.

  11. I would not get a thing done……. such wonder and delight !!!

  12. Oh such fun to watch and addictive for sure! Besides, they are SO CUTE! Poor Boo–and he the Nanny par excellance of them all! Congratulations on a really careful, thoughtful job.

  13. Very sweet! Got to love baby birds…I’ve been witnessing baby quail hatching and then taking them out of the deep pots their mothers layed them in. So far I’ve rescued 16 baby quail (2 families) out of the pots. They are wild little monkeys. Enjoy the little chicks hatching, how fun!

  14. Two more hatched and we definitely have a rogue turkey chick – he is golden! sitting there amongst his black and white mates.. all the peachicks are up and waddling about eating and drinking!

  15. I would not be able to tear my eyes away. When reptiles hatch, often the progress is AGONIZINGLY slow. I’ll share some pics and info on Friday. If I could actually see an egg rocking, I’d clear my calendar and take a seat. Enjoy!

  16. This has nothing to do with the farm, just you, me and the rest of the human race. It’s a wonder! I just couldn’t NOT share it with you! Gayle

  17. What a pleasure… Thank you for keeping us informed. Lovely Story.
    I like very much that very much suitable drawing – looks as if it is out of a school book. It fits so well. 🙂
    Happy waiting & watching …

      • Thank you, dear Celi, for that hint. I did not know Dr. Seuss before.
        You and the Fellowship were reporting about that for me kind of misterious Dr. Seuss, but I had no glue of whom you were talking about – NOW I KNOW (for sure I asked wiki immediately after & now I’ve got it). Great. 🙂

      • Dear Celi,
        just being back from ‘Cinema’ watching The Cat in The Hat! 😀 – Oh wow, what a thing is that?! It’s been so crazy good, I felt like being a child again, 25 minutes watching with suspension, laughing, listening to these wonderful songs. Thank you again for introducing me into such a cute Little Thing like The Cat… and to Dr. Seuss. – I did not understand all of that words, some are indeed really crazy -. Related to that it might have been better for me in a written way. – But no, this little movie is so much better than reading, I think. – It’s just cute. – Whew, I must share this with you now… Hope, you’ll understand.
        I’m sure you know that movie, don’t you? If not or if Federico does not know it yet, search for “Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat” (it’s the exact name of the clip) on YouTube. Maybe it could be a surprize for him after his exam. It is so worth seeing it.
        Have a nice evening, Celi!
        (It’s already midnight here in Europe…)

  18. Happy! Happy! But poor Boo wants to be with them so badly!

  19. No matter how many times I see chicks hatching – at a state fair or whatever – I always find in mesmerizing. I would’ve been sitting there right beside your – for hours!! Congratulations!!

  20. It seems like we’ve all be holding our breath waiting for such simple events of happiness, and with excellent results. Boo’s lesson at least has been well learned.

  21. Truly wonder-full! I was holding my breath, waiting, and each of your reports of another chick hatched in the comments elicited my same sigh of delight and relief. On another note……yoo hoo Eha….hope your birthday yesterday was wonder-full too 🙂

    • Thank you for remembering! And commenting! I even got my own Google page for the day: unexpected fun . . . and yes I did say ‘thanks’ this morning 🙂 !

  22. How exciting. Better than 100 TV programmes for sure. Congratulations. I love the picture you paint of you and Fede sitting side by side, watching every move.

    • PS I learned a new word. Peachicks. I was puzzled at first as I only know chickpeas!

  23. Fowl, no matter what their age, are the ‘farmer’s fish tank’ as my hubby calls them. We can sit and watch them pick and scratch and before we know it, an hour has passed. We are mesmerized and de-stressed, much like people who look at fish tanks.

  24. In some three years I have smiled with you and laughed with you and cried for you and with you: but this must be the happiest post of all for you and us, and as someone said, the whole human race. Best photo of Boo also, even if his eyes are so full of puzzlement and frustration !!!

  25. Twice I attempted to comment on all the cuteness,but was interrupted by phone calls. The first letting me know of the death of a school pal and the other to tell me about unexpect cardiac procedure for my eldest brother,

  26. Marvellous news – I used tp spend a lot of time peeking into the “nursery” down int e olive grove when our chickies were hatching!

  27. I can see where that would be addicting. Love your Dr. Seuss reference. 🙂

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