Chick Therapy

It was hot yesterday. Breathtakingly hot. But more rain is on the way so we are not complaining.peachick

The Cadet needed a little extra loving yesterday so she came over to the farm for some chick therapy. (Above is a little peachick they are very vigorous birds). And much to my delight she was able to watch a turkey hatch out of it’s shell – a very special moment for her.  turkeysThe turkeys seem much more fragile.  Hopefully they will start to gain some strength today. Early days yet.  I have an extra turkey too. I have no idea what this one is.  I knew the heritage Turkey Man  sent me an extra egg to fill the box but I assumed it was another Spanish Black.  Nope. It is a gold colour and much more upright and stronger than the others.  A vigorous bird.

But I am sure the Spanish will catch up – after all they were hunted and eaten by the cooks for the conquistadors – of which our guest worker could be a descendent,  combined with the the other side of his family that is recently arrived  Italian and German – If a  polyglot could be a country it would be Argentina.  As well as having areas that speak the three different languages, as I understand it, official Argentinian is a collection of all three. We talk about a lot of interesting things whilst practicing English but sometimes it takes two or three days to clarify an idea.)

Anyway the Spanish Black turkey was a Mexican turkey that was put in a box and taken back to Europe way back in the marauding mists of time, crossed with a European black turkey then returned to the Americas with the early, early European settlers later in its genetic life. This is one of the reasons I am hoping to breed them – they are travellers like me. A very old breed and still on the critical list. Lets hope they toughen up.  As of this morning three turkey eggs are as yet unhatched. tima asleep

Tima found some very deep shade for her afternoon nap in the heat yesterday.

pigs in   mud

Poppy and Sheila found mud.

sheila's eyes

Sheila has the most incredible eyes. Poppys are all black. Sheila has the eyes of a golden eyed boy. I love her eyes, especially when she tips her head up so she can see me below the drop of her big floppy ears.




I hope you have a lovely day.

Federico goes on the train to Springfield today – his English exam is tomorrow morning.  It is five hours long. Poor fella.  Kia kaha, Fede. Kia manuia!.

I hope we all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm





40 Comments on “Chick Therapy

  1. good luck Fede..let us know the results good or bad! Sorry tha Cadet was not feeling her usuual cheeful self..we all have days when we are down and she is lucky to have you around to bring a bit of life into her world…Being young is not all that it is made out to be…..
    Poppy and Sheila look as tho they are thinking of mischief
    have a great day

  2. Looking forward to watching pea and turkey chicks growing up 🙂 Good luck to Fede for his English exam tomorrow. Laura
    I see I have a new picture … whatever works 🙂

  3. I’d bet Fede’s English is better than a lot of natural born citizens here. We had a German exchange student many years ago that ended up teaching the English class while the teacher was out for a few days. She had a better grasp of it than any of the students. Animals of any breed bring us back to ourselves when we are stressed. I’m glad your cadet had a soft fuzzy to help ease her heart. I do so understand your heat. I don’t think I could live in the midwest again because it gets so heavy, you can almost not breathe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the turkeys thriving and the rest hatching. And of course, Fede. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Fede – you will do FABULOUS!!!! We are all here cheering for you. Rest on the train – and stay relaxed. A relaxed calm mind is always best during a test.

    C – your red chickens are so adorable!! What breed are they?

    Cadet – Hugs from Texas!!!! Keep leaning into Ms C’s care and teachings – she will give you tools and knowledge that you can carry with you the rest of your life!

  5. As always I find such calm pleasure in your photos- and I too love Sheila’s eyes. Best of luck to Frederico!

  6. Chick therapy…how appropriate! I too am experiencing some chick therapy these days, my first broody hen has been sitting for 20 days and the chicks are hatching. It is not as easy to watch as your’s were, the hen keeps them quite hidden. Good luck Fede!

  7. I need a little extra love today myself, miss c. Please tell the Cadet that I know how she feels. The picture of the chickens helped. And your conversations with Fede (to whom I wish all the luck in the world) reminded me if one if my favorite film scenes – from Lilies of the Field with Sidney Poitier where he is trying to teach the nuns English. So will your turkeys grow to be the big fancy toms like all American boys and girls drew pictures of in elementary school?

  8. I’m sure Federico will do well. He’s had an excellent teacher.

    Love seeing pictures of the babies on the farmy.

    Stay cool today. It’s going to be another hot one.

  9. This Poppy & Sheila photo is soooo lovely – for me it seems like a portrait of an old couple, calm & serene and still loving each other….. :-))
    And: Fingers crossed for Fede. I wish him luck…

  10. My two favorite moments…the dear cadet’s hands with the dirty fingernails and the traces of pearlescent fingernail polish. That is girlhood right there. Two: Sheila’s eyes. They look human. My god, they look human!!

  11. It looks hot and happening on the Farmy. Exciting to have chicks, especially the much hoped for peas. Wishing Federico all the best.

  12. When will he hear how he does on the exam? And yes Sheila has human eyes. Amazing looking.

  13. Good luck Fede, may the words come easily to you tomorrow! It is lovely to see the young hands gently holding a peachick,

  14. Sending the best of vibes to Federico for the fulfilment of the next step in his hopes and dreams. Hoping that the ‘chick therapy’ is calming to a lovely young lady. And looking in amazement at those lush green fields thinking of the bounty to come! Oh – off topic: exchanged one of your birdy pictures for that of poor Boo staring thru’ the door into the chickie ‘birthing room’ as my computer background: oh, oh how his eyes ‘talk’ on my big screen!! It’s lovely to say ‘hello’ t’out the day, but I am frustrated with him 🙂 !

  15. It’s hot here today, no mention of rain to cool us, though. Maybe I need to make my own mud wallow? Tima seems to have found a cool spot, however did you find her? LOL Chick therapy surely will cure most anything.

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