Prairie Squalls

Again and again yesterday we were hit with buckets of drenching rain. Inches of it.  Pouring out of the sky., I don’t even really understand how a fluffy cloud could contain so much water. storms-002

Literally Tons of water in a little cloud like that.  How can it sit in there and wait to rain like that?


My rain gauge has given up in disgust – hurling itself onto the ground in a fit of pique but a friend said we have had 10 inches in the last 11 days. And that is on top of the last three weeks.





This land has returned to being a swamp.


Soon it must stop. Soon.

We must be careful what we wish for but a little drying out weather would be nice. I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


Postscript:  8.22 am . Just been informed by a friend down the road that we have had 14 inches in the last 7 days. I don’t want to put up the new rain gauge.  c


46 Comments on “Prairie Squalls

  1. Don’t blame Lady Astor for looking disgruntled ! Am off to the Chicago Weather Bureau to give them a piece of my mind 😉 !

  2. Not a sign of Tonton in today’s pictures. Is he cowering indoors out of the rain? I pray for your rain to moderate and for a warm drying breeze to take its place. It’s too hot for me to go outdoors here (about 35C, but with all the doors propped open the breeze is very pleasant.

    • Yes you are right Both he and Boo are terribly afraid of the thunder. Ton has spent days hiding in the shower, Boo in the wardrobe or a dark corner behind the couch. A pair of babies! c

      • Hee hee he ha ha…babies alright 🙂 Great hiding places, puppies. Mirrhi doesn’t mind the thunder, but cowers under the bed….with bum hanging out….when the rain thunders on the tin roof.

  3. A new breed of cow,chooks and pigs with webbed feet…and possibly humans as well…..I am so sorry that you have been drenched …it looks absolutely water logged and must make life very difficult for you…you dont need rain..yet California needs it badly and gets none..not logical. I can only assume it must be God’s strange sense of humour….not very funny!

  4. Good Morning, Celi. No, it’s not funny at all. Poor Farmy. It needs so much the sun to dry it all off. Your photos of today show all the mess – terrible. Ok, it could be worse still, but it’s enough. It seems so so uncomfortable and it looks worrisome… Don’t get drowned.
    Nevertheless, have a nice day, Celi.

  5. The rain has to stop sometime, right? You have gotten drenched over the past month. We have had some on and off but nothing like your poor farm. Hope all is well and that things dry out soon.

  6. I feel your muck, Celia. How is the garden? I can’t get in mine to weed …. not pretty, not pretty at all. I noticed my sweet corn plants turning yellow.

    • Oh! I answered my own question. Sometimes, I read the blogs backwards (by day … not by word 😉 ), when I get behind on my reading. Your gardens looks GREAT!

      • Some of the gardens are looking great. Cabbages, sunflowers and things are in heaven, but the frog garden designed for the drier summer is awash and close to being abandoned – if the tide (literally) turns today the sweetcorn will be ok – though it is terribly leached out there and too big for me to fertilise.. I did find it amusing the image of you starting at the end of a post and scrolling backwards – cup of coffee at your side.. c

  7. I know exactly how you are feeling. During the Wet, all I want to do is grumpily start to build an Ark because it’s so hard to believe the rain will ever stop. Everything grows like crazy, the grass is knee high overnight and all the birds visiting the yard to be fed are sitting hunched and bunched, with their gaudy feathers all bedraggled. I’m sending drying thoughts over to you, a few days of solid sunshine to dry up all that excess, let wicked Lady A back into her paddock for lots of nice fresh milk and convince the chooks they don’t really need webbed feet…

  8. That is a lot of rain. It is amazing how much a bit more than standard water can change things. I hope the rains let up a bit for you and your farm.

  9. What a contrast! We are at 104F today ( or more ). After some daily chores, everyone is caving up inside to keep cool. The cows munched in the morning, then shade themselves, water, shade, water, shade. Brent will give them a new bit of grass this evening when it cools down a bit. Dry as dry can be. It feels like a 1960’s American Western. Wish we could bottle up some of this sun and send it over!

  10. I heard we’ve set a record for most rainfall in the month of June. So wet and swampy. Here’s to the right amount of drying out!

  11. Yuck, but I understand all too well.

    Here is a link for the drought report for Texas one year ago today:
    Here is a link for the drought report for Texas yesterday:

    And what is in the forecast for the next 5 days – – – a possibility of RAIN… small possibility – but we just can’t take much more water!

  12. I feel for you… you are getting the kind of rain we received the whole month of May. The flooding ended up being the worst of it, with catastrophic damage in many little towns – even loss of life. I feel awful not having time to comment much lately. I’m up to my eyeballs and I probably will be much of the summer. Just know that clicking the “like” button is an energy flow of love to you and the Fellowship! I might be late reading and not always able to respond, but my heart and soul is always with you!

  13. After months of grey days and endless rain, I for once am enjoying 21°C of glorious sunshine. I am sitting in a shady corner with a jug of water and some needlework to keep me quiet! I hope the relief from the rain comes your way soon.

  14. Too much rain has such a depressing effect…makes you feel all gooey and lethargic. I hate it. And I’m sorry you’re getting a deluge full. Even the animals look glum.

  15. Sunshine dance ?! We are going to be 95 here in Colorado today, I will send it on to you as it seems you are over due !!

  16. Too much of anything is just too much. We are dying from extreme heat here and need some rain…NOT too much, just some. We had the too much this spring…cold rain…all the crops are four weeks late and some farmers are not even planting there isn’t enough time to get the crop grown. I sure hope we 9all of us) don’t have a early fall and a hard winter after all of this.


  17. Oh my goodness, it appears dreadful. I think Imri said it so well… “It seems so so uncomfortable and it looks worrisome.” 14 inches in 7 days — no wonder your rain gauge gave up the ghost! Even your cows appear forlorn. Can you put them in the barn so they can seek some comfort with being dry? Maybe they wouldn’t go in now that summer is here.
    I was concerned when you said, a few days ago, you were giving up on the basement until the rains let up… but now I see why. Yes, webbed feet may be the only recourse.
    Good luck with the weather, Ms C. Dry thoughts going your way from here — keep dry! ~ Mame 🙂

    • The barn needs to stay quiet as i have a pig about to farrow in there because of the rain.. Three cows standing over her will not be a good thing for an anxious j excitable mother.. the cows are fine actually, they are built for the outside..

  18. Seems our planet has lost its propensity for balance. Did we do that to Mother Nature? We’re tinder dry and facing thunderstorms in our vulnerable areas where over 50 forest fires are already raging.

  19. Send it our way…we’re ready for some more soon! Wheat harvest has been well underway. The heavy rain has to make your farm chores one big sloppy headache!

  20. The cows look to be up to their ankles in mud… do cows have ankles? But the chooks look happy enough hunting for watery snacks! But bloody hell, enough is enough! I agree about the rain gauge – sometimes it’s better to not know the numbers.

  21. Wow! You’ve had even more than we have had up here near Chicago. We’re close to 10 inches. Today was lovely – ansi hope yours was too. Out I go now, to weed while being being target practice for the mosquitoes.

  22. Mother Nature is letting EVERYONE know she’s in charge. You have too much rain, we have none and more heat than we’ve had here in many years combined. Records are being broken everywhere. I’m ready for balance too. Too much of anything is no good and my heart hurts for the animals struggling with it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. I can cope, The animals can’t pull the plug out of the drain.

  23. I used to work as a gardener, and although I know the plants love the water, rain makes outdoor work so much more complicated. And wet! Eventually you start to feel soggy right down to your bones and that’s just a little bit depressing (But at least that happy, muddy piggy is enjoying it). I hope it eases up soon!

  24. Tuesday afternoon there was knee deep water running through the streets of downtown Houston. (it drained once the storm stopped and finally moved.) We have clients here from indonesia and we have to keep saying “It’s not always like this!” Things are very green for this time of year. They say we’ve already had more rain in the first 6 months of this year than we had during entire year for the past 2 years. Watching the wild fires and drought elsewhere keeps us from complaining.
    Hope you get a break for your crops!

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