The disaster zone

Yesterday I called the farm a disaster zone (after 2 and a 1/2 MORE inches of rain) and the animals must  be evacuated to higher ground. Except the pigs who are as happy as .. well.. Pigs.  pigs in water

Thoroughly disillusioned we moved the two Bobbys (steers) across the way onto the concrete pad there (they were literally splashing through the fields) and Aunty Del onto concrete with Lady Astor here. I hope Aunty behaves.


The calf Naomi is still sitting quietly in her pen waiting for her time to join the throng.  Weaning time is never fun. And we are slowly sinking into the mire.

well water

Even the well is flooded and the pump periodically pours water out onto the drive.


I saw a muskrat steaming up a ditch yesterday and there are Herons fishing in the fields.  I have no idea if they are getting any fish but they are stood on one leg watching for fish. So something must be moving about in there.

flooded fields

The sun came out later in the day and we began to steam and slowly dry a little.


So I let the piglets out for a wee run about.


They fell to turning over the last of the mud and puddles. It was exhausting work.

hereford piglet

Dinner time.

hereford piglets

There are five, they are just hard to catch all at one time.  Because their mother is so trusting of me they are also very friendly and spend a lot of time gnawing on my boots.  I am keeping one little gilt, I will show her to you as soon as I can get a shot.  Her name is Bubba Ann. Whitney, one of the woofers who came earlier in the summer, named her. gardens

The Lady on the Ridge who has the Billy Goats that go with my two La Mancha girls has offered to have them up there for a while until we decide what to do. So Brenda and Freya went for a ride in the back seat of her truck and are now living with a small flock of Boar Goats. Happy as clams.

There is more rain in the forecast but maybe it will go around?

I hope you have a lovely day,

Love your friend




49 Comments on “The disaster zone

  1. The rain is almost unbelievable – you really do have a paddy field now. On the bright side, those piglets are completely adorable 🙂

  2. Well I hope jmcheney is right and those rain clouds get chased awful this is for you and its not very fair that God should let this happen.. I shall have a very severe word with Him.. There is only so much water that a land can hold and when california is parched it does not seem right that so much should fall where it is not needed… Have patience dear friend and try to keep smiling,,,,it is impossible for it to last forever

  3. The girls are happy as clams this morning. All is well on higher ground, so far.

  4. Oh my, Ceili. That is one disaster, not yet a catastrophe but Desaster, yes. . Poor you, poor animals. What a heavy work aligned with that, too. Thanks God that there is help around. Your house is still safe? Hope so. It must stop raining soon, otherwise you will be evacuated too. I remember some bad floodings the past years here in Germany. Terrible for the persons and farmers concerned. I wish you all the best from my heart and that you can stay calmly as well as possible… Hope that there will be times to rest coming soon.
    The piglets have grown quickly! But they’re still tiny compared to their mother. Poppy is a huge thing. – The sunflowers seem to have such a humble and devote look towards the sun. – And a nice solution came out for the goats…

  5. And we have gotten not a drop. Despite all of the warnings and watches last night not a drop fell here. But I suspect it is coming. Sure wish there was a way to channel rain to the areas of the country that really need it, don’t you? Glad the goats found a temporary place and the piggies look happy as they can be in their muddy home. :-0

  6. Sad about the goats, but they are pesky little creatures and can be hard to live with when you have so many moving pieces to consider. Hay is going to be a problem for many I think. I saw many fields that were cut and we had rain 2 days last week. However, our 100+ degree days this week may save them! Drowning to boiling here. Praying for some sun for all of you up north.

  7. Oh my word…. I can see how even your patience and endurance might be getting a bit frayed. The pigs, of course, are perfectly contented. And we have had snow in Queensland. Just over the border from northern NSW, it’s true, but still within our fine state, and almost unheard of… Up here, it’s still pretty pleasant, we’re sleeping with windows wide open and the ceiling fan going, but last night was distinctly chilly and I had to hustle into something warm when the alarm went off at 5.30am.

    • And the graziers west of here are having a really hard time with their livestock, after days of snow and sleet and – temps. These inland areas of Oz aren’t used to near- Antarctic conditions, and aren’t set up for snow, no big cosy barns to winter thousands of head of cattle in. Farmers are losing their animals and there’s nothing they can do. Stock feed and crops will be lost too, and those western hay fields were already supplying feed to cattle in drought stricken western Qland where nothing can grow. It’s sad and tragic and devastating for the farmers and graziers. I hope the rain stops for you soon, and there’s warm sun and drying winds on the way.

      • Best wishes to you two!! Be happy you are not 100 km south of Sydney on the Highlands! Have three heaters going and that blasted wind has played ‘nessun dorma’ with all of us the last two nights and more to come . . . .I have actually seen the term ‘Antarctic vortex’ here a couple of times!! Have a couple of letters from Chicago friends in the box this morning talking of fine summer days to come . . . so hope that true some way south also . . .

  8. I’m so sorry for all your rain. The weather gods must have things reversed because we’ve had nothing but hot, hot, hot and dry days. Finally last night we got a sprinkling of rain-cause for rejoicing, here. Isn’t it strange how things are reversed? (But even in our rainy winters, we get a nice gentle, steady rain, nothing like what you are getting.) Hope it clears up soon.

  9. I am sorry Celi. Things are a mess for you and no farmer deserves to be drowning in their own fields. You mention the herons on one leg…I feel as if my comment a few days ago about the good fortune of NOT seeing fishes in the fields may have caused some sort of karmic misadventure to come true. 😦 I so hope that things improve very soon.

  10. Years ago when I was living in a rural area, it was a nesting area for the Great Blue Herons and we had a lovely big pond with gold fish in it. The Herons would come and ‘fish’ there but not for fishies; they were after frogs. It was amazing to watch them, almost imperceptively move from one foot to the other, in their hunt.
    Your piggies are beautiful! They appear so huge until positioned at the milk bar when they come into perspective again. Thank goodness for the Lady on the Ridge; at least that’s one problem you don’t need to deal with during your disaster.
    Am sending dry thoughts your way… at this point I don’t think we can jinx you into a drought, you have far too much moisture there to overcome that possiblity. It really is alarming to view your drainage ditches and hear of flooded wells. Does this mean you are having to boil water? I am thinking so, and that just adds one more step in dealing with all this. Hang in there, C., we are all pulling for you. May your day dry up and turn lovely. ~ Mame 🙂

  11. Speaking of fish in the fields, many years ago (probably 30 or 40) we had a summer of rain like this year. Farmers were catching fish in their fields and had a competition as to who had the biggest fish. The fish were kept in a big watering tank at the (now closed) FS plant on 116.

  12. That is a lot of water! I woke at 2 this morning to open up the windows and heard an odd sound. We had sheets of rain coming down. I have not heard that sound in a month and a half. Not forecast. I’m trying to send the warm dry weather we’ve had to you in my thoughts. I’m glad you have higher ground to put everyone on. The piglets are adorable.

  13. Rain,rain go away! Those little piggies are gorgeous 🙂 Laura

  14. The weather is certainly adding a lot to your already full plate. We’ve had seasons like that…so much rain that we stay in a constant state of wet and flood. But your poor farmy. I wish we could give you some of our hot and too dry and take some of your rain. We need it. Everyone on the farmy is growing so fast. I’m thrilled for you that Poppy has proven herself to be such a wonderful sow.

  15. oh my gosh- this is too much rain- unless you had rice paddies and even then it might be too much- those little piggies are adorable and what a good temporary goat solution!
    Here’s to dry days for you!

  16. Must be where the old phrase came from “When it rains, it pours.” With all this rain in this area, I’m becoming worried the hay, wheat, and corn crops will be ruined – and that’s going to affect so many who don’t realize the connection of weather, farms, and city.
    Hope there a break for water to drain a bit. Animals get tired of sloshing after a while.
    (Despite the chaos and storms theirs beauty: the canal shot (herons? oh, my), the sky reflected in the water by the corn field, and that last scene. Little bits to keep you going through the rest?)

  17. I have everything crossed for you, that the rain stops for a while and the sun dries the land. I love those little piggies, and was happy to see the picture of Tonton with his stick. I’m sure the goats will be happier with other goats to play with instead of laying in ambush to you. And you will certainly be happier.
    I wish you the strength to endure Noye’s Fludde. This time tomorrow I shall be on my way to Newcastle – almost there, if all goes well.
    ViV xox

  18. So disheartening, this ridiculous rain. We woke to thunder this morning. Though now it is a bit sunny here. Don’t know how long it will last. Hope you’re getting some of it.
    I’m amazed your sunflowers ever grew. Just so sorry your animals had to be moved to higher ground…so much extra work. glad the piglets, the boys, have recovered from their pain. There’s something to be said for being a creature other than a human. They know how to live in the moment.. TonTon with his stick!

  19. Oh my goodness. You all are getting moss behind the ears. So frustrating. California drying up like a bone. You under water with no end in sight. The pigs do carry on, though, don’t they. Come hell or high water, they’re game.

  20. That is some serious rain, I hope the wind changes and blows it towards California. Glad you found a solution for the goats and the piglets look contented and happy.

  21. Beautiful photo of the canal and reflected sky… although about now I imagine you’re thinking water views are overrated 🙂

  22. The piglets are so beautiful! I love the stretch of skin over fully belly. They are filling out into sleek, healthy babies. Next time, I hope you get a bigger litter!

  23. i hope your rain/weather pattern changes before winter.

    just imagine how much snow that could be.

  24. Herons are very good at catching mice and gophers. I’ll bet the water has rousted them out and the herons are plucking them up.

  25. Tough, tough… the piggies look wonderful, at least you know they are happy – including naughty (delicious)Tima and Co, and the goats happy too… hope you can be happy soon too, with great bursts of drying – out sun… sending dry as dust thoughts from NZ !!!

  26. Oh dear, I am so sorry that you’re having so much rain. We expect a little drizzle tomorrow so my styling job was postponed until Wednesday, which actually works out better (but I would never say no to a job!). The piggies are adorable!
    Hope your weather gets better…we’re expecting our dear friends from Chicago this week…fingers crossed that our weather cooperates (the first week of the Hungarians was brutal for rain and chill),

  27. Goodness! I can’t believe it is still raining on you. I’m glad Poppy is taking such good care of her youngsters.

  28. Such a bugger the rain – wish we could get it spread out over the year – that’s not asking for much right.
    Those piggies are absolutely adorable.
    Have a happy day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  29. It has to be one of the most testing climates in the world….I mean an unlikely place for such a testing climate…full of admiration for your sanguine approach as ever…vinceremos:)

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