Poor Piglets

Yesterday the boar piglets were castrated. So they did not have a good day. However Poppy was very well behaved and waited patiently outside in the rain until it was over.  There are two gilts(girls) (Jake will have one and I will keep the other) and three plonkers. piglets

They recover very fast. Can you see this little piglet sleeping upside down with his feet in the air, just like Boo. image

Otherwise we had a fairly good day. John was working Across the Way getting that area ready for the Aunty Del and Queenies Bobby to come back. Naomi will follow in a while when she is well and truly off the breast!sunflowers

It rained again – yes again – I have not looked at the new rain gauge but all through the night the flood warnings were sirening through our phones.  It poured down for ages. Disturbing.


It is so damp here that weeds are growing in the steps!


I was so tired last night that I was in bed early but asleep even earlier. After doing my rounds in the pouring rain I did not need a shower. I am getting blisters from walking in wet gumboots. Surely this rain will stop soon.  And last night we got a LOT of rain. Way, way too much.

I hope you have a good day. I had  to remind MYSELF to look for the lifelines of loveliness yesterday. I was in a snappy tired mood so tried to keep to myself so as not to share it. But I was not as successful as I had hoped.

After much thought I have decided to sell the goats. I just cannot handle them as well as everyone else. For one thing we are going to be very short of hay this winter and secondly I cannot walk through my fields without being ambushed by them.  I am endlessly having to avoid them or fend them off.  They make me feel angry when they jump on me from behind.  They are so cuddly but I really do not have the space or time for them. So they are for sale. cats3

One of the good things about life and being alive is to be able to admit your own mistakes. It is powerful to say ooops I screwed up  = that means I am in charge of fixing this problem. And the way to fix this problem is to sell these goats to someone who has the time to milk them.

]I hope you have a good day

love celi



37 Comments on “Poor Piglets

  1. Poor little plonkers, but they are young enough not to miss them. And young enough to forget quickly.
    Those goats are very cute and entertaining, but they are bruising, and they take so much of your energy, not just dodging, but constantly repairing fences, checking, feeding, etc.
    It wasn’t a mistake, it was an experiment, and it wasn’t successful for you. Good. Something learned. Now you can move on. xxxx

  2. Wow, that is a lot of rain, glad the piglets are well, and I hear you on the goats, I had a bottle baby and it was a learning curve and then some.. I do have juno my new dairy goat but I made sure she was dam raised to five months, she is person friendly in the sence, she come to see you in the pasture, might sniff you and that’s it, when I train her for the stand she will learn only there will she get her grain-treats.. you know what is best for you, and I know you will find them a great home

  3. Yes I agree with kate. Goats are just not for you. I would be a nervous wreck expecting an animal to ambush me! And they are not small. x

  4. I love that you are not afaird to try something new, and also that if it doesn’t work you sort it out properly. As kate said above, it was not a mistake, it was an experiment. And as for thise little piggies….they don’t look too bothered snoozing away upside down!

  5. poor Piglets is right! ouch! ouch! ouch!….I know that all pigs should be done but why?
    Yes I think finding a new home for goats is a good idea..you have so much to do and with the hay likely to be in short supply it would be better if they went..so don’t feel bad, we allunderstand and those goats have had a happy time on the Farmy, but now its time to move on.
    Rain…what can be done..I do not know..but the weather patterns throughout the world are in chaos and nobody can say why…not that nthis would help you at all…but I will go on praying…that is all I can do
    love to each and maybe have a dry day ( I am not surprised that you felt grumpy…its normal i think, its frustration I know

  6. An essential tool of efficient management is to be able to recognise a potential problem and circumvent it before it becomes an overwhelming reality. If caught in time prevention is usually better (and cheaper) than cure. Poppy is proving to be a good Sow – well done. Really hope the rain buggers off soon 🙂 Laura

  7. Oh dear. Noah’s ark comes to mind when I see you with all that rain and all those animals. You are quite right to call it a day with the goats – you tried it out and found they were not for you, so you move on. I couldn’t see the plonkers for all the rain. It’s a bit grim and grey here today. I hope it is better up in Northumberland when I arrive on Tuesday, plus un-working laptop and nice new quilty bag.https://vivinfrance.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/japanese-folded-bag-finished.jpg?w=575&h=431

    Here’s to sun and a drying breeze for you.

  8. Nothing is ever mistake if something of value has been learned.
    Trying new experiences is a gift we give ourselves. Knowing when to let go is an even greater gift.

  9. Ugh. Sorry about the rain, and I totally get it about the goats. I too have a bit of a “I’ll give it a try…how hard can it be?” personality which means I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. But mistakes are how we learn, and surviving adversity is how we grow. So just think of how smart and tough you’re getting!

  10. Oh my–the rain has to stop sometime. We have not had any here for some time and we could use some of yours. Isn’t that always the way it is? I will miss your goat pictures but it is a very smart decision to let them go. Who needs the aggravation of being ambushed? I certainly have learned a lot about goats from you! All I know is that they have cute faces. 🙂 So not a farmer. Have a lovely day and hope your sunny disposition reappears today.

  11. Goats do take time and energy, and they do insist on getting attention, that’s for sure! No doubt you will find them wonderful home. Hopefully you’ll see the sun soon!

  12. Goats can be extremely nasty. My mom always complained about them. It is amazing what is happening to the weather , we are in a four year drought with severe water rationing . I’m going to loose most of my garden even though I’m saving every drop of water.

  13. Sorry about the goats. We’ve made a mistake too with the quail. I shall post about it when I get a minute to spare!

  14. As I tell my children, you did not make a mistake. You fashioned knowledge thru a wonderful learning opportunity. And if I had a farm, I would take the goats.

    I to am ready for the rains to end. Fortunately, the sun is out at our house as I write this, I know it will not last long though. It’s so depressing.

    • Tried to comment from my cell phone and apparently I can’t typed well on my phone. That should have been “gained knowledge”, although fashioned knowledge sounds good 🙂

  15. Poor piglets, though it’s necessary. I can’t wait to see how the piglets turn out. I can see that the goats would be a handful – they are more demanding than cows and pigs and could devastate the vegetable garden if they escaped 🙂

  16. I am sure you will find the goats a good home. I can’t imagine having two different kinds of milkers on the farm. Nice that you were able to give it a try, though. Can’t learn until we try it on! I also am wishing for a dry spell for you. We are having too much dry weather here on the coast of Maine. There doesn’t seem to be any happy-medium anywhere around. Crazy weather.

  17. Oh boy, I feel for you with all that rain. You are getting mammoth amounts like we did here back in May. Celi, I mistakenly thought the gardens would flourish this year but the rain actually set back and ruined a lot of my gardens and now the weeds are growing something fierce. Add to that the onslaught of mosquitoes and flies and other horrid insects… a summer of pestilence I’m afraid. I hope you don’t have the same problems but it’s possible. You’re about a month behind us in everything. Gads… who knew the blessed rain could be such a problem? At least the rivers, ponds and lakes have filled up a good bit. Of course even that has posed problems… many dams are giving way or leaking and our state does not have funding for repairs. Well, this comment is all doom and gloom eh?

    I think the decision about the goats is a good one. You wouldn’t have known until you had this experience so chin up! You’ll find them a great home! 🙂

  18. Our intense heat has broken and gone to halfway between normal and intense to just hot. Yay! I’m hoping that means that some of that sun is moving your way and giving you a break. I’ve heard the same weather lament all over the country. You are just one itty bitty girl and those goats have muscle mass galore. I would not want to be ambushed by those pranksters. it’s natures way of moving things around. They are needed elsewhere. Sorry for the piglets.

  19. The goats are darling to look at but that’s about it. Being ambushed is outrageous! You have SO much on your plate, best to see them off to another good home. They are young too, so that should help sell them.
    Poor piglets. I guess there’s no such thing as anesthesia for them. Just a little whiff?

  20. I will miss Brenda and Freya. Hopefully, you can find someone who will have time and patience for them. Thank you for posting that pic of them the other day. If I could have brought them home with me, I would have! Hang in there. The rain is aggravating, not to mention problem making. The good news is that Poppy is turning out to be a good mom.

  21. Oh C. I didn’t know that your two hooligans, were just that! Yes, better to send them off, especially with all you have to take care of and mostly by yourself. Mine are Nigerians, so even if they do leap up, it’s not very far. A full sized dairy goat jumping on you would not be fun AT ALL! Poor little piggies is right but seems they have recovered quite quickly…What does Sheila think of all that rain? Her wallow must be the size of a lake by now! I wish I could trade you some of that moisture for some of our dryness…I think we’re in a drought now and that is unheard of for the Pacific Northwest!

  22. That goat picture is great! It’s kind of a farewell photograph then. – Kate said it: It was an experience and you’ve gained in knowledge in that matter. Isn’t this pretty good, too?
    Hope your mood’s getting better today! I think all that rain makes it a good deal heavy for you. Cheer up, don’t be sad! I send you some love & light, Celi.

    PS: I like your old camera better… I’m for the clear stuff. 🙂

  23. Thank you for sharing your experience with the goats. Brent is positive with goats and I am resistant. I’ve seen goats in action and thought they would be a handful. Though, I would love to have them, I don’t think I have the energy for them. It’s good to get more data on goat handling. on another note, I wish you could pop over to France for a week! We are too hot! Not a drop of rain!! You’ll start complaining about this thing we call “the sun”

  24. poor little piglets-….no wonder they are sleeping on their backs! Good decision on the goats….and I cannot believe how much rain you have gotten. Hopefully it stops!

  25. I think there is loveliness in your equation. You are such a strong wise woman to proceed in this manner. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Wow – they are just little baby piggies! But I guess they really do grow up fast. And I agree with Irmi about the photos, though I’m sure it’s so much easier to carry the phone around.

  27. Odd weather everywhere it seems, there is snow here…well, not HERE, here, still a bit warm where I am near the coast, but an hour away it’s snowing, and we’re feeling the icy blasts and wind chill. Even Kate, way to the north, is going to feel it too. This chill is good for my cabbages and broccoli though, there’s always an upside. Farewell goaties, good decision to move them on if it’s not working.

  28. And you so generously shared your knowledge fashioned from let’s-give-it-a-shot experiences plus advanced lessons in screw-up fixing. Goats are cute, much lovelier when they belong to someone else. Even for me, who’d one day love to have backyard chooks I know they involve considerable work and responsibility, and for someone who hasn’t even had a cat for over a decade I need to look at it practically and realistically. I come and go from my day job… you -and all those in your care- live yours. I hope you get sunshine and dry weather soon 🙂

  29. I am certain that the goats will sell in no time flat! I will wish the rain, rain, go away for you and the farmers in your neck of the woods. It’s feast or famine with the rain, isn’t it?

  30. Too bad about the goats, my two are small, a Nigerian and a mini fainter so I can still pretty much man handle them if I must though they’re pretty laid back. Interesting what justanotherday said about keeping them with mom instead of bottle raising them. My neighbors have full size dairy goats and they are quite respectful of people and they do leave them with their moms for quite a while. I’ve milked for them when they vacationed and never had any of them offer to ambush me, even when I was out in their field.
    What a mess – all that rain. We could actually use some, the last several promised have scooted around us, maybe tomorrow…..

  31. So glad to read all the farmy news as did not get a post yesterday – that is if one was posted? Life happens day by day and circumstances change on each of them: am certain the piglets have almost forgotten, understand about the goats and do hope that wretched rain decides to stop awhile!! Here it is blowing about 80 +++ kph: as I have tall trees all around the noise does not allow one to talk on the phone 🙂 ! It took me over an hour to stumble to the computer in the library . . . that accident last Wednesday has really ‘done me in’ . . . thank God it seems that ankle is not broken nor the nose I think but you would not believe my current looks or pain . . .that too will pass, I hope!!!

  32. Well celi you are a much smarter farmer than Tim. He got a cute little goat once, called him William, as in billy goat. Anyway, he kept for a long time and put up with the nonsense that can be goats, oh the stories. Anyway, the day he put William in the truck to finally find him another home, Tim sighed a sigh of relief as William stuck his head out the side of the truck, causing a ruckus right to the end. No more car jumping, bunting of visitors, etc, etc. I must admit, I did an oh oh when you got the goats. They were not for us either, pushy little buggers. Faye

  33. Now I see why my parents never wanted a goat around when I asked for one. They already had some experience! Yes, chalk it up to experience and move on. They were not a good fit for the otherwise calm nature of the farmy.

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