imageimageimage image image imageNow that the meat chickens are in the freezer there is a field free and the cows have been re-organized . And all last night they noisily protested. But they will settle down after a day or two. Queenies Bobby and Aunty Del go across the way today. Queenies bobby is the noisiest so I am happy to send him off.

My internet is down again so I have made the blog on my new phone which is a tedious way to make a blog. So I will leave you with the pictures.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm.



14 Comments on “Frustrating

  1. Sorry, also wanted to ask if the Kunes only get one day together? I know when breeding dogs there are usually 2 -3 dates in case the first one doesn’t take. Laura

    • They were breeding again yesterday. So it appears she is open. I will keep putting them together on that week until he ignores her, now that they are breeding he will go in every 12 hours or so to conserve his strength..

      • He’s not like a lion, then! They do it every few minutes, I understand, as long as the lioness will stand.

        Would it be a good idea for you to get a boat? Or is there a bridge over to the bobbies’ side? Your phone takes beautiful pictures, almost tempting me to get a smart phone – though I wouldn’t have a clue how to use it.

        I hope you get your internet back soon.
        ViV xox

  2. It appears you are swamped 😦 The rain master should recheck his maps – California isn’t where his map thinks it is! By the way comments from 18 June have reappeared on this blog – too much water making everything crazy? Laura

  3. I totally agree. Blogging on the phone is a pain. Though, last night I did a post on my phone, in the dark, far far away from my four chitlans. It was the only way. Otherwise, while I write, they all find ways to get me to print out color pages or look up something on wikipedia or check out the new Taylor Swift video. If I am tethered to the computer, then all my eyes belong to them. EEK! Tapping out prose with one index finger limits your words. I skip anecdotes because it would take too long. Can you tell I’m writing on the computer now? 😉

  4. I am sorry it appears to be so dreadful there with your new lake surround. It will truly be time to worry when you notice fish swimming in the fields 🙂 Chin up Miss C, this summer cannot last forever…can it?

  5. I love the grainy beams of sunlight in that shot of the turkey chicks… I’m liking what Smartphone Camera does when Camera House is resting…

  6. Blogging is frustrating on a phone, isn’t it? I’m typing this comment on my phone and it takes much longer than bashing away on a ‘proper’ keyboard (i.e. not a touchscreen one). It took me a long time before I finally succumbed to getting a phone with a touchscreen!

  7. The rains need to go away for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the weatherman tells us that El Nino is going to stick around until Spring 2016, which means a warmer winter, but a wet and cooler summer.

    All this rain has brought about some entertaining scenes though. Like the momma duck and her ducklings that were swimming in the corn field just outside our little town. That was certainly lovely to see. Not sure the farmer who planted all that corn agrees.

  8. back to yesterday post, was thinking with just a few eggs in incubator, could it be there is not enough mass to hold temp steady?
    would a few bottles of water,or gel packs like go in coolers create thermal mass hold more even tempratures, and heat element not kick on and off as often?

  9. Technology makes our lives easier I’m sure but from time to tome reminds who’s calling the shots. But the Farmy looks good, although somewhat damp underfoot, regardless 🙂

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