Playing along

I was taking all our shots yesterday with my phone but I must have inadvertently turned on a high noise filter. Still..

.. life is not always crystal clear. cow

I think these images will look better on a small screen. For once you smarty pants phone viewers will be the winners.

hereford cow

And the images are so big. I hope you can see them. I need to study the phone camera some more. I have had so many phones over the years and every one is different. I do miss having books though.  I used to sit down with my new phone and its book and work things out. Now it is Mr Google or trial and error. piglets

Its OK. They are alive. Just sleeping. Today Amanda and I will piglet proof the yard and let them come out into the sun. I think Poppy will be OK.

peacock on car

Mr Flowers just loves my wee cooking oil car.

cat on truck

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Here is our list for today’s work.

1. Mow and trim new trees down the back.

2. Sow beetroot.

3. Clean pea-chicks box (two of the chicks have feet problems – I am not entirely sure what to do about that yet).

4. Fix pig run for escape artist piglets.

5. Shift compost.

6. Make ricotta salata.

7. Make butter.

For The Matriarchs birthday dinner (don’t tell her I told you)

  • Roasted chickens.
  • Domino potatoes
  • Kale salad.
  • A salad of Burnt Ricotta Salata with tomatoes and olives.
  • Crepe Souflees with fresh raspberry preserves whipped cream and fresh blueberry ice-cream.

Oh and almost forgot to tell you. Just when I thought we had reached the peak of the fly horror, Tima overturned a jug of molasses in the milking shed.  That was quite the clean up operation. Plus Tane is showing no interest in her at all so I am thinking she may be bred.

And half the day yesterday was free of rain. How lovely my life is!

I hope you have a lovely day too.

Love your friend on the farm


45 Comments on “Playing along

  1. You know, I like the slightly grainy images, they have a wonderful vintage feel. The piglets are as adorable as Poppy was at their age (or only a little older). Seeing the photos made me realise how I’ve come to look forward to seeing how the Farmy looks each day. You have a great skill with words, but pictures do add another dimension. Is there such a thing as a piggy pregnancy test kit, so you can set our minds at rest about TIma? At least you know what it takes to bring on a heat if she hasn’t caught….

  2. those little piggies are growing as we watch them sleep. Happy Birthday and many more happy returns to the Matriarch. Laura

  3. Crepe Souffles sound absolutely delicious!
    Hope you have a rain free day today! We have a lot of it here too – not as much as you, but with the heat things keep going mouldy very quickly (especially the chicken feed that gets left on the ground from my messy girls!)

  4. i had banty chicks with curled toes caused by built up stuff on their feet. i put their waterer on a 2×4 frame covered with hardware cloth/wire mesh.
    that kept feet clean and toes straight

  5. The grainy lends the pics a posterised feel, even on a biggish screen. They have an interesting depth, and merit… if you hadn’t mentioned it, we’d have thought it was very arty! The list tells all… escape piggies… so soon 🙂

  6. Foot problems. Hmmm. Are they getting enough calcium? I know nothing about pea chicks. I know a tiny bit about baby birds. Are pea fowl calcium requirements higher?

    I like the filter. It adds an interesting texture.

  7. I like the phone pics! They add a little bit of texture or something . As always I am thrilled to see the kitty picture—not sure if it is Marmalade or a Marmalade look a like but it definitely made me smile. Love love love the kitty pictures . Have a fabulous day!

  8. The pictures look great and normal(not grainy) to me on my laptop

  9. They are much better quality than the ones i take with my phone..
    Those piglets look so sweeeet , little eyes closed, and a smile on their lips..Life is good!
    Linda and Terry had a bit of sun, so I told her you were in need and she said she would push it your way….. Love ya all

  10. I might be able to answer a question about chickpeas, but pea-chicks are a horse of a different colour. I hope the problem is sortable and they return to full health. Had you not mentioned the quality of the photos my wonky eye would never notice. I liked the selection today. I like the sound of that birthday dinner. 😉

  11. Squeals sleeping piglets!! They are so adorable and cute. You have a busy day planned my friend!! Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers sometime today and take care of YOU. XOXO – Bacon

  12. Happy Birthday to the Matriarch! Your menu sounds delicious and have a great day! Love those piggies!

  13. Burn’t ricotta salada? That sounds divine…please give us your recipe…when you have time, of course. You are probably thinking…time? what time? you are one busy busy but oh so full of life farmer! Love the photos today, especially the 1st one of the chooks in the barn. Is that early morning or evening?

  14. Yes that “chooks in the barn” has such a nostalgic feel to it…goosebumps engendering. Love the two goats’ faces so close together.

  15. Crystal clear pictures on my iPad. Is the gestation period for the Kunekunes the same as the Herefords? Three months, three weeks and three days? Would that be the end of Sept., early Oct. for Kuna’s piglets?

  16. All your cars are very much in use. Not bad either. The little goats act always as they would be twins. Always close, always together. Pat & Patachon, Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn, Max & Moritz (do you know them?) or Laurel & Hardy come to mind. As if they would need each other so much. Ok, they are very single in your wide range of animals. Maybe they feel a bit forlorn and therefore must stick together?
    I love that really beautiful dress of Mr. Flowers. It’s kind of a ball gown or a wedding dress. Ready to dance… And the piggy babes are so cute. Such a sweet cuddling, sleeping, dreaming. I wonder what they are dreaming about.
    Mmmmmh, ricotta salata, sounds great. It means ‘salted ricotta’, doesn’t it? I made some Philadelphialike cream cheese “aux fines herbes” (Provençal herbs) out of yogurt yesterday. Ah, and the menue is fine! Happy birthday to the Matriarch!

  17. Happy birthday Matriarch. Enjoy that fancy dinner. Burnt ricotta salad sounds weird, but I adore the taste of burnt most things! I hope the peachicks are better soon and Tima is well and truly in the club.

    Jock is doing another peacock embroidery, this time Mister Flowers, in a similar pose to today’s picture.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  18. I googled ‘chick’s sticking out leg’……proper term is splayed leg and there’s lots of information on why, and also a couple of you-tubes on how to make a tiny splint using a straw and a rubber band and fit it on. Looks fiddly but it seems to work. there’s other hits showing how it fixed the chicks splay. You might need help to put the splint on though, the chicks struggle and wriggle a lot…of course! Good luck 🙂

  19. I like today’s pictures, especially the photos of the calves and especially the brown calves. They look like paintings.

  20. Thought your camera photos looked just grand: shows I would never manage a blog with camera point-and-click shots it seems 🙂 ! Have a notice in my box that my new smartphone is on its way . . . I’ll probably sit there with ‘the book’ and Mr Google for the following week: that is after I work out which BYO phone contract to accept!! Oh, heaps of congratulations to The Matriarch for her birthday . . . luvverly dinner! Health and happiness for the year to come! And the piggies look gorgeous and Mr Flowers has picked the right spot to be photographed – ‘cooking-oil car’! Hmmph . . . nought wrong with that one . . .

  21. That car was made for Mr. Flowers. He poses perfectly on there. Sounds like a wonderful birthday dinner!

  22. Have you ever tried those fly predators? I know horse people who swear by them, and if there is a downside, I haven’t heard about it.

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