Half in and Half out

Much of life is half in and half out. Don’t you think? We juggle all the balls that comprise our lives. Trotting to and fro colouring in each step, turning the page. Half finishing some stuff then starting other stuff too early. Half of ourselves completely involved the other half with an eye out for the next ball to juggle.  I think that is OK though.

in a pigs eye
Just in case you did not fully get my visual example. Here is Manu again. Half in and half out. He has the eyes of a shark this boy. But the body of a wriggly chubby happy toddler. This was the door that the goats slept behind looking out the window.

Speaking of the goats here is an email I received this morning from the Lady on the Ridge. She worked late that night.

brenda and freya

 “.. came home at 11:30 last night to find both of them lounging on my porch. It looked so funny that I could not get mad. “

And this was after an entire mornings slog before going to work fixing all the holes they had found for her in their fence. Sigh.

And here is yet another surprising example of a good Hereford Pig Mama. She lets her babies eat her food. She will even let them pull food out of her mouth as she eats. And because she is a good kind Mama she allows her babies to interact with people even strangers. So my little gilts will grow up calm and generous too. And Poppy used to be such a crazy thing.


Yesterday she allowed Amanda’s Mum (accompanied by me with an escape route planned for her) to climb into the pen with the piglets and actually record the tiny pig grunts a sow makes when she is feeding.  Amanda’s Mum is a professor at a university in Texas and is going to play that recording for her students.  She was delighted by the piglets and Poppy was a star though I did bribe her with corn stalks.

The mosquito eaters were purchased yesterday along with my cough medicine. They cost 28 cents each and I have no idea what kind of goldfish they are but they grow to about 6 inches long. Once they were home – (they sprang a leak in their little bag on the way home so it was a nerve wracking ride!) I gradually added rain barrel water to their store bought water until they were fully acclimated then released one batch into the rain barrel by the porch. It rained in the night too. So we shall see.  If all is well the rest will be distributed into the water barrels and the frog garden pond around and about. I can do nothing about the lakes in the fields or the overflowing ditches but hopefully every little bit helps. How far does a mosquito fly anyway? I need to find that out.


pig food

Poppy’s dinner. Ours was pretty good too. Amanda makes a wonderful Kitchen Mama.

cat sleeping

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm,




69 Comments on “Half in and Half out

  1. I have heard mosquitos are born and die within about 10 square metres and generally stay within that range.
    There are traps you might try that use active yeast, creating carbon dioxide which they are attracted to. I think you can make the traps out of old plastic bottles if you have them. Worth a Google. I was going to make them this year but up in Ontario the mosquitos are not bad this year (knock on wood).

      • Here you go, compliments of my sister Karen: cut a 2 liter bottle in half, dissolve 1 cup brown sugar in 1 cup hot water, let cool, add 1 gram (1/3 tspn) yeast. Put liquid in bottom half of bottle, put top half of bottle in bottom half upside down and place away from your sitting/gathering area.

  2. Beautiful pics as always Celi! ❤
    I was eyeing off Poppy's dinner thinking "yummo" but then saw the eggs and realised it wasnt the usual salad 🙂

  3. Do you have covers on your rain barrels? I stretch the screen stuff that is used for windows and doors, and secure it with a bunji cord. This way the mossies have difficulty getting to the water. I have also noticed that if the water comes above the screen they lay eggs that once the water drops and the lava turn to mossies, they cant get out!
    How is your cough? Maybe it is the mold around with all that water/humidity you are experiencing?
    Be well my friend.

    • yes we have covers on most of them – and it rains all the time so the water is actually clear and fresh – it is the frog garden pond that is the worst though..

  4. so you got your cough medicine..has it done any good….and the fishes..( how far does a mozzie fly? Not quite sure of that but tell them not to fly this way…..
    Motherhood changes many people but it is good to know that Poppy is such a good mumma…..get better Miss C lots of love.
    How is the weather..has it stopped raining or do I go on praying?

  5. Love that ‘yard-of-cat’ picture. 🙂 Looks like you are going to have a hot and steamy weekend, we of course are freezing brrrr. Laura

  6. You sound more optimistic today, so I’m hoping the cough mixture is doing some good and you’re able to sleep and your head has stopped feeling like it will burst. I’m so happy that Poppy is good with her babies – it’s makes it so hopeful that she’ll be the start of a whole line of wonderful Hereford mamas who give birth to beautiful sturdy babies.

    • Yes, we were talking the other night about how home small farmers breed for calm good mothers and commercial confinement farmers breed for size and speedy growth.. but – we did not expect this from poppy at all – did we?! It is a wonderful thing to see. c

  7. Your friendly heron would make short work of any goldfish in the fields/ponds! Hope your cough is better. I had a nasty one when the evergreen pollen was in the air in these parts. Take good care, Miss C. Those piggies are so lovely – shiny and chubby. 😊

    • Luckily the heron will not be at the water barrels under the bedroom window though.. Or if he does balance there and fish they will be great shots!!

  8. If there are minnows in the ditch or lakes they will eat the skeeters(as we call them down here) I have goldfish and minnows in my ponds.
    You will need to feed the goldfish a tiny bit as their will not be enough bugs for them to live on

      • Sorry I did not get back to you. Mom fell and cracked some ribs and I have been busy caring for her.
        I would feed them just a couple of times a week, if you feed them way to much they breed like rabbits.

  9. I laughed out loud when I read about the bag springing a leak on the way home. Not that it was funny but that would have been something that happened to me! Looks like things are humming right along on the farmy and of course you heart loves the last kitty picture. Thanks for that!

  10. That half door/half window has certainly seen a lot of action this summer. Does he back up or climb out of the window? I am so pleased about Poppy. It’s hormones that makes her bash gates and hormones that allows her to be such a patient mother. Pulling food out of her mouth without consequence? Bravo Poppy! Where does Amanda’s mum teach here in Texas? What does she teach? How fun for her students in the fall. Have a golden day, fish and all.

  11. I’m glad you’ve had a slight break in the weather. And that you are taking care of yourself. Wonderful photos and those little piggies look so healthy. Good luck with the mosquitoes.

  12. What healthy happy piglets they look. So glad poppy has turned out to be a good mama. Hope your feeling better today x

    • PLus I was fastidious about quiet and blocking views and the creep, I think I learned a lot from Charlotte – it was better to over compensate in a way and yes, she is a friendly pig – that helps.. c

  13. So are you allowed to actually touch or pet the piglets, or is it too soon for that? Poppy is so calm when you’re taking pictures that it made me wonder. Hope you’re feeling better and that the goldfish do their job. Our cats would make short work of the goldfish before the fish could eat any larvae I’m afraid.

  14. Poppy is a #1 mommy! I think your preparations for her helped tremendously! Good luck with the mosquitos and hope you are feeling better!

  15. Oh Celi, did you hear me laughing? I know I need eye surgery, but today takes the biscuit! I was salivating at the salad bowl, when I realised there were raw eggs in there I was distracted by the phone and when I came back for another look, I saw two shiny fish. Yes I thought you had casualties with the hole in the bag fish. A third look and I realised it was the back of a spoon I could see. Roll on this surgery so I can get life back in perspective! Hope your cough is easing with the aid of the coughbottle!

    • Wow, now you said that I can see that Gold fish too! 😀
      It’s drawn in the spoon.
      Wouldn’t that be a nice alternation in Poppies food now and then?

  16. Surprises abound on your farmy, Cecilia. Who would have ever imagined Poppy would turn 180 degrees. We were all holding our collective breath she wouldn’t go berserk … Praying The Fourth of July would be quiet, no silent, for her, that no one would inadvertently disturb her in any way, that she wouldn’t kill her piglets with knife feet, etc. and here she turns out to be nothing short of a darling mom.
    We’re getting some heat today, 91, and 95 tomorrow. Humidity through the roof.

  17. Oh my friend. I’m snorting here so hard I almost fell off my toddler bed. That picture of Manu reminds me of someone that I can’t quite put my snout on – HA! I always tell mommy that she can’t see me even if my butt is shaking behind in the open. Hilarious my sweet friend. Love it and all of the pictures of the piglets of course. They are so freaking cute! Have a great day! XOXO – Bacon

  18. Do you have bluebird houses? I have a garden at our local Audubon center. They have many houses (and bluebirds) and also swallows. They have very few mosquitos.

    • Oh yes, he is very friendly, and loves to be scratched.. He does not mind who wanders through. Though we would give him a wide berth if he had a sow in heat in with him.. c

  19. OH, the UT students will be interesting! Such a refined group that longhorn’s are!!! 🙂

    Hi Amanda’s Mom !!!!

    Pat in Fort Worth……

  20. I’ve been admiring your sunflowers in the field for days now, and they look absolutely lovely in the vase! I hope they make you smile!

  21. Beautiful sunflowers in a vase brighten your room (and heart). Oh, it’s paradise on the Farmy: For the piglets, for Poppy, Manu, the Kune Kunes and especially for the cat. For all. And yes, even for the mozzies. But now the fishes take over. Good luck.
    I hope your caugh is a little better – though it takes it’s time, as always.
    Thank you for your wonderful post – thoughtful words & stunning photos!

  22. Dozens of gorgeous pix today. Was that Camera House? I’m typing on sally’s tiny ta blet, so anything can happen. Is your friend regretting taking the goats?
    Lappy has been left at the shop for major surgery which is going to break the bank. I was thinking Poppy’s dinner looked good enough to eat before I read that that was for Poppty!

    Enjoy your day,

  23. I haven’t commented in a while, just want to wish you a speedy recovery and glad to see Camera House is connecting again. Manu’s ‘shark eyes’ tickle me. Poppy is marvellous. You just never know how a child will turn out, or a pig, it seems! Hugs.

  24. * late on smile!* Yes, I loved the look of that salad also: did notice the raw egg but since always have and always will eat them this way also . . .well, it in no way put me off! Hope your immunity is on the winning streak . . .

  25. Those piglets have such sleek coats. They look healthy and happy. I notice you keep the used eggshells. I do too; I crush them and soak in lemon juice to make absorbable calcium to help my bone density. You probably have another use for them. Do tell.

  26. The ginger kitty is making the most of summer vacation. The silly goats–still up to their antics. Your sunflower arrangement is a table brightener.

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