Watermelon Cockails

After our usual nightly rain it came out hot and humid yesterday so by evening Amanda decided to make Watermelon Cocktails. watermelon cocktails

A girl after my own heart.  After consulting with her sister she made Equal parts: Gin and Tonic and Watermelon Juice with a twist of lime.  Divine.  They had a good kick!

Here is a picture of some really filthy piglets. Their mother was so hot she kept knocking over her water and lying in it then calling them over for a feed.

No-one minded. Pigs love to be filthy. fish in a barrel

The fish in the water barrels are still alive. Though they are being closely monitored.


Everyone is doing their best to look nonchalant.


The butter churn is working hard out now trying to keep up with all this cream.  No wonder Naomi is a good size, she was drinking all the cream.  I hope you have noticed that I never dress my kitchen to look pretty for a shot. You see it exactly the way it is! In fact you see everything exactly the way it is.

butter churn

My objective is to have the ground dry enough to cut the hay on Monday.  If this hot weather continues we might just make it!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Amanda and I are off to the local Farmers Market in Pontiac this morning. Jake  and Bryce and their friends are cooking local produce for breakfast there and he has some pretty good coffee too. I will be selling sunflowers! Singing: “Who will buy this wonderful morning. Such a sky you never did see. Who will tie it up with a ribbon and put it in a box for me.”

What a life we lead.

Love your friend on the farm


34 Comments on “Watermelon Cockails

  1. Fab cocktails – I imagine you’ll need to make more at a later date. I hope the goldfish experiment works. They might need some kind of aquatic plan to oxygenate the water after a while, though algae may also do the same 😉

  2. Gorgeous pics as usual… especially those two mischiefs, those wicked little darlings… the utterly irresistible Tima and Tane

  3. Oh, those cocktails must be magical and medicinal – you sound yourself again! I think Poppy-milk must be utterly delicious: every one of those gorgeous piglets has his/her eyes closed in bliss…

  4. Thanks for the cocktail recipe. I’ve been looking for one with watermelon in it, but all the ones I’ve found have been sweet with rum. [Yuck!] Your recipe looks delicious to me. And, as always, your photos are wonderful. I enjoy how you see the beauty on the farm.

  5. I’ll try that cocktails too! The heat has returned, we have hot days again (up to 35C). – Beautiful pics of the piglets, kune kunes and cats. I’d love to see more of that butter making machine… Do you freeze your butter? Your kitchen is beautiful.
    Let’s hope for the whether and your aims concerning making hay – but don’t the clouds speak another language?
    Good luck and success for the sunflower business. 🙂
    Oh, and have a good life today!

  6. Maybe a video with sound at tge market…sounds as tho the weather is improving hope it stays that way.
    how is your cough
    have a great day xxxx

  7. The corn in the background looks lush and beautiful. I’m not sure it will be dry enough to make hay, but we can be hopeful!! The rain just keeps threatening, doesn’t it? I’m going to have to try those drinks – they appear to be Paleo-friendly to boot! 🙂

  8. The cocktails sound fab, I shall have to try that! Tima and Tane what a pair. Have a great day and I hope you sell all your sunflowers x

  9. That sky looks ominous. I haven’t been following long enough to know who Jake and Bryce are but the farmers market sounds like a fun place to be. The watermelon cocktail is probably just what the doctor ordered. A little alcohol is just what the doctor ordered. Soothes those nerve endings to ease a cough. Have some fun. It’s good for you. 🙂 Beautiful little and big pigs. Hugs from me.

  10. I do hope you take photos of the farmers market! I love farmers markets! & sunflowers too!

  11. Enjoy the farmers market, and perhaps another cocktail when you return home 🙂

  12. Good luck with the haying! The first cut here in MA was late and poor, due to no rain early and too much rain later. Hoping for better with 2nd cut, or we’ll be in for another tough winter of feeding. Last winter was the most expensive I’ve ever had for feeding hay – and I was thrilled to be able to find enough for the last few weeks before first cutting! And now I’m already looking ahead to next winter. Seasons seem to be going by at the speed of light these days…or is that just me?

  13. Oh my god, girl. You’ve struck the Memory Cord. I used to sing that song…what the heck is it…is it Nancy from Oliver Twist? I learned it ages ago…I think we had to sing it for a school recital. And I hadn’t given it one single thought until now. That is the weirdest sensation, that flashback like a lightening bolt. Memory works in mysterious ways, storing things on different levels. On another note entirely, that sky! Egads. Looks like more rain, no? I hope not for you and your hay’s sake. xx

    • Yes it is from Oliver Twist – the scene where Oliver is among the vendors in an out door market and everyone is trying to sell their wares. Beautiful song!

  14. I love all the photos! That’s pretty cool that you sell sunflowers at the market. I sell plants and plant stands when I go. Curious…how many flowers do you bring? And how long are the stems? As everyone else wants…pictures 🙂 Glad your feeling better Celi.

  15. We’re all loving that cocktail and your kitchen looks pretty fab to me. And yes please, I’ll buy a couple of wonderful mornings from you (please)!!

  16. Oh, I actually sang that on stage at my school production of Oliver decades ago……happy days! Jenny x

  17. Great post! I did have a Wtime with the word ‘filthy’, though . . . Pigs don’t like to be filthy, although these days they are often kept in such close quarters that they can’t avoid it. Whagt they do love is being muddy, as mud protects their delicate skin from sunburn. I had a pet pig years ago; he was always clean until he was moved outdoors; then he was muddy. We kept a patch of gthe paddock wet just for him to roll in. I love pigs; they are more intelligent than dogs and so easy to train. People don;t like them much, I think, because they are not disney-cute. Well, I just had to add my two cents worth . . . love the cocktails and all the photos. I prefer un-staged pictures myself; they give us a glimpse into other peoples’ lives.

  18. Pontiac Markets resounding with Celi being Nancy from Oliver Twist! The mind kind’of boggles but I do hope you sold lots of sunflowers as a result!! And if you were selling and singing your cough just has to be better 🙂 ! Whata a world indeed . . .

  19. What fun to think of you selling sunflowers. Sounds like something from an old English market. You must be so happy having the milk flow directed back at the farmy again. So glad the sun is shining, and long may it last.

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