Amanda’s Eyes

One of my favourite things is to give Camera House to a guest and then see what images speak to them.

Here is the farmy from the Point of View of Amanda’s eyes.

I do not need to say much more really.

Her pictures speak for themselves. sheila my big fat pig5

hereford piglets6

dog jumping



gin and tonic

Love your friend with friends on the farm. I am such a lucky girl. Truly lucky.

Love celi

38 Comments on “Amanda’s Eyes

  1. You are a lucky girl, Celi! I love the spider web and the leaping Boo! But they all freeze something special in time. Good Morning!

  2. Good Morning, Celi.
    The milk bar is still very efficient and well-liked. Manu’s eye still very attractive and magnetic. And I like Ton Ton’s face very much. He’s a beautiful dog. Oh, and the fresh made bread loafs look so yummi!
    Thank you, Amanda, for the beautiful shots and portrayals.
    Have a nice and lovely Sunday!

  3. Loved seeing Amanda’s photos. She has a very good eye. Love that shot of poor, overworked Ton…lol. What beautiful, foxy, and wise eyes he has.

  4. Yes, a day in the life on the farmy in a word .. er picture. 🙂 Laura

  5. And so are we, to have these wonderful pictures, and yours, and to know these farmy friends.
    Monsoon weather here today for the cycling festival in our village. Por things. We watch them from our patio windows with the warm stove behind us!

  6. Amanda has an excellent eye. But it’s curious that you can tell another eye is behind the camera. It’s a different slant to the viewpoint, a different set of priorities, a different idea about placement within the image frame. It would be fun to have a regular ‘different eye on the Farmy’ slot from your guests and helpers, to see the Farmy as they see it, who are not so deeply embedded in its life.
    We are having a short, sharp burst of winter: slightly cooler temperatures, sea fogs morning and evening, and that infallible sign, the leaves dropping from the frangipani trees. The cooler nights have sweetened my mandarins and tomatoes, and made sleep easier. But I’m missing the sun!

    • I was going to comment almost the exact same thing about Amanda’s photos. She has a wonderful eye–and you can tell in an instant that they are someone else taking pictures. Such fun!

  7. hey ~ great job Amanda!! I love that calendar shot of Boo!! what an exciting shot of him!! and 5 little piggies nurturing Mamma’s warm breakfast!! Naomi peekin’ thru ~ TonTon says let me take a nap! and Sheila!! at the end of the day ~ sip on a gin and tonic with a lime!!! some great shots for all of us to enjoy the farm!!
    a great day to all of ya!!

  8. I love Amanda’s angle on life at the Farmy through the lens in these photos. My favourite has to be the milk bar! She managed to capture all five drinking away. I could almost smell the milk from here! I bags a crusty shell piece pretty please. Enjoy your Sunday.

  9. Wonderful shots, Amanda! We need more pictures of Celi in action, though. Claim the Camera House again and get to work!

  10. and you are so lucky! Amanda took some great photos- love the one of your dog jumping through the gate!
    And now after seeing your bread- I must go mix up a batch…yum.

  11. These photos are great! 🙂 I like the one with Boo jumping through the gate and the one with the refreshing ice water. Oh, and the bread looks delicious!

  12. Yes, I love these shots too. My favorite is the light on TonTon. Turning his fur golden.Very unusual. He looks snugly. And Boo in action! Love it.

  13. Seeing through Amanda’s eyes… and through those of the commenters’ lounge, is why even if I read and Like early, I generally comment later as I love seeing what everyone else sees, often something I missed or hadn’t considered, like today Equus’ observation of Ton’s golden fur.

  14. Ah… weekends. Amanda did well. Lovely shots! Tomorrow is the start of another new week – and unfold the mysteries of the spinning planet we live on.

  15. Thank you Amanda! Am certain you can catch Celi ‘in action’ tho’ 🙂 ! Is there a hankie big enough to wipe Sheila’s nosey? No wonder the piglets are growing by the day: Poppy must produce really tasty tucker! And the picture of Boo jumping has replaced my TdeF wallpaper: will be lovely to say ‘hello’ to the farmy the moment I click on in the mornings!!!!! Am a G&T gal in summer also . . . .

  16. Amanda does indeed have a good eye. Especially on the dogs. Don’t often see Ton laying down on the job. Boo looks like he’s frozen tin time.

  17. Nice photos, especially of the feeding piglets and Boo leaping.

  18. Fun to see the farmy through Amanda’s eyes. She’s quite good with Camera House. Nice capture of the web.

  19. Beautiful photos Amanda! What is growing in that row? Your close-ups are amazing! I love that reddish, gold color you captured in Ton’s coat! It matches his eyes! 🙂

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