Dropsy and Loosy

Yesterday as well as dropping my phone in the drink, I lost one of my only pair of earrings (they have been my only pair  for about twenty years, maybe longer) and I cannot for the life of me find my camera! This terrifies me – where could I have left Camera House, I am tired I think and my mind is focused on animals and I must have just put it down somewhere out there. It will be sitting on a post somewhere on the farm or on a ledge in the barn but I have searched and searched.  Dropping and loosing important things.  Bad.  It has to be here somewhere.  But I am afraid my perfect white-gold studs are gone forever, well one of them has anyway.

I need to speak to Saint Anthony.

These pictures are from my phone and not clever.

But the upside is everyone is ALIVE! border collie

Difficult is still VERY much alive, her lungs are still a mess but she is headbutting me for drinks, consumes everything I offer her and is even eating her grain now. A great improvement but still coughing and her wee abdomen is banging away. Not clear yet.  The rescue remedy does seem to calm her though. I find this interesting, I give it to her before her injection,  she has one more antibiotic shot this morning then she will be on her own.

All the other calves are well and bounding ahead now. Even putting on weight. I am going to start building them a pen so they can be outside and inside now that they are getting better. Just a little more time for Difficult to overcome this nasty threat then they can all go outside to play.

Little Bobby is up and about and galloping through the trees to see me when I come over.  I am so happy with him.pigs

I am watching Aunty Del and Lady Aster closely as they were bred 21 days ago today.   So I am hoping for a quiet uneventful day from them. No mooing or jumping on each other.  That would be nice! But we will see.

Now I have a day of Finding Things so I had better get busy ..  thank goodness there was no rain! And Camera House is wearing his coat.

Have a great day, ‘

Your friend on the farm


57 Comments on “Dropsy and Loosy

  1. Yeah I have a little box of single earrings – I keep threatening to wear mismatched pairs 🙂 Hoping Camera House turns up soon, him we will miss. Laura

    • Me too Laura, there must be more of my earrings out in the veg plot/duck house/chicken coops than I care to count! And why DO we keep the single ones? Let’s face it, I doubt that we’re whacky enough to wear odd ones really!

      • I have 3 DOLPHIN hoops….. Yes, I lost one and loved them so much – I went back and got another pair….. and YES! I have worn all 3 with double pierced ears, the 4th hole I put a diamond stud in…… And yes, I was dressed as a PIRATE at the time. 😉

  2. Oh dear Celi – sorry for the bad day other than little Difficult is makin improvement. I know how that goes when we misplace something – enough to drive me nuts!! We just returned home from a few weeks touring all around Switzerland – seeing the cows grazing in the mountains and hearing their bells ring like a choir!! And the goats – all with their bells on -walking to and from the higher mountains thru the streets of Zermatt by the Matterhorn!!! What a great trip!! I read about the Farmy everyday – was so sorry about the calves being so sick, thankful they are finally recovering. Hope today will be better – finding the camera and the earrings shining in the sunlight.

  3. Slow down and just breathe! I only lose things when am running too fast! Have a seat and just breathe close to where camera house might be & you will find at! You are doing an amazing job with so many depending on you.

  4. Always in threes! I’m amazed your phone is still working. I’m so glad that little Bobby is on the mend and Difficult is holding on. Hope you find all your lost things, but a small earring you’ll be lucky! Though you never know. My daughter lost the diamond out of her engagement ring and was very upset. Guess what, she changed her shoes from tough doc martin boots into soft soled leather ones, not on purpose just because she was going out somewhere and trod on it! And there it was winking at her! X

  5. Love that header picture of Little Bobby! Maybe your earring is keeping Camera House company. Hope Difficult continues to get better.

  6. Who did you hug, cuddle, rub or get close to? Who tossed their head and brushed your earring out? When did you push the hair out of your face and accidentally catch your earring? What image do you last remember framing in Camera House’s viewfinder? Who or what distracted you? I shall have a word with St Anthony, and perhaps St Jude. I’m sorry the problem has changed from a Little one to a Difficult one, but you WILL prevail…

  7. Take all the clothes you were wearing yesterday and shake them out gently. Your earring may be caught on a jumper or a jacket or something that you may have pulled over your head. If you drove yesterday and the lost earring was on your right ear, check the handbrake well in your car. Look under your pillow. (And yes, this is the voice of experience!) Hope you find both the earring and the camera and that the little calf continues to improve. Warm wishes form London.

  8. Days like that are just plain aggravating. Hopefully everything will turn up before too long….
    I finally stopped wearing earring at work because I was always losing one of them. Not I am not working much and I still haven’t bought any new ones.

    I love Katechiconi’s post above.

  9. Katechiconi said it best. When I lose something it’s because I’m tired and distracted too. She describes the method I use to find things quite well. After I ask St Anthony and all the rest for help. Hope today will be better. I don’t want to be obnoxious in any way but had a thought yesterday while reading here. We have a tendency to live up to our names. Maybe Little and Difficult need new names? Just a thought here. I know you aren’t keeping them. Maybe Hope and Phoenix would egg them on to speedier recoveries? Just had to throw that out there because it played in my head so long. I’m keeping good (prayerful) thoughts for all.

  10. Me thinks there are powers making you loose things saying your doing too much so slow down and let something slide to focus on something else. Thus Camera House went for a break….. We love your photos, but a quick update every now and then is just fine.

    Yesterday’s photos of you feeding the wee babies was sweet, but oh how pitiful the calves look. Taken from their mothers way too soon. 😦

    And I love your determination…… I have always been one to also get angry when someone says ‘you can’t’…. Keep up the good fight! It’s worth it knowing you have done all you can no matter the outcome.

  11. What was the last picture you remember taking with Camera House?

  12. A standing ovation for you, from all of us! I just knew the calves would survive under your care. I think that farmer who said ‘he’ll be dead by morning’ will have a new respect for you ; )
    Amazing. Blessings on your day and all that you do

  13. Your photos are still wonderful, though I hope you stumble across Camera House soon! I’m so glad Difficult is up and about and Little is becoming a real calf!

  14. I completely empathize! I lost a beautiful watch my husband gave me a couple weeks ago, and couldn’t find it for days. It appeared
    mysteriously in my underwear drawer. !! You’ll find these things. And, yes, you are tired. Probably, very very very tired. It happens.

  15. Glad to read that Camera House is found and safe. The ear ring may be another story though but one can always hope. Perhaps this is a sign that Our John needs to make a little stop in town and present his amazing wife with some new ear baubles to remember this rather long spell of trouble, and more importantly, that the troubles seem to be over.

  16. I wonder how many of us have that “one” diamond stud left? I know I do. I never change earrings so it is like losing a part of me. I also resent the time it takes to look for lost things. It really is a great mental exercise to retrace steps exactly. So glad Camera House let itself be found. The white heart on Little’s head tells his story so perfectly. I think it is there just for you. Those are some lucky animals that find their way to your caring hands.

  17. How positively wonderful that, indeed, the struggling calves are on their way to becoming snuggling and frolicking calves! Better than well done, I say to the head nurse, chapeau! Amazing. Now no more losing things today! But maybe post a picture of that remaining big beautiful stud? You never know what might turn up then, somehow. We can’t have “so wrong”-looking ears around here, after all.
    Have a quiet, moo-less day!

  18. Nothing is more maddening than losing something precious or plain useful. Glad you have your camera back. St. Anthony has failed me lately but mabe there is hope for your earring.

    We had to put Arthur down. He was so very sick.

    • Oh No.. That is sad darling. You loved that cat. I am sorry. Were you able to bury him under your big tree? I have a tree growing fast for him right here. I can see it now.. c

  19. Difficult is in a good hand, yours, and I’m sure all will turn out well. Glad you found your camera, too. Now to find that earring!

  20. oh my- so good to hear that everyone is doing so well! I am always misplacing stuff when I try to do too many things at once… Glad your camera appeared- and perhapsyour earring will also- could it be in your bed or laundry hamper? Have a good day!

  21. such a busy lady I am not at all surprised that you put Camera House down and forgot where…don’t worry you will find it…Don’t know if including that in prayer will help but I will give it a bash…..I will include the lost ear ring as well….. Good to hear that Difficult has improved…. lots of love xxx

  22. Coupla things: first of all, you do know that Rescue Remedy is for people, too, right? Works a wonder. Next: I didn’t know about St. Anthony and will call on him. I’ve been using Kay, a friend of a friend. I was told she always said that nothing is lost, it’s just misplaced. So now I have a duo of helpers from the next world. Earrings: I have been known to wear mismatched earrings on purpose. You’d be surprised how many folks don’t notice. I was all ready to make you a pair of earrings, but when you murmured “twenty years” and “diamonds” I shied away. My latest project was a necklace and earrings set made using beads and paper clips! Yes, the finished work is gorgeous! And no, I haven’t lost my marbles. I do so hope you find your earring. In the meantime there are sterling and cubic ziconia studs very inexpensive at Dreamland Jewelry. If your lost earring is white gold, you could make do with one of these beauties. I’ve ordered from them in the past and they market quality stuff. Love, Gayle

  23. Oh, and I’m dying to hear about the reaction of the fellow who doomed Difficult when he hears of your success!!!

  24. Well, St. Anthony is never bad on loosing things. I often try to forget my search for the moment (mostly when I’m near to desperation), trust for being found later and say to myself: I am very curious where, at what place I will see it again. It’s a very conscious decision – so I am able to concentrate on other things. And yes, mostly the thingys are found again – at places I’ve never thought of (on the mower, haha! or for me: the front door keys in the fridge and so on) or exactly there, where I’ve had searched the most before.

    I’d love to see Difficult headbutting you in life. 🙂 Still admire your patience and belief in all of your animal mates. Maybe the man did not have anything of both, when he said the calf will not survive… – Have a happy day, Celi!

  25. If you wear your earrings all the time, be careful when you change your sheets. That’s where I found mine. Glad you have started “finding” things!

  26. I was going to suggest sending Ton for Camera House. He probably knew right where it was, he knows everything! I miss having a dog when an egg gets dropped or milk spills on the kitchen floor.

  27. good luck; you have been on overload, and these things happen; hope things lighten up! and that you ifnd everything.

  28. St Anthony is going to be busy today listening to us all sending him messages for you! Glad Camera House turned up (I bet he went and sat on the mower after having a wander around, so that John would find him in the morning). Still keeping everything crossed for the calves.

  29. We attended a wedding last April, my John had his ‘good’ watch and his wedding ring on. (He seldom wears the ring, too easy to get it hung up and he has a plain jane watch for every day). We haven’t seen either since! He always slips the ring on the watch’s band and normally sets it on his dresser but I have no clue what he did with it then. Of course his question to me is ‘where did you put it?’ After searching and searching (even in the dress clothes he hadn’t worn),we’re reduced to hoping they’ll magically turn up somewhere. I wish you better luck with your earring!

    So very glad the calves are on the mend, I much prefer happy endings!

  30. I believe in the indestructibility of matter. Relax and it will turn up (always in the last place you look (of course).
    I’m late tonight – Tillybud’s plane was late because of the monsoon,but we haven’t stoppedt talking and giggling since she came into the arrivals hall.
    Hooray for recovering calves and recovered Canera House.

  31. Sometime there are days like that! I sometimes feel like I spend half my time looking for things. Alive and well is good 🙂 So happy to hear the calves are responding to your loving care.

  32. Be fashionable and just wear the one earring! I bet no one will even notice 🙂 ! Glad you found the camera tho’ . . . and that those bony four-leggeds are daily getting less so . . .

  33. Good and bad sides… I prefer the material things, such as cameras or earrings, to be on the bad side and our beloved ones in the good side! And now, let’s ask this Saint Anthony to give them back! 😉

  34. Do no give up hope !! I once lost an earring from a set my husband gave me , and it was found several years later, sweeping up in the garage of the house we were moving out of, NOT the house I lost it at !! Never did figure it out !! I was just so happy to have it back !!! Non the worse for wear either !!

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