Pigs in Mud.

It was a gloriously hot day yesterday. The heat does not bother me as long as I have my heat stroke smoothies for lunch. But all the pigs were swimming in mud. I took the hose around and gave them lots of wetness to lay about in.

Sheila looks more and more like a rhinoceros as her old skin goes a bit saggy. She is such a good girl.

I completed two lots of fences yesterday.One to form an enclosure for the calves across the way in the West Wing Barn. Only two of the calves can come out yet. Difficult Bobbi and Pinhead.  The other two are separated as they are both Suckers, and seem to want to suck umbilical cords. Not good. But they are in airy sunny pens on either side of the door. calves

I am thinking that I might keep Difficult for a while – we will rename her Bobbi.   John wants to call her Skelator she is SO thin. But today she was drinking strongly, and head butting the bottle and mooing like crazy when I was too slow getting to her.  Her breathing is much better and her wet cough is all but gone. I think she is doing well. So is Little. I will put them together as soon as I know I can buy her off the man.  But not yet, all these stages must go slowly so they do not lose condition.


In the afternoon I began the other fence,  repairing a fence really in the pigs garden that was begun before the calves got sick. (So much went on hold).  Once I finished I let Poppy and her brood out to play. No-one escaped – so far. Last night I went to lock the gate again, not wanting them to discover any holes when I was sleeping. But there was no-one in the barn. I quietly moved to the gate and peered (in my nightie and gumboots) into the overgrown pigs garden. Poppy, I whispered. Not wanting to cause a ruckus. Are you there?

There was a pause then a quivering in the tops of the very tall weeds and then a rustling and up came Poppy – she tiptoed out. I said to her, where are your babies? It is time for bed. She grunted. Very slowly all five piglets in various states of awakening popped sleepily up from their places, appearing out of the weeds like tired  toy trains  on the wind down. Obediently everyone moved up past my feet and into the barn so I could shut the gate. It was all quiet and gentle and sweet.  Everyone had a big drink of water then flopped back down to sleep in the straw. waters

What a great day we had the animals and I.

dog on porch

Boo is not up to par today though. I have a feeling about him. I found him sleeping on the floor  of the verandah with Ton beside him. TonTon had one of Boos paws trapped between his own two front paws and he was cleaning Boos foot. I think Boos infection might be returning.

Off to the vets again on Monday I think.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm







55 Comments on “Pigs in Mud.

  1. So glad to hear the Bobbies are doing so well. We all had faith in you, Celi, that you would pull them through!! So enjoy your blog and missed out on so many emails that am trying to catch up on, while I was so sick from that last chemo treatment. Come to find out, they think I was allergic to one of the serums and that’s why, even now, 7 weeks later, am still not completely over it. But, thank goodness and God, no more chemo. I go back in 10 days for a CT scan and I KNOW it will show I’m cancer free!!!!

    Since I’ve missed out on so much, was wondering what the status is on the book, “My Darling Daughter”. Thought it would be faster to just ask and will probably read about it when I get to all the emails. But, curiosity doesn’t like to wait, you know!! lol

    You have a wonderful day today!! Reading all your blogs has sure been a boost to my mind and has helped with the healing, I truly believe!! Katy Lamb

    • I am so glad to hear that you are finally on the mend, what a hard row you are hoeing at this point. DO let us know what you discover in 10 days.. The book is still in its folders, the stories and the recipes and tips. It niggles at my brain constantly that i am not getting to it and I so wanted to have it ready for my daughters birthday in February.. I need a PA AND a housekeeper at the moment! Thank you for asking – I will find the time soon I just know it! c

      • Cool Beans! My birthday is February 28. That’s cool that I share a birth month with your daughter. Hey, as busy as you are taking care of the animals, garden, and everything else in your life, it’s understandable that the book is where it is! It’ll be done in the right time. At least that’s what I believe about things. Every time I’ve tried to rush something, later I saw why it just didn’t happen. I will update you after my CT scan. And, thanks again for the blogs that enrich my life so much!

  2. If we had to pick an animal on the Farmy who would NOT go gently and quietly to bed, it would have been Poppy as a wild single girl. Now she’s a careful, gentle, responsible mama and I just love that she listens to you, pays attention and has her children so well trained! Give lovely Boo a hug and let him know we’re all wishing his paw better soon…

    • It was a staph infection too, and they are hard to beat.. the overuse of antibiotics in everything makes some of these infections dangerous now, as they are running out of antibiotic variations that can overcome them.. but I see no choice other than to go back for another round.. c

      • In the year 2000 I was in Hawaii & got a horrible infection/cellulitis in R leg. They were going to amputate but didn’t as bone wasn’t infected. I was on massive antibiotics and not getting better. Mom told Robin (sis) to take me a bottle of Vitamin E, one capsule 3X a day. THEN I began to improve. Got better. Went home. The infection wanted to come back 2-3X a year. I was “good” and took antibiotics for 2X. Then said I didn’t want to take antibiotics the rest of my life. Resolved to take Vitamin E at next resurgance. Did. It worked! One more time it came back. Vit E again. It’s never been back since. If you deduce that this is a blatant commercial for Vit E, you get the brass ring! Give it a shot. Might work just fine for your animals. Love, Gayle in sunny Sacramento, California

      • There is a meluka honey salve available. The meluka honey is known to kill many of the antibiotic resistant bacteria. The stuff is expensive but it might do the trick. Maybe a boot would help when he’s outside, keep the foot super clean and prevent another infection? I have a couple rubber booties left from my dear Charlie, they were to help him have some traction on slippery floors but they also are for protecting a dog’s paw when outside (you have to take them off when they’re in and can’t leave them on all day but it might be worth the bother). I’d be more than happy to send them to you, they are reusable until they’re punctured. Does he like purple? It was the only color in the large size.

  3. I am just filled with delight that the bobbies are still working hard to live and they know you are not giving up on them. it is so wonderful that Poppy has turned out to be a good mama. I’ll keep good thoughts for Boo now as well. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. What a delicious description of Poppy and her little pigglelets, I felt I was there in the soft gloaming, with all the farm smells and soft scents…and that lovely stillness at dusk… the farmy sounds so precious on your peaceful days…( and the others too !) love to Boo too

  5. All seemed to be going so well … until I reached the end of your post, and read about Boo. Sweet Boo. Get well, pal.

  6. It all sounds lovely, except the part about Boo. This post practically hums with the feeling of late summer. I love that. Like cicadas
    under one’s pillow.

  7. I so enjoy reading your blog! It reminds me so much of my childhood when I would spend time on my great grandfathers farm! Ahhh, the memories! 🙂

  8. When i lived in NJ I volunteered at a wild life rescue place. Looked after loads of babies, including squirrels. Some of those were suckers too, and the poor ‘boy’ squirrels got a sore penis because of this. So we would put Vic around the area to stop the sucking! Seemed to work too LOL.
    Poor Boo, hope his paw is better soon. Hard when they are walking in hot, humid, wet everything! I have used so much bleach this summer keeping mold at bay in and out of house!!

  9. Could it be that Poppie will need a name change from hop and pop to most excellent mama? I wonder if there is a soak for Boo’s foot that would help in addition to the antibiotics? Epsom salts. I don’t know. I hope he is better soon. Sweet Ton is a good friend to Boo.

      • Veterycin plus is what I’ve read several times about when other bloggers used it on skin wounds on their horses, donkeys, dog… They swore by it, posted photos showing the spray’s rapid effectiveness. (Not paid testimonies or such. Sorry I don’t remember which blogs, thus no link for you.) Of course, redness between the toes makes me think of grass mites, of which my dog and cat had plenty in some late summers. Teenytiny orangey, bitey mites, don’t know if they exist where you are. Whatever it is, poor Boo, get well vibes galore for you!

        • Sorry, misspelled the product. Correctly it’s Vetericyn. (No offense to Kim–I, too, used to use hydrogen peroxide–but it is considered entirely ineffective in modern wound management.)

          • Yes, sorry, I wrote too soon/read the staph part too late. Thanks for your experience with vetericyn; I’ll make sure to have it on hand if/when I adopt another fur buddy (right now still in mourning, though). More good wishes for all your patients! And *you*, of course!!

      • Oak rind comes to mind. A bath with a special amount of oak rind extract. Or a wet bandage soaked with it for about. Or instead of that extract make a “tea” out of it. It relieves inflammations because of its tannin content. Or take any other tanninic acid containing plant… Might help. Have you heard of that before?

        • … about – I think for about 20 minutes or so. Several times a day.
          (If I’m wrong with that, I’ll be back again, meanwhile i will check)

      • After John’s mare, Sally had a bout with laminitis she had one hoof abcess after another and we soaked her daily in warm water and epsom salts and then poured povodone iodine on. If you can wrap his foot at all (maybe with vetrap) you could crush up plantain leaves and pack them between the toes. My mom used to do that whenever we had slivers or slight infections, it draws well. Perhaps along with the antibiotics (and even after til the wound is healed) this would speed things along?

      • Yes, a twenty minutes wrap or bath is right. Oak rind = oak bark. You may get that from the pharmacy, I guess.
        It also should help with diarrhea, taken as an internal drug as a tea for example (maybe it could help with the scours too?)
        I think I was not quite clear with my words…., sorry.
        So fyi and if you have time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tannin

  10. So tender the calling of Poppy and her young’ens. Just a charming story.
    I can’t bear to have Boo sick. Now it is Nanny Boo who needs the TLC he always provides others! Very sweet of Ton to recognize Boo’s illness.

  11. such wonderful animals you have , whether dogs, cats , pigs or cows plus all the others..sorta like Mrs Noah,,and whata wonderful caring loving lady you are

  12. Such good news of the calves, and am so pleased for the new name. Names are powerful. You have poured so much into these dear ones and lots of us have thought of all of you often throughout this ordeal. Regarding Boo, have you tried soaking his paw in Epsom Salts and warm water? That used to often be effective in drawing out infections on some of my animals and myself . Also there are homeopathic remedies that can be highly effective without the side effects of antibiotics and usually not nearly as costly. My German Shepherd/ Lab contracted distemper at about 9 months and was very ill. Often even if a dog survives there is usually motor control damage, hearing loss or some other impairment. The homeopathic remedies not only spared her life, there was no damage and she lived another 17 years. They have been a constant source of help for many of my dogs and cats (and myself) are inexpensive and easily accessible. Additionally, I added treatment books written by long practicing veterinarians who had incorporated this into their practice with great success. I would be so happy to send the information if you think it might be of help. Please feel free to use my email address if you wish. So many of us feel a deep interest and share concern for you and your precious animals.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  13. For Boo’s paw – 1 bottle of witch hazel, 16 drops of genetian violet and 4 tablespoons of boric acid. (My CVS/Rite Aid carry it all). Mix, shake, apply 2-3x a day. I use it in my cocker’s ears and it works like a charm. Use it outside bcs the genetian violet turns everything it touches purple for a while. You can add a pinch of the boric acid right between his toes too to keep it dryer. Also, any of your homemade essential oils would work. I use a variety of oils on my dogs and they are all antibacterial. I only dilute the hot oils – peppermint and lavender I use straight.

    • Huh – well I have the lavender.. but this is a staphylococci infection – will it work for that ?- his glands are already swollen and his mouth is getting redness too – just like last time – I will still take him to the vet though so we can do a scrape and see what we are dealing with – c

      • Yes, lavender works on Staph. Here’s a one of many research reports on it: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19249919 I’d take him to the vet, too, but the lavender will help him feel better till tomorrow. And, it’s hard to over-do it with lavender. It really is a gentle healer.

  14. I wish I had a book containing every single post on the KitchensGarden – each one is special. Happiness at the news of the calves. Concern for dear Boo. – please get better. Thank you Tonton for your loving care.

    ViV xox

  15. Aw, Ton holding Boo’s paw. That is so very sweet.

    Ask the vet about FortiFlora please. I give my guys Plexus ProBio because they get ear yeast. It is doing wonders for them. FortiFlora is a purina product and works almost as well.

    Hugs to all

  16. Sometimes it would be nice to be a pig. Especially on the Farmy.
    Cute dogs. Best wishes for Boo.
    Have a nice Sunday afternoon, Celi.

  17. oh the dearness of rustle of leaves and then poppy’s ears; what a sweet passage; Boo should go to vet; dear Boo get better; thanks, as always C for your enchanting blog, prayers for all the animals!

  18. Grrr! earlier today I tried to post a comment from my phone, alas the blog did not recognise me. Boohoo! I’ll try again…

    Celi I was out there with you in my bare feet and jammies as you spoke sweetly to Poppy and the sleepy piglets, I could hear the grass under their little feet as they tip toed back into the barn not really wanting to wake up. The hush was sending me back to sleep! Poor Boo, the St Francis of the farmy, with that horrible strap. I hope Your and Tonton’s ministering healing helps while waiting to see the vet tomorrow.

  19. Aw, bless Ton Ton for taking care of Boo. What a heart-warming sight. Momma Poppy is too precious, knocking out in the yard with her babies. They must exhaust her! I don’t know if dogs eat garlic but that’s a natural antibiotic.

  20. I hope So glad to hear the calves are doing better! Sweet Poppy and piglets. I guess they know when Miss C is in her nightie, it’s bedtime for everyone. 😉 I hope Boo is on the mend soon!

  21. Oops, hit send too soon. I meant to add “I hope Sheila didn’t read your comment regarding rhinoceros” today. That could hurt a girl’s feelings.

  22. What a sweet description of Poppy and her piglets being called in. There is always something new to report.

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