Four Peachicks!

Mrs Flowers brought her peachicks out for a walk today and there are four wee chicks.  FOUR! Good girl Mrs Flowers.

Working fast all I got was this blurry image but they are all walking and talking and looking lovely. All multi coloured. peachicks

Pania decided to stay on her nest the whole day yesterday, but still I think it would be wise to take at least three of her eggs and raise them myself. These cats are a swarm. I must gird my loins and steal the eggs today.

Poppy has calmed down and so has Sheila and they spent most of yesterday laying in an enormous mud puddle together (we had some more rain) and chatting about stuff.

The piglets have shown no signs of missing their mother at all. They swarm about my feet when I am in there,squealing and grunting loudly, eat EVERYTHING and beg to be let out into the garden. So (being a softy) I opened their gate and they had a lovely day out there and came in when asked  for night-time.

The calves are coming along beautifully now. Still scrawny but drinking and eating like crazy.


Life is toddling along.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,


32 Comments on “Four Peachicks!

  1. Four peachicks – she has been busy!
    I bet Sheila has been telling Poppy the story of how she bit the boar and avoided the all the hard work of pregnancy and babies… and how she adopted a Poppy instead 😉

  2. It’s so lovely having happy and hopeful news. I’m thinking Little may need renaming to Lanky, he’s like a tall, skinny teenager who hasn’t filled out to fit his bones yet. I do admire Poppy’s attitude. She buckled down and did an excellent mothering job, mourned briefly when her babies left home, and now she’s reconnecting with her friend and getting back to being her own pig! I wonder what Cougar Poppy will make of her eventual date with handsome Manu, the Piggy Toyboy. I hope it’s lots of fun, she deserves it.

  3. Phewww, so glad Sheila and Poppy are still friends 🙂 Please all going well with Little, Bobbi and the peachicks. Laura

  4. . . . . and all’s well with the world for now . . . methinks Kate has put it all in a far better way than I could . . . . and the farmy does seem ready to welcome visitors . . .

  5. Wonderful news all around!! I believe I may have missed the final vote as to whether Tima is expecting? I know Tane has injured his hips badly in his attempt to make piglets, but I cannot remember if Tima has come into heat or not?

  6. Wow, piggy weaning seems to be a relative breeze – how nice!
    For what it’s worth, I think you should trust your instincts – and your experience – re Pania. One bird is no match for two barn cats, let along five. I know how stubborn hens are about choosing a nest site, and now I’m thinking peahens must be even worse or one night you would pick up a sleepy Pania and spirit her and her eggs away to a safe enclosure. Sometimes it’s awfully difficult to help them, isn’t it? Good luck!

  7. The only thing missing apparently from the gab session of Sheila and Poppy seems to be a nice glass of merlot…and maybe someone giving a superb mani/pedi while they chat.

  8. Maybe Poppy is telling Sheila “Act sad and Miss C. Will give a beer. You’d love it!”
    I’m so happy everything is on the upswing with 4 new chicks and coming-along-beautifully calves. How is Boo? Any sign of improvement. I know you said you caught this infection quicker but is he better every day?

  9. what lovely news- so fun to visualize the little piggies having a grand time in the garden! and oh my such good news about the calves. Have a wonderful day.

  10. 4 Peachicks? Wow! That is exciting! Would it be possible to actually move Pania and her eggs somewhere safer or just easier to swap out the eggs? I have no idea if Pea hens can be picked up or not without a struggle…also I’m wondering if the chicks as they get older would be in any kind of danger around Mr. Flowers, especially if any of them are males? The calves look beautiful! 🙂

  11. Welcome to the peachicks! Isn’t that nice? – Weaning the piglets is for me comparable with the kids are going to Kindergarten from now on. I wonder how it is when they meet again in the barn in the evenings. Will there be a great Hello? Or just nothing…
    Good luck with Pania’s eggs. BTW: How long is she already breading? Isn’t it a good while now? Won’t it be time for hatching soon as with Mrs. Flowers? Or did I miss something?
    Thanks God for the calves… – Love the beautiful colored sky.

    • She is at least two weeks behind Mrs Flowers – still at the wandering on and off stage. But yes, we are not sure when they will hatch which is always a challenge..

  12. Toddling—I’ll say! That’s quite a batch of busy toddlers you have on your hands right now. Well done, you! May all thrive. 😀
    Happy, lovely day, C.

  13. I was thinking the exact same thing as quinn about moving mama peahen and her eggs in the dark of night.

    • Pea hens are huge, and their claws are dangerous, and (I have tried this before) there is every chance she will leave the nest. I have an incubator, it is fine.

  14. I did read yesterday’s post but got distracted… 4 Peachicks and a beer guzzling Poppy, how wonderful. May6be I should move into the barn post surgery! Pity I am not allowed to fly.

      • Thanks Gayle. Elly hopefully will sort out the contact box problem on my blog when she comes to play Nursemaid during the week. She does not realise I have a list as long as my arm of niggly little jobs to keep her busy while I am in hospital, hopefully only for one night. Email on way as I am intrigued to discover more about the situation you have to offer!

  15. What a lovely sky. All seems right at the farmy today. Hopefully, Pania will cooperate.

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