Hanging out

Last night – late – after a very long trip, Hugo arrived.  All the way from Avignon in France.  Just to hang out at the farmy for a few months.

He is still sleeping.

So today will be a bewildering day for him. The first day always is.hereford hogs

And tomorrow Pat arrives.  Things are busying up again!

sheila and poppy

Harlequin was unwell yesterday morning but after a day of electrolyte and milk she perked right up by evening.

Her owners came to visit her and were way pleased with all the calves.  And we can keep (Difficult) Bobbi too. As a gift.


The late summer weather is not hot. We are in such a mild spell.  In fact since the rains stopped it has been a wonderful summer, weather wise. Though the garden has not produced as I had hoped. It is a dismal year for bottling actually. I lost the plot somewhere along the line. However we have produced enough produce to feed us for the summer  and way into the winter without having to buy vegetables or butter, or chicken, or cheese, or milk, or eggs, etc.


Just when I think it is safe I see my mother reflected in the cabinet door.

Mrs Flowers chicks have been sold. I think the man might take them all. So when I take the chicks out I am going to slide Geraldine in. She is a great crier is our Geraldine and I am hoping that Mrs Flowers will accept her as a big chick.  As fun as it is for Geraldine to lord it over the turkeys she really needs to hang out with Peafowl. She is still so tame that she will sit on my hand and watch me.  Moving with me as I move about. Amanda did a great job of taming her. So it will be nice to have her in a space that I can go into again. Geraldine

I will watch closely and make sure she is ok up there. If in fact she is a she that is. But Mr Flowers won’t care for a few years.

I hope you have a lovely day,

We certainly are!

Your friend on the farm



34 Comments on “Hanging out

  1. Love the header with Poppy’s chubby firecrackers! Thrilled to read that Harlequin is better and that Little Bobby will have a playmate with (Difficult) Bobbi – everyone needs a friend!

  2. It’s a strange one, isn’t it? Seeing your mother’s face in the mirror. I’m more like mine every day, and I don’t just mean my face! Lovely, peaceful pictures, happier news and new faces at the Farmy. All’s well with the world.

  3. We have gone from 17C to 30C in two days – Spring has been diverted elsewhere it seems. Spent the morning clearing away winter detritus, summer is coming at last 🙂 Laura

    • Same here in Oz….hot as the last couple of days and the humidity is rising….yep, summer is here….in my little corner anyway

  4. I have been wondering about your garden as I am struggling to have enough to put up. All the rain about did it in between weeds and rot. So I plan to buy some tomatoes from the farm stand for salsa and sauce, I like to buy seconds as they are cheaper. And we enjoy the homemade jars through the winter. Poppy and Sheila look content!

  5. Lovely, peaceful photos this a.m. Glad for the news on the calves!! Don’t the piglets grow so quickly!! I can’t remember, have you castrated the males?

    • we castrated all but one – one testicle was elusive . So he is going to be my boar taint trial.. I am not convinced that a young boar who has been brought up with male companions will carry boar taint. My two gilts come out shortly – I don’t want to fatten them! c

  6. Glad you are having so me helpers again. I can’t wait to meet Hugo! I have been missing Fede being there, so you must miss him alot.
    The reflection in the cabinet gave me a shiver, you and your mother look beautiful.

  7. I had to look up boar taint, I was clueless. I guess that is what made the javelina that my father killed in south Texas taste odd, so he had spicy sausage made from it to mask the unpleasant taste. It was good as I recall. Hello to Hugo!

  8. Yes I’ll have to look up boar taint too. And what does two gilts come out shortly mean. I know a gilt is a maiden pig, but I don’t know what come out means. Maybe mature ?
    Wow! Geraldine has really grown!

  9. I didn’t see your mother’s reflection in the glass until I read what you said about her. She was beautiful… A warm welcome to Hugo… He will love the Farmy!

  10. It’s good to see Sheila and Poppy together again. I wonder if Sheila appreciates the calmer Poppy. I’d forgotten about Geraldine, she’s obviously going to be a farmy character. That’s good news on the calves! We seem to have had our August in July again this year. It feels more fall-like than summer here, too.

  11. Gifting you Difficult Bobbi was a nice, gracious gesture… better than a Hallmark card 🙂
    You see your lovely mother, occasionally I see my Mum but my memories of her are much younger. I now see my grandmothers, at the same age I am now as I remember them as a child. It’s nice. They never really leave us.

  12. How did Hugo find you…..through WWOOF-ers? Welcome to Pat, we all envy you 🙂

  13. Daresay Hugo has surfaced by now 🙂 ! Oh he has much more than English tuition in the lovely Kiwi accent to which to accustom himself [love how the South Africans and the Kiwis speak the language: ‘Australian’ sounds somehow ‘lazy’ in comparison!] . . . . Have been to France many times and even visited Avignon – quite some differences in both nature and lifestyle twixt that and the Prairies methinks . . .

  14. Hope hugo has a fun and productive time at the farmy. Celi, My mother died nineteen years ago but she visits me every day… in the mirror, a glass reflection or when I am baking, it is her hands I see in the bowl or stirring a pot!

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