Good news

Yesterday we worked extra fast in some terrible humid heat and now all the hay has been divided up and is stacked in neat rows in two barns.  And then in the afternoon – it rained – poured down actually!


And we all felt smug because our hay was under cover. I hope I have enough -I always fret about hay.

Some great news – Little was caught on camera galloping across the fields like a real calf.


Completely out of focus but we will call it a Lesson in Movement – hard to believe the little fella was almost dead not long ago. The other calves across the way are also out in their field but not as boistorous as Little.  But Little has Naomi to teach him to be wild.

The extra good news is that Lady Astor is pregnant though they have asked us to retest Aunty Del because her results were inconclusive. aunty

John is not holding back about the fact that his cow is definitely pregnant and my Aunty Del might be a little bit pregnant or might not be  – no-one is terribly sure we need to take another look.


Lots of good news. The last hay cut of the year is in the barn. The last batch of chickens are in the freezer. And now Josh is beginning to sow the first of the last of this years vegetables.  But it is hot – summer is still here!

Even after working with my team to throw all the hay up, I am feeling less tired today. I think we are coming right.

I hope you have a lovely day

love your friend on the farm




84 Comments on “Good news

  1. Good morning, Celi :)……..I have been awake all nite…the dreaded insomnia……..I will try to go to bed again soon. Happy the hay is all in..Yay! Love your header of the kitty…memories of Marmalade and all her fiesty babies and Nanny Boo….makes me smile!
    Have a lovely day….and I shall sleep thru much of it 😦

  2. Top sky picture calendar worthy, beautiful. All good and happy news today, long may it last. Enjoy your weekend 🙂 Laura

  3. Good news all the way today. Today 09/05, The bubble has gone from my eye and I can see clearly, though I may need a slight change to my reading glasses but not for a few more weeks.

  4. When things go well, your heart lightens and raises your spirits like a great glowing hot air balloon going up. Yes, you’re tired, yes, you’ve had innumerable worries about all the people and creatures under your care, yes, the rain has fallen without ceasing at exactly the wrong time, but the hay is in, the sick baby is gambolling in the fields, the sun is shining, and suddenly the world looks a whole lot sunnier! Good morning, Miss C, have a grand day, and sleep the sleep of the just at the end of it! xxxxx

  5. What a gorgeous light in the sky!
    Hay under cover a huge relief. And congrats to the mother to be. Sounds like a lovely day

      • News that you’ve slept, news that the day is more relaxed…these lift my heart which usually worries about you when you’re so tired and sleepless. Great news!!! Love, Gayle in Sac, CA

    • I do love to comment too, often I just don’t have the time But I hope that does not hold you back from commenting it is great to hear from you.. have a lovely day..c

  6. Some kinds of fatigue feel so much better than others. I am delighted that Little is playing in the field. It does the heart good. And the hay is safe. Life is good. Have a wonderful weekend and maybe, just maybe, have a little down time. 🙂

  7. There is a very special joy in watching the rain pour down AFTER the hay is in! Congratulations 🙂

  8. Such an uplifting blog with all the good news! And now, the update I promised on my CT scan. They found a pocket of infection in my incision scar and I went back to have it drained. Came up off that table feeling like a new woman. Food is tasting normal (and good) again for the first time in months. So am now eating 4 or 5 bites instead of the 1 at a time. Still a struggle and hurting, but things are definitely looking up!! Have a great holiday weekend and stay safe everyone.

    • Wow. Who knew a small pocket could cause such misery! So glad you are feeling much much better.

    • More good news! We’ll take all that we can get. Glad to hear you are feeling, and eating, better.

  9. Little is obviously loving LIFE. You gave him a wonderful second chance Miss C. Your comment seems to imply that perhaps John feels especially personally involved somehow in Auntie’s pregnancy confirmation? You might remind him that gloating over this news will surely bring with it the need to involve him in greater roles with ‘his’ bovine family.

  10. I haven’t been posting – or ‘following’ my favorite blogs – this summer. I hadn’t planned it that way, but it seems the summer turned into The Summer of Cecile (to do a play-on-words from a Seinfield episode). I can see you’ve all been very, very busy. When I lasted check-in, it was the beginning of the growing season and the calves and chickens were new-born. Now all the chickens are in the freezer – and the calves are running around – especially ‘Little’!! You’ve all accomplished soooo much!! Bravo !!

    • Oh yes, the cold – not looking forward to it but I am going to Melbourne in february to see my daughter so there will be a break for me – February is a cold month.. c

      • Yippee! Road trip! 😀 February is a good time to go–if you can get to and away from the airport!

  11. What a wonderful day! And not too soon either; you really deserve it, and a lot more to follow also. It has been a tough summer, right from the beginning, so all this good news is uplifting. Your first photo is stunning and your last is another to raise the spirits. Hope you’re sending us some of that rain, we could really use it. Have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  12. All the stars have aligned for the Farmy in this last day of the hay season….That beautiful sky photo is just stunning C. It is now on my desktop!

  13. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Aunty Del! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have two cows milking? Little looks amazing, loping across the field. Bet that feels good 😉

  14. all such wonderful news! So happy for you all…especially for Little! Great news and love the image of his running! Cheers!

    • I hope Little continues in this vein but even this morning he was strong and happy – I remember that long week when he could not even stand.. he has come a long way that little calf.. c

  15. How wonderful about your cow and calf! Very good news. What veggies does John sow this late? I’m curious….

    • John steps back from the gardens when he begins the six day weeks but we are resowing beans, courgettes, and sowing broccoli and cabbages again. Lettuce and radishes. probably more beets and turnips and carrots. c

  16. Joy. Joy. Joy. Isn’t that feeling of satisfaction, knowing you did a job well, in time, just the best? Maybe smug, OK, just a little. But so much joy.

  17. Little is just very very happy because you gave him a second life…
    Congrats for Auntie Del being pregnant.
    What a stunning sun and clouds pic. Sun set? Just beautiful.
    I am loving clouds too.. I often look up to the sky and this summer I’ve made tons of cloud photographs. In seconds they have changed, always looking great, sometimes really dramatic.
    When you’re talking about “the last….” (three times) it is including that forbidden W word! No, it’s still summer, isn’t it?! – What kind of “last” veggies has Josh been sowing? Glad that you are such a great team and that you are working so well together!

  18. I’m a big fan of good news. Otherwise, no gah-news is good gah-news. – Gary Gnu

  19. Lots of wonderful news – you deserve it. So glad you are feeling less tired. And as for that first photo – left me breathless, it’s stunning!

  20. Congratulations! getting the hay in, in the nick of time. That must be so satisfying.

  21. Lovely to begin work reading that ‘many hands make light work’ is indeed oh so true! So many ticks today: bet you are counting them instead of sheep to fall asleep 🙂 !

  22. Such a wonderful post….did you notice the heart within the heart on Aunty Del’s face….magnificent …….

  23. For the longest time I didn’t know what “The Fellowship” was. Now I know it’s us and I’m one of it! Wheeeee!!! Love, Gayle

  24. Haha: John and “his cow” I know there were days you’d have given her over totally to her cow whisperer. Beautiful sky pix. Yay for hay and Little! Poor Auntie Del, the sweet girl gets no peace. 😉

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