Yes, but you are a Girl.

Quite delightfully I hear this from Hugo all the time. As he takes something heavy from me. “I will carry.  You are a girl”. Bless him.  Such a well brought up young gentleman.


Well, DSC_0165

this Girl and her Young Gentleman are off to the big city.


We are have over fed every animal and bird. Doubled up on the waters. Filled all the mud-holes and all the babies have had their milks. Everyone is IN.  It will be hot today.

So now, after sifting through my entire wardrobe, that would fill two entire suitcases  but holds nothing at all to wear to the city – we are off.

We will breakfast.  Shop, (as you do) Then lunch with friends, (as you would) and be home in time for the milking.

A whole day OFF.  And we deserve it. It is good to know. You know? DSC_0155

Imagine that! A whole day off. And the dogs can just sleep.  They deserve a day off too. DSC_0153

Love celi and hugo – OFF the farm.

PS. There will be no blog page tomorrow.  We will be starting our day After the milking.It will be late to bed for us.



36 Comments on “Yes, but you are a Girl.

  1. Boo standing still in the air – you’ve banned him there. Cute cats. Great shots.
    Enjoy your day in the Big City!

  2. You all just toddle off (as you do) to that old Toddlin’ Town, & Holler & Whoop all over The Loop, & everyone on the Farmy will have a nice long snooze till you get back. And remember it all to tell us on Wednesday. Amusez-vous bien!

  3. Well deserved, indeed. Have fun, blow all the cash but don’t lose the young Gentleman in the city 🙂 Laura

  4. Have a splendid day, youngsters! 😉
    I spent half of Saturday driving to a city to get my hair cut, then stopping to spend an hour with friends who live halfway between. It felt so strange to be “away so long.” I wonder what I missed!

  5. Oh I’m jealous. One of these days I’d love to meet you in “The City “! Have a wonderful day. Supposed to be 85 some rain.

  6. YES! That’s what every girl needs and some guys. A day off with lunch and shopping. You, more than most need and deserve it. Enjoy every last drop. We will all be here, green with envy. 🙂

  7. “Everyone is IN” Everyday, I wake up and say those words. … whether is true or not.

  8. What a lovely young gentleman… and he cooks too!
    Oh do have a lovely day in town. I suspect Hugo is looking forward to it more than most… his first time in a big American city. You will be missed tomorrow but with the knowledge most, or all, perfectly understand the necessity of your absence. Have fun! ~ Mame 🙂

  9. What everyone else already said. And be sure Hugo gets a Chicago hot dog. I understand they are yummy! Love, Gayle

  10. Yes, but you’re a girl, means you are super strong in the face of adversity, that you hold it all together when things go wrong and you just quietly get it done with no fanfare or adulation. I know you, sister.

  11. So glad to hear you are having a whole day off. Enjoy every moment! This is SO well deserved.

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