A Lovely Life

Oh, of course it has its ups and downs but today was a lovely life, with my hard working friends and badly behaved piglets.

At the table I asked what the favourite parts of their days were. Megan said it was feeding the baby cow and Hugo said (predictably) Mowing.  I made my first batch of Crepe batter today – Hugo tested it – asked to see my recipe and adjusted the Litre of milk to a litre and then a little bit.  But it passed the test!  We have discovered that Megan likes to do the dishes more than she likes to Trim in the garden. Works for ME!

Look at my breakfast up above!  We do have fun.

the turkeys

Only one turkey fell off the workbench today. Megan found it stuck behind the rubbish bin. They always look so confused. I am definitely going to make them a run – very soon. They cannot be unsupervised. Another one was stuck under a branch of the Spruce tree. Without Boo Pointing to it we would never have found it. He has an unusual affinity with the turkeys.  (Considering his rather dubious history with small birds) He gets very upset when they are stuck in something.  He peers in at the turkey, then back at me, then at the turkey,  then back at me, his body adjusting to and fro. Making sure that I know that he has the lost one in his sights. TonTon is a big animal dog. Boo is the guardian of the birds.

Funny how it worked out that way. sheila my big fat pig

My happy Sheila. Back in her big field.

I hope you have a lovely day. I am glad you are a part of this lovely life.

Love Celi


33 Comments on “A Lovely Life

  1. My mother raised turkeys pre-1960s. She often said they “didn’t know enough to come in out of the rain” – (she said that about her children too occasionally) 😉 Amazing how the wild ones are so smart and the domesticated ones – not so much. Love the header — gave me a real chuckle this morning! Glad Boo is a protector for them. Have a great day to all on the farmy and in the fellowship!

  2. Dearest Celi, you light up everyone’s day with your capacity for joy.
    So, will you be doing turkeys again, or will once be quite enough? What a stroke of luck that Boo is a Bird Dog. And great big Sheila has a great big smile of delight on her face, the darling girl.

    • It is the usual problem of the male. This Tom is just not a very robust bird. And the rest are hens. Of course I was going to eat a few at christmas but here we are with the smallest of flocks – so they will stay, I will see how they go over the winter then I might hatch a new bunch and go from there. I would like them to breed as they are an endangered breed but we will see if they do.. c

  3. there are flocks of wild turkeys in my area. i wonder how they survive when their domestic cousins are not so smart

    • It’s kind of like comparing my dog Phoebe to a wolf. We breed for specific qualities sometimes and breed the rest out of the accidentally – brains, the ability to breed unaided, brains…. But a lot of birds are mostly instinctive and don’t learn easily. “Wise old owls” are some of the least intelligent birds if you’re measuring the ability to learn. Their eyes are SO big to allow them to see at night, there isn’t room in their skulls for big, learning brains. They can hunt, find a mate, stay out of danger, find a place to nest, but they aren’t capable of much more.

  4. In early days of my blog I featured a friend of a friend with a pet house-trained turkey. A most affectionate, charming, and (this one at least) intelligent bird!

  5. Nice kitchen play with the crepe batter… – Good Boo. You mentioned the word guardian (animal / dog) a few times lately and always comes to my mind the image of a guardian angel. Love it. So cute that they take care of others.
    Oh, and I am glad too to belong to your lovely world.

  6. Breakfast looked scrumptious. Couldn’t comment yesterday, sorry the Llama didn’t work out, but I think a large guardian dog out in the fields and barn might work out better for the farmy setup. Laura

  7. Of course don’t forget that Boo is EXCELLENT with kittens and lambs too! Such a star!

  8. I fancied your breakfast crepes, though I like my crepes to fill the plate! Boo is a great guardian angel for turkeys – I had no idea that turkeys were so stupid – bird-brained, I suppose!
    Your helpers are shaking down nicely together.
    ViV xox

  9. Love the picture of the turkeys and Geraldine! Just wondering where they are peering into, the house? Wanting to get in on the party? xo

  10. I am one of those dishwashing lovers… I iron too. When I come to visit someday I’ll do any cleanup work, but please don’t ask me to cook. I just never enjoyed it much. Lovely photos today…. especially the header!

  11. I used to live near a turkey farm and the owner said it is quite true that turkeys have been known to drown in a big rainstorm because they will stare up at it with their mouths open, wondering what’s happening! Lovely post, lovely day.

  12. Dear Celi. How do you pronounce your name? Is it SEL-lee or SEE-lee or something else? Lots of love, GAY-yull. And I love being a part of your blogs and the Fellowship. Yeeee Haawwww!! Right good folks.

  13. Maybe Boo, being the junior in this pack, has a natural affinity for the Little Guys. The babies, the birds. And I’ve always heard that turkeys are a breed remarkable for their being so unencumbered by genius; while the tales of their drowning because they look up in curiosity too long at the rain might be exaggerated/extrapolated apocrypha, they’re also said to stare at their own reflections as though at fascinating other birds, never mind falling off of benches and getting stuck going forward because it would never occur to them to back out of the situation. All of which makes me think that it’s a terrible shame the turkey was *not* adopted as the American national bird (as it’s been suggested was an option), being such a perfect reflection of American thought and action in many ways. And mine, of course.

    But I shall expound on it no longer, as it’s my lunchtime and I want to find something to gobble. 😉


  14. Those simple lovely life days are gold. I foresee crêpes on our menu soon 🙂 Our neighbour had a lovely turkey amongst her menagerie; personable and devotee of cheese biscuits, clever enough to know where to get them!

  15. I am so happy and grateful to be part of this lovely life. Yeah, it’s sad that we humans think we are soooo superior to the animal kingdom, often forgetting we are part, an infinitesimal part, of the great chain of being.

  16. Sheila looks exceptionally pretty today. Must be the happy factor and all that green grass. Glad you found all the wayward turkeys. My granddaughter enjoys making “art” with batter, too. Little things are the really big things in life.

  17. Sheila does look so happy to be in the big field. She’s a gorgeous girl. Poor turkeys. I did see a documentry by a man who more or less lived with some wild turkeys that he hatched and then taught to be wild. He was very surprised by their behavior and the final good byes. It was on PBS (http://video.pbs.org/video/2168110328/), “My Life as a Turkey”.

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