When did I become a …

… PIG Farmer.  When did I become a pig farmer? I am sure that was not my intention.

I say yes to a few twists and turns then Bam without so much as a by your leave I  am in possession of multiple pigs in varying stages of growth, nutritional requirements and expectations. kunekune

Tima is still showing no signs at all of being pregnant and she has about two weeks to go before her first date.

Pigs behind fence

The Plonkers and the gilts have finally settled into their new areas. Though the gilts Molly and Tahiti and less than impressed with their pen. Soon they will go out with Sheila and Poppy but only when I am sure there will be no trouble and they cannot escape.  Because wild Tahiti is her mother all over again!mums

I hope you have a lovely day.




23 Comments on “When did I become a …

  1. One does not Become a pig farmer. One is Born a pig farmer, with a love for the great big greedy, funny, nimble, endearing, clever, naughty creatures… I wish, I wish I could have a piggy or two.

    • I agree with EllaDee! Sheila won you over and you haven’t been the same since.

  2. Love the pig shots. And the flower bucket. – Yes, you are a pig farmer. But a bird farmer, a cow & calves and dairy farmer, too. And, of course, a veggie & greens farmer. All of it. An allround farmer. – Love it. 🙂

  3. But you do it so well!!
    I am sure all the piggies are thinking “wow we really got it good here”!!

  4. I have finally realized just why Tima and Tane have touched my heart so dearly. Tima is so sweet, with her very direct facial expressions and upright, alert ears. Then there is Tane, with that smooshed nose and always upturned face that really highlights those silly little piggy teeth. They are such a pair and their babies would be adorable I think. Please have a private discussion with them Miss C…perhaps the equivalent of a Kune Kune love manual with some hints to make this whole ‘love’ process move forward productively 😉

  5. Good question Celi! I think it just sort of happens! And it’s going great! there on the farmy!! I would never in all my wildest dreams have thought it would happen to me too! But it did! Although my John had much to do with that!!! All your pigs look happy and fat and sassy! I’m sooo hoping that Tima is preggie! Can’t wait to see her babies!!! xo

  6. I do love that picture of Tima and Tane. then the picture of Tahiti and Molly is also priceless. The day you became a pig farmer, maybe the day you sat with Sheila on her cold wet bed when she went to visit the boar and got injured. I have really come to love the piggies, who would have thought 🙂 Laura

  7. You were smitten with Sheila back when she was paired with Charlotte. And the rest is history.

  8. Your farm reminds me of the farm my grandfather had when he retired from driving the TTC streetcar. He had 1 cow, , 2 goats and a few chickens and a black Labrador dog to walk with him on his rounds. Course, the piggie community you’re setting up is sounding like more work! Have a happy, productive day.

  9. Celi, you are not alone a pig farmer, but a guardian of all animals and of people. Look how we all return on a regular basis for a dose of farmy magic and balm. You have become part of all ourlives.

  10. I just love your piggy pictures. They’re adorable, every one of them — all standing in such an attractive pose just for you and your camera. And, of course, the young ‘uns just doing as yuoung ‘uns should, trying to be everywhere at the same time.
    Hope your day has been loveRly as well ~ Mame 🙂

  11. Hip, hip hurrah! A post in the box for the first time in four days!! Thank you WordPress!! When did you become a pig farmer . . . . methinks it is called ‘going with the flow’ 🙂 !! It just evolved naturally . . .

  12. Pig Farmer! Made me chuckle, as that is how I refer to my husband. Even though we currently do not have any ages and stages of pigs … HE is A PIG FARMER. I am not. We are what we are! Much like a favorite saying of mine, It is what it is. Have a lovely day.

  13. I’d say you became a pig farmer about the time you started wearing that t-shirt saying you loved your big fat pig. I could be wrong …

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