Check and Mate

Chess is the game of the day here now.  I had the chess pieces.chess pieces
chess pieces
king and queen chess

Made by John’s grandmother when Ceramics classes were all the rage. Do you remember? Maybe in the 70’s?

chess pieces horses

Anyway I had the pieces but no board so Hugo took the legs off a funny little fold up table that has been hanging about for years being quite useless and Megan drew up the table top into a chess board and they coloured it in and VOILA!

Chess was played. It was  not rainy. Or cold.  Or even the evening. But playing games together is an excellent way to get to know each other better.

chess pieces

I was beaten three times in a row. As you can imagine I am so busy trying to think ahead that I forget to see what is actually happening and before you know it Miss C and her King are Dead.

chess check mate

Down Time on the farm is just as good as Busy Time.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend too!

Love celi



33 Comments on “Check and Mate

  1. I had a sudden vision of Farmy chess pieces: Celi as one queen and Shelia as the other, Poppy and Auntie Del as knights, Tima and Tane as bishops, Mr & Mrs Flowers as rooks (castles), and an assorted cast of plonkers, chooks, calves and chicks as the pawns. The game to be played on a patchwork of fields in summer green and winter white… That’s one set of chess pieces I’d love to create!

  2. The board is a great match for the chess pieces. Enjoy long years of playing on the board and in the heads of the present and future visitors to the farmy.

  3. I was trounced at chess by a 7-year-old boy (who was not a prodigy). Best part was after checkmate, when my opponent stood up smartly, offered his hand to shake, and thanked me for the game 🙂

  4. Wow, what a great set…all hand made! I love the queen’s eyeliner…so 60’s! I used to play chess a lot..mostly in college…when I should of been studying hah! But like you say…really a good way to connect with someone…especially to learn who wants to annihilate you and who just wants to be friends! 🙂

  5. I love the knights best. Elegant! For the new set Boo and TonTon could be the knights, noble as they are!

  6. Yay, Celie. You can feel good at giving them the pleasure of beating you! The pieces are lovely. We were taken out for a lovely fishy lunch at a restaurant in the marais (salt marshes). I’m now stuffed and couldn’t raise a hand to play a move.
    Enjoy the rest of your happy Sunday.

  7. That are me interesting chess figures. Wow! Very elaborated handcraft. Looks a bit weird and grim, but great. It leaves a very special impression. I like the crazy things you do. – Have a nice Sunday!
    Kate’s idea is funny. 🙂

  8. How wonderful that work and play are equally delightful!!! The way they should be!!! xo

  9. I can never get my head around the strategies of chess but I’ve always loved the creative interpretations of the pieces I’ve seen over the years… they make me want to learn more than the basics. I love that these are hand crafted, and the upcycled folding table chessboard is very handsome 🙂

  10. It will be great that Hugo and Megan can feel they’ve left their mark at the Farmy! I imagine there is another story behind how those chess pieces came to be out today…

  11. I’m a Scrabble type of girl; just want to play one person at a time. Get so impatient waiting for my turn. Loooooooooooooooove me some Scrabble! And all of you, Celi included. Gayle.

    • Hello, Scrabble lady! I shall take that as an invitation to play a long distance game. But first, I’ll need to find my old one..

  12. I’m so glad you have time for fun and games now! What a blessing farmy visitors are. And the chessboard–perfection!

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