Violet comes out to play

This wee chick, hatched and raised by Mrs Flowers, came out for her first walk today.  Meet Violet. peahen and chick

She was endlessly stalked by the cats.  They scared her up into the top of a pine tree at one point then they circled the base of the tree like tigers. Boo found her, and she was rescued so the cats spent the day happily sleeping in the garage while Mrs Flowers took her baby,Violet, for a walk.

They spent most of the day hanging out with the Turkeys and Geraldine.

geraldine the peafowl

If Violet survives this next dangerous period of her life she will be a lovely wee peafowl.  Uncaged has its dangers.

But I think she will be alright. She is a very good flyer already and Nanny Boo is never far behind to send those pesky cats up their own trees.  The bad ones can spend time in Coventry sleeping in the abandoned hay baler. aaaa11poppy

Poppy is incorrigible.

Today we are taking poles and signs and putting up the “No Shooting” notices down by the creek that is really a ditch – we are getting very close to pheasant hunting season and I do not want men with guns on my property or close to it. Not with all these birds!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


24 Comments on “Violet comes out to play

  1. There is little virtue in being the first to comment if one has not yet gone to bed, she mumbled sleepily. Love, Gayle…penitent at last.

  2. Ha, Mrs Flowers and Violet now seeking out the protection of Geraldine and her Turkeys 🙂 Egoli wouldn’t be one of the naughty cats in Coventry, would he? Love the picture of Poppy happily grazing alongside the cattle, seen nowhere else except on the farmy. Laura

  3. Yes, big red signs with either black or red letters saying No Hunting! It seems very dangerous there with your flat land. The bullets, or shotgun shells could go anywhere! 😦 Violet is precious! Sure hope she stays close to Mama!

  4. I worried that our cats would attack our hen and turkey chicks and our ducklings – especially those that we hatched in an incubator and then popped outside in a converted bike shed with heater and full access to the front garden – but they seem to know not to cross that line – thank fully. Hope she survives and flourishes.

  5. She is a lovely little bird. And very strong looking already. Poppy is the social girls isn’t she!

  6. I’m thinking they should give the animals guns to make it fair. That you should have to put up signs is beyond me. How wonderful of Boo to be Nanny to the birds.

  7. Need to put the signs up too – heard shots in the woods behind my property this morning (could even BE on my property but I wasn’t up to investigating!). Poor dogs and cats hate the noise! What annoys me is I live at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains where there is acres and acres of land for hunting, why must they do it so close to houses????

  8. Chasse interdite signs (no hunting) are common in these parts, but the hunters are arrogant so and sos and think they can shoot anything that moves, icluding cats.
    What a lovely baby – I hope you can rear her to adulthood.
    ViV xox

  9. Just beautiful: Mother and child. Nice name it has got: Violet. Very nice. And such a nice birdie too. The mother looks huge – but in the same way so beautiful and majestic too. Oh, the cats, that stalkers… What a story. – Reminds me a bit of the musical West Side Story where the two gangs circuit each other until to the dangerous and bitter peak.
    Life is so fragile, so special and so endangered. Wee chick. Bless her/him. Good Boo…
    Geraldine looks like a very strict teacher. Hehe..
    Would Poppy maybe want to be a cow sometimes? – Good shot though, like it: Bull, cow, cow – pig in a row. – It’s a good pic to see the differences: Lady Astor looks so small!

  10. Such nice pics of Violet et al 🙂 Another day on the Farmy… herding cats who have designs on parading peahens, a perambulating Poppy and dutiful Boo with their best interest at heart.

  11. Violet and Mrs. Flowers look precious out for their walkabout. Maybe Poppy thinks she’s a cow. Or the grass is greener…silly girl.

  12. look at Mrs. Flowers… so proud, and rightly so! we have a different farm here… my “Boo Nanny” is a “Bug” (Pug & Boston Terrier mix) named Suggs, and he guards guniea pigs. Nonetheless, he could take a lesson from Boo.

  13. Love the snap where they are in step 🙂
    Do your pigs never bother your birds, or do they not cross paths? Years ago I had great big Plymouth Rock hens attacked by two of my yearling pigs. They had all been sharing spaces at will for months, and apparently ignoring each other, so it was totally unexpected. It was awful 😦

    • The piglets chase the birds for sport, but in the winter the birds will tuck in with Sheila, I don’t know – I am sure if they were hungry they would eat one.. not so far though.. c

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