Only one Rule

You have to excuse my post titles. The Rule is that The Title has to be the first thing that comes to my poor beleaguered mind.naomi

This is Naomi (Lady Astors daughter) and the Header is Sheila with her walnut nose. When the pigs eat walnuts their noses go orange!

Hugo and I were discussing rules today as we drove to the big farm to collect black walnuts for the pigs.stop sign

He said to me “What is rule?” – after I had said: Driving the tractor too fast is against the rules.  I said: Hmm – Rules (how does one describe what a rule is? ). OK, I said, here is an example  of some Rules: No hitting. No spitting, No fighting. Be Kind. As I called out this list I realised I was reeling off the rules of my Classroom from many years ago.

Oh, He said. Rules. Yes. I understand. cows

Rules are OK. We need them actually. I know everyone likes to be the One who Breaks the Rules but creating a set of personal quiet rules to live by takes a lot of thought. A lot of care. And they are always evolving – I hope. We are always evolving.


And seriously I have only one Rule: Be Kind.

Hugo likes that Rule.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

32 Comments on “Only one Rule

  1. And you live by your Rule. It’s enough, it’s the only one we all need, which would solve all human problems. Lovely Sheila looks as if she’s been trying her Mum’s lippy and it’s all gone slightly wonky, darling girl…

  2. I think it’s “règle” as we see on our French card games…”les règles de jeu”…I think. My French is not very French. In fact, it’s lousy. Your rule is perfect. The neon nose is spectacular. Happy, kind Sheila…and her very kind walnut giving farmer. Have a nice day.

    • Be kind is also my rule. Thanks for another great post
      Smile when you can , another one of my rules.
      And a nice day to all of you😄

  3. Oh…gotta add. Speaking of kind. Lady Astor’s eyes seem very kind. Is there some inside reason why cows have such beautiful kind eyes?

  4. Oh – I have to add a rule to Be Kind – and that is to breathe. We all must follow the rule to BREATHE as we go through our daily lives. But I guess, it falls into the bucket of being kind also – Kind to your self and observing everything.

    So okay – 1 rule be kind. (full circle)

  5. Have a wonderful day yourself and thanks for the smiles. Sheila looks quite lovely in her orange nose. That’s my only rule too. Be kind. Best one there is.

  6. Do you have to dehusk the black walnuts before giving them to the pigs? And then do they just chomp down on them and crack them themselves? They are such tough nuts, so to speak! 🙂 I always collect lots and lots of acorn, as we have so many around these parts. The pigs absolutely LOVE them!!!

  7. That’s our rule here at the Hotel Thompson – be kind to one another. It works everywhere and we try as hard as we can to do that and be kind to others. XOXO – Bacon

  8. Think before you speak (applies to me) but yours is a good one too 🙂 Laura

  9. An interesting conversation between Americans and French people can occur discussing the difference between our “discipline/rules” and their “cadre,” if you’re so inclined to venture further down the rabbit hole.

  10. Love the piggie lipper, is that the new shade for autumn? Being kind and the gift of time are high on my list and you shower these gifts on everyone you come across in the flesh or online. Never change, Celi.

  11. I can’t get over Sheila’s orange nose. Why does it turn orange? Are the walnuts orange? Or is it a chemical reaction internally? Can we call her Pumpkin?

  12. If the pea hens can have eyeliner then surely Sheila can have lip/snout color. After all, some days we just feel glamorous! I can’t write until I first get the title down. That seems silly but it’s just the way writing is for me! Kindness is the most important rule of all.

  13. I like everyone of your titles. The method is great. I like that you trust your first inspiration.
    What a crazy nose Sheila has got. Strange is that. How comes? Just these day I was wondering whether you’ve got walnut trees. Don’t you own some? Would they grow on your land? I love walnuts very much – but don’t get an orange snout though 😉
    Being kind was one of the education rules of my childhood. I practised it as much as I could. But sometimes some people think they can slap you into your face when you are kind to them…
    Have a nice afternoon & evening, Celi!

  14. Guidelines for me… Be kind. Do the best you can. Your best is good enough.
    I enjoy these creative, ad hoc blog post titles… they’re a bit like Twitter; a few words that say more.

  15. Your rule is very like our ‘Golden Rule’ – ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Much the same thing, isn’t it! Except yours is quicker to say 🙂

  16. My whole rule is to be kind, help when possible and at the very least do as little damage to this earth and its inhabitants (plant, animal AND human) as possible.

  17. OK: what the hell do you expect the daughter of the Prosecutor of a Higher Military Court to do but ask Mr Google 🙂 ? The one which speaks to me most ‘ one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area or activity.’ Methinks that governs almost all said . . . 🙂 !! [Oops, yes I was taught the meaning of ‘ethics’ and ‘morality’ a long, long time ere I knew some kids had dollies’ tea parties! Am I sorry? Hell no!!!!]

  18. Does this mean Hugo did not like the rule to drive the tractor slowly? 😉 Sweet Sheila. It’s a good thing she doesn’t roll in the walnuts, we might think she’s the Great Pumpkin.

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