while miss c slept


(photograph courtesy of Hugo Photographic Productions – he said I looked like a beautiful baby)

The turkeys and the cats and the dogs. cat

Waited.  It rained all day.


I did not mean to go to sleep. It just happened.  The fire was burning, everyone was safe and fed but not necessarily dry and no turkeys were drowning from looking up into the rain with their mouths open. It really did rain all day. I put my list of work down to get up and make a cup of tea. And then I fell into sleep. Head first.

Sleep is a curious thing. To become unconscious like that without being knocked on the head.How does that even happen. Is there an off button. And if so who pushes it. It really does not look safe. Eyes closed. Vulnerable. I wonder if the ancients slept so long and so hard and so frequently. I think they must have napped more than slept, with one eye open for a predator or danger. How then have we evolved to sleep so frequently (every twelve  or fourteen hours and sometimes a siesta in the afternoon as well for much of the world)  and so soundly. And if we do not get some sleep every single night our metabolisms begin to topple. We drag and crumble. We whine “I’m tired.” I seldom sleep in the afternoon – this is my prep time for the dinner and the afternoons chores.  I send all my workers off for a siesta and then turn the music on and get busy. To sleep is unheard of for me. Yet there is the evidence – I was Dead to the World. I had no idea that Hugo took that photo of me. I was fast asleep. Heard nothing and Saw nothing.   Held fast.

I had better get up and get going. Before I fall back to sleep without even starting the day.  No excuse for lingering this morning.

I hope you all have a lovely day.






60 Comments on “while miss c slept

  1. Tis the season to snuggle up and doze in front of the fire 🙂 Did those silly turkeys ever decide whether to light up or just eat that smoke? Laura

  2. I would say you needed the sleep! The time change has me goofed up. I’ve been up since 4:30. I think a nap will be in store for me this afternoon.

    • Me too! Trying to get the animals to except the time change is hard too! My dogs, cats and chickens have their own clocks, they never go forward or back. So they tell ME when it is time to eat/play/sleep!

  3. That is a very beautiful picture of you. And, yes, the vulnerability of sleep engulfs you. I am fascinated by pictures of people sleeping.

    • One time at the California State Fair (I was a Fair junkie in my past life) I took photos of children sleeping. With permission, of course. Lots of love, Gayle in sunny Sacramento, California

  4. Celi sleeping. You must have been exhausted, weren’t you? Oh, it transports such a calm and peaceful atmosphere, this “Hugo photo company”-pic. Well done. I mean sleeping, really deep sleeping, is deep, deep faith (or confidence). Otherwise you could not close an eye at all.
    Hell, and the birds have occupied Hugo’s smoko chair!
    I love, love that beautiful table with cat – it’s kind a still life, isn’t it? It caught my eye already the other day, when you presented it to us (with two cats then). Have a lovely Sunday, all!

  5. That Sleeping Celi photo should make it into the calendar, it has such rarity value! I find it hard to believe you are not in perpetual motion, but here is the evidence! He has taken a beautiful photo, with such a sense of peace and comfort, he has a clever and insightful eye, that young Hugo.
    The turkeys and Geraldine on the smoko chair made me laugh, they have the air of waiting for a bus and grumbling at how long it’s taking!

  6. I think maybe our ancestors slept better than we do. I got one of the Garmin fit things to track my sleep patterns this spring. On average I sleep deeply 3 hours a day and lightly 3 hours a day. But I lay in bed an average of 8 hours a day. (1/3 of my life is in bed….. 10 hours working/driving to from/work and the remainder getting ready for work) You are quite beautiful when you sleep too. Just like your animals are so precious when they sleep. I think peaceful sleep is the reward for being a good person.

  7. The reason you slept was because having had months of hard Farmy work, you went to THE BIG CITY, which surely zonked you. Thank you Hugo for that lovely picture.
    Lovely warm sunshine still here, thanks to a blocking high pressure area over Europe which looks like haging around for a bit..
    ViV xox

    • Oh, you’re lucky. We got it cold here in Munich – it’s 8°C it’s coooold, and yes sunny.

  8. You know when you have been away and there are new players on the farm who is Hugo?

  9. I love that your sleeping photo is I black and white. A real study. And yes the turkeys and Geraldine on an upholstered chair! God help us! And yes the table is a still life for sure. Tank you for such amazing pictures.

  10. I’m grinning from ear to ear. Hugo did a wonderful job. All those lovely photos and comments warm my heart. Sleep is when we restore and sometimes where our best ideas are found. I can take a short nap and resolve so many questions in a brief moment. Naps are also good for the heart. It needs the rest. I slept in this morning since they turned the clock back and getting up at 3:30 seemed a bit outrageous for an old woman with no job. These clock changes will be our undoing. I’m surprised you slept all curled up like that. I must stretch out my old bones. I loved the turkeys making themselves at home. We had the wettest day of the year yesterday. We did get a few very wet trick or treaters but most were not fond of wind and rain. Today is better. Of course. Have a wonderful Sunday. And maybe get some rest. If not now, you body will find a way to make it happen. I know these things.

  11. Sometimes our bodies speak in their language as clearly as they can, and it catches us off guard. I’m glad you got the rest your body needed.

  12. Lovely portrait of you sleeping, Hugo did very well capturing the moment and the feeling of it. I often find those spontaneous naps at the right time & place to be as refreshing as a nights sleep, and you managed it elegantly which sometimes I do not!
    Hugo’s chair is very popular, he should be so lucky to find it vacated or at least in good company 🙂

  13. Love the photo, and the idea, of you sleeping like a beautiful baby. Good on Hugo! And I’m so happy those turkeys didn’t drown from keeping their mouths open up to the sky! xxx

  14. Am softly stroking your hair as nature has taken over . . . thank you Hugo! Methinks you care as all of us do . . .

  15. Miss C must have been very tired! I’m glad Hugo Photographic Productions was ready with the camera. He had to take a picture, because no one would believe you ever napped! The turkeys must pay attention to Geraldine’s teachings about not drowning when it rains.

  16. You need to try to break those turkeys of their cigarette habit…they look rather guilty sitting there on the couch with the empty pack.

  17. Beautiful portrait. Frame that one. (and if you fall asleep, you body needs it, so listen – it is not laziness, preventative medicine…winter is coming, get that immune system geared up!)

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