An open world

Imagine if we could travel the world and stay as long as we wanted in any country we chose to stay in.  Just forget about a calendar, and politics and wander across borders and through towns and out into the wild. No paperwork or begging to stay.

It seems that passports came into being around the 1920’s but what about visas? I need to go back and check.

But I have a feeling I want to get out into the wilderness and get lost for a while. Do you ever get those feelings?


Hugo travels on his mower. Here is he doing the round up. We let the kunekune out in the morning so they can go out and rummage about in the havested maize field.  After a few hours Hugo goes out on the mower and brings them back in.  I just walk. But when they hear the mower they know it is time to start trotting in, so it works. I am hoping that this will help bring  some of the weight off Tima.  She always roams far from home. Tane stays within ear shot.  But he is not a fat pig. And yesterday the fog was so thick we could not see them at all.  All I could hear was the mower, putting slowly back.

Good morning. I hope you have a lovely day.  Our day has dawned fine and calm again.

I think this is our Gypsy summer. A week of warm to finish up.


Maybe I am not looking forward to the cold this winter. Usually I view it as a challenge. I am sure I will again soon.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your friend





36 Comments on “An open world

  1. Wandering the world, what a lovely idea. And the parts about openness and loss of borders and freedom to do and be…I am heartily there with you in spirit Miss C.

  2. yes, I dream of just slipping away at times into the solitude of a mountain where you can’t hear any vehicles or other mechanized items. To sit and listen to the stream trickle or the fluttering of birds and shuffling of the small animals. I miss my summer vacations to Colorado with my parents. Especially when it was just the three of us and Dad didn’t feel the need to entertain everyone (3 other families) whenever we stopped. Boy can that man TALK!

  3. Apparently there are references to a type of passport in the Hebrew Bible, Nehemiah 2:7-9 dating back to about 450 BC. I think humans will have been restricting travel since the time they decided to acquire land, but animals mark their own territories too. Tima doesn’t seem to require a passport though 😉

  4. Yes, I do miss slipping on my backpack and going off to see the world, with my budget travel guide and new places to go, new cultures to learn about and new people to meet.

  5. “The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.” – Bahá’u’lláh
    Yes, I often get lost in dreams of being lost in the wilderness, making my own pathways and just enjoying what nature is offering.
    I am with you on the winter thing… the last two winters have offered enough of a challenge to last at least five years, and I am hanging on to every small shred of summer like it is a precious stone. Hope you have a lovely day too, in this Gypsy Summer … or Indian Summer, whatever one calls it. ~ Mame 🙂

  6. Don’t be afraid, Celie. You know what to do and wear and how to cope when it gets so very cold. Freedom to travel anywhere? I’m not so sure, given the state of the world today, but I used to love wild places – there aren’t so many left here.

  7. When the fog comes down, you can pretend you are in primeval forest, surrounded by bears and wolves. Tima is entering into the spirit of things by imagining she is a Wild Pig, fierce and terrifying, instead of a cosseted young madam. As with children, the fantasy dissolves at mealtimes!

    • And the sounds are so wonderful ghosting through the fog.. it is quite funny seeing The Young Madam running ahead trying to beat the mower home..appearing out of the mists at full gallop! c

    • Yes I agree, one should explore ones own country before wandering off to sight see in someone elses.. I think I have seen much of my adopted country too and hope to see more.. c

  8. Wandering the world , what a great idea. It must be part of our DNA. In two weeks I’m going back to Germany to celebrate my brother’s birthday . It will be my first visit since my mom passed away.

  9. Your first sentence of today’s post made me – whew, I don’t know. This was exactly my strongest and deepest wishes being very young. Not to possess more than what fits in a suitcase. For being prepared. Ready to leave, to move, to conquer new land, new people, new experiences. For being free. To come and to go whenever I’d got the mood to do so. Work whereever and whatever I’d find – with the help of learning and speaking foreign languages. Oh my. This was then, when foreign countries still were foreign, when there were existing different currencies, different money and coins everytime you crossed a border, what has changed completely all over Europe. No more passports. Nothing. All equal. Global. It’s far back that I left this desires behind me – when I got about thirty. Now you do remember me to that old dreams at the beginning of my life. Who would I be now, would I be still alive? Just heaven knows….
    So, this summer you invited the world inside to your world – with all your visitors and helpers from different countries with different language and culture backgrounds, and of course with the fellowship – yes this was and still is your gypsy way of life, the inverse way for you and the Farmy. You cannot just leave, your animal friends want you being there badly….

  10. When I was in college, a friend, the child of unpleasant divorce, used to say “You should never have more than you can fit in your car”. It doesn’t sound like such a bad idea as we get older…the problem being that the pet crates and pet themselves do take up a good part of any car when we have to evacuate for hurricanes.
    Rick Steves the travel guy on PBS tells people to only bring a backpack for tours. (And all I can hear is my mom insisting on the necessity of clean under garments…and my worry of washing clean by hand). But this concept of lightly traveling is one reason I push anyone young to travel as far and as much as they can – when it is so much easier to do without.
    We’ve fog, too for days. Certainly was hoping for a couple of days of sun before the next batch of rainy days starting tomorrow – and a real cold frint next week. It looks like a mud winter ahead.
    Enjoy the day, C – love the last picture!

  11. Yes, no borders or restrictions, the gypsy way! I’m at that stage at the moment, wondering around with no agenda. I do have a wedding of one son in January and the birth of a second grandchild in February, to my oldest son’s wife, so those things will keep me close to shore. The fog hides things and then opens up in front of you sometimes for a nice surprise. You’re well prepared. Winter will be a quiet rest. Enjoy your day.

  12. I like the idea of the gypsy summer vs the autumn summer. I’ve moved 35 times in my life and traveled not as much as I’d like.. My gypsy days are over now but I too would like to travel the world and move freely without the need of documentation. We have fog this time of year too. It’s great if you don’t have to travel in it. Tima, the vagabond. Who would have thought it. 🙂 Have a lovely day.

  13. Oh to travel and roam unrestrictedly – heaven. Right now I would head off to somewhere cool and rainy. We have had a month of temperatures around 39*C/105F and no rain. We now have water restrictions because of the drought conditions, miserable. Laura

  14. That feeling of wanting to get lost has been driving me for a while… no deadlines or watching the clock… to explore the country and walk on endless beaches.
    Hugo on the mower is a ‘boy thing’ I think, males love anything with a motor 🙂

  15. This lovely posting of yours, Celi, brought to my mind the story of the elderly man, no longer driving, wanting to visit his elderly sick brother and traveled on his riding mower to see him. I see that it’s been made into a movie. Read more here: Lots of love, Gayle

  16. There are days when I would like to walk out, turn the key in my door, tell nobody… then wander the world where the mood takes me. I am fortunate to be able to drive two miles in any direction and be surrounded by green fields. This year we have a late/ Indian or as you call it a Gypsy summer. Mind you the air is changing and it is time to sort out the winter wardrobe of layers, ski tube socks, gloves and this year I will add hats ( I am in a beret making mood at the moment and on number three,) Yesterday I took a friend over the hills to a neighbouring town to change some knitwear. We were covered in a blanket of fog all day. The fields were mainly of sheep, but the cows and horses are disappearing indoors for the winter. I was kinda quietly annoyed at the number of drivers travelling, some at speed, without using any lights. Don’t they know they are a danger in foggy conditions? Saving the lights for Christmas will be of no use if they end up as victims of road accidents, I just hope they take nobody with them.

    I am not a great church goer, but sitting alone in a field listening to nature’s chorus, observing the animals or watching small children lost in their own world of play on a beach, certainly stills my soul.

    May the winter be kind and gentle for all of us this year. ‘Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best’ is my motto and it worked extremely well for my eye surgery.

  17. I remember those days and weeks of bracing for the cold and blustery northern winters. Living in the south now, it’s so much easier to prepare, and even if it does get brutal, it never lasts as long here as it did up north. I’m a little like Tima I guess… my legs often take me further from home than I mean to venture. 🙂

  18. Yes! Fortunately, I live near a state park and a couple city parks–though they tend to be a bit busier. The trails in the state park, especially the longer and more challenging ones are less traveled.

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