Red Hot Chili Eggs

No, we are not going to eat eggs with chili, that actually does not sound very nice at all. I fed the CHICKENS  the red hot chilis and look! egg yolks

This is what happens when you feed the last of the chilis from the garden to the chickens – the laying chickens! Red-Orange eggs yolks! I put a pre-chili yolk next to the fresh one so you can see the difference.  I got this idea from Jake and I thought it was crazy but there you are! The proof is in the pudding! Or the yolk as the case may be. Isn’t that gorgeous.

red egg yolks

Chickens do not have taste buds as we know them so they do not mind eating the hot chilis.  I am going to do this every year from now on. I love that colour – I want to paint it on my wall.

bird house

Today Hugo and I are going on an excursion and with Jake and John minding the shop we are not coming back until tomorrow.  So there will be no page tomorrow morning.  Unless of course (as usual) something comes up!


So I hope you have a lovely TWO days.

Love celi

41 Comments on “Red Hot Chili Eggs

  1. Seeing those yolks makes me really resent the pale washed out yellow yolks that we are presented with as free range eggs. Happy travels and return safely. Laura

  2. I’m sure you would have said if the taste was any different with the chill fed chicken egg, but just in case, can you tell any difference?
    Have a good trip 😉

  3. I am dying of curiosity, and to have towait two days to satisfy it? Agony. I hope the chickens don’t get burned throats or upset tummies from those chillies! Jock’s nurses used to make hotter and hotter salads at lunchtime to see how much chili he could take before complaining. He never did complain, took it on the chin.

    Have a nice expedition.

  4. boy these eggs are the “hot” topic of the day!! I’m just thinking about shopping for eggs in the grocery store ~ can’t you see those cartons: “Fresh from the farm ~ organic red hot chili eggs”!! I’ll look for some this weekend!!! might give those homemade noodles some color!!! have a great 2 day vacation!!!

    • Maybe it’s worth trying with beetroot, too? It depends however on what one wants to do with them…. – Question: Why don’t they get green with all that grass the chicken feed? What about spinach?

  5. It’s as marked as the difference between pasture raised chooks who have a lot of green in their diet and barn raised chooks who eat just grain. The natural colour of egg yolks isn’t yellow, it’s *orange*, and if you get yellow, you’re being short changed! I love the idea of red hot chilli eggs, but I could never persuade my chooks to eat capsicum (sweet peppers) let alone chillis…

  6. I just imagined the burning mouths of the chicks until you told us that they have no taste buds. And you do not get the taste of it when eating your egg?? Somehow hot or so? Interesting. It’s really a super color. I’m somewhat curious about that excursion – but anyway have a nice time! 😀

  7. Beautiful color! Much love, Gayle, hoping your excursion provides you with all good things.

  8. I give my girls dried marigold flowers – and their yolks are a real deep orange!

  9. Interesting colour and fab idea. One of my chooks lays eggs every so often with yolks that have a definite green tinge to them, which is particularly unattractive. Goodness knows what she’s been eating.

  10. Enjoy your excursion 🙂
    Chooks are the most marvelous recyclers… once, we looked after a neighbors chooks for a couple of weeks and fed them festive season scraps -ham skin & fat, prawn heads, cake- plus the usual meat vege fruit scraps etc, as well as their normal feed. They waited for us at the fence in case there might be something else coming their way, and gave us the best brightest eggs.

  11. *smile* Hate to tell you I have plenty of recipes marrying chillies and eggs! Luvverly!! Meanwhile have the bestest ‘farewell trip’ with Hugo . . . and do tell us about it later, photos and all . . .

  12. chilis are an old farmer trick i learned yrs ago.
    we use needle and thread to sring them up, then hang them up to dry,
    or can use red cyanne pepper, or dry pepper seeds from the store.

    when hens production drops in winter, crumble a few up in the feed.. large size hens can handle quite a bit, a few times a week, but bantam hens sometimes will die, if given too much at once.

    my cousins will soon be here for deer season, they always bring chili so hot, it is a contest to see who can eat second, or 3rd bowlful,at supper. when they go home, i give leftover chilli to chickens.
    my egg people all say, ”i see harry made his chili again this year.”

  13. I grow chiles way too hot for the girls to eat. Maybe I can figure out some other way … hmmm … now you’ve definitely got me thinking! Cheers, C! ❤

  14. I’ve seen a colour difference in the spring when they eat tender shoots of grass. It’s all lovely. Too bad they can’t taste. I’m using liberal amounts of salsa verde on my food down here in Mexico. Ole!

  15. Wowza, aren’t those beautiful egg yolks C. Imaging the color of pasta or cheesecake using those eggs! You and Hugo have a wonderful time for the end of his stay with you. I know it will be a sad parting for you but sounds like this week-end will give it a memorable one as well.

  16. What a surprise to see that you can feed chillies to chickens – and with such a result! I always have a good laugh when I see what you get up to; always something new a fun.

  17. That is SO cool! It looked like the egg was also a double yolker. Are chickens also more likely to lay double yolkers if they are fed with chili?

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