Caught napping

I know that the Weather People said there would be snow here yesterday. And I know the Weather People said there would be cold and the high winds. And I know the Weather People (whoever they are) declared a Winter Advisory (whatever that is). blizzard

But I did not expect a BLIZZARD!  Honestly I didn’t. Not in November.  I did not expect five inches of wet heavy snow on everything. I have only lived out here on the prairies of the midwest for 10 years  but I did not expect an all out snow storm in November.

cow looking at snow

Oh,  the animals are ok. They listened to the Weather People. Everyone had shelter and good food, I carried buckets of warm weather to and fro to fill their bowls but I had not prepared MYSELF for a full-on winter storm in November! Boo is snow

And I had a teensy ‘headache of the brain’ from drinking a glass too many of a lovely NZ wine while working on the calendar the night before. So I was a little OFF my game.

It went like this. The man in my phone woke me in the morning to cold rain. OK . Then by daylight the rain turned to light  snow. OK. Then the light snow turned to heavy enormous Chicago snowflakes snow.    Lots of it. OK, I think.  Then the wind came up and blew it all into my face, OK already!  I worked through the morning and then the temperatures plummeted! OK BAD – wind plus cold, melting then freezing snow into ice is bad then I was rummaging though my box of winter woolies looking for gloves and a wooly hat and something to put my legs into.  I know I had them last winter and what happened to my hattie! house in snow8

Though looking out the window as I write this I am going to be freezing my skinny ass right off this morning as well. It is very cold.  I will check the temperature gauge when I go outside but my phone says 7F (-14C.)  Ridiculous. It is clear and cold now.  All that melty stuff is now morphing into ICE.  I hate ice – as you know. Multiple layers are in order and I had better get out the Swiss mountain boots with sprigs. Winter has arrived.

colour in snow

Later, in the deep winter,  this will seem like a warm spell but right now I am shocked!

treehouse in snow

I hope you have a lovely day. Lovely, Lovely. Cold or calm or warm or whatever! Lovely.


49 Comments on “Caught napping

  1. Celi ~ you don’t need to worry about having a headache!! you need some time off once in a while!!! as long as all of the Farm Kids are warm you did good!! At least 6″ of snow here and 9degrees right now ~ chilly!! Stay warm today!!!

  2. That looks like what we got last year in early November, then again at Thanksgiving. Power outages all over, too. I am never ready for the onslaught, no matter how prepared I think I am! Be careful on that ice.

  3. Please accept some of my 34°C/93°F weather… I was supposed to be digging in the back yard today. Um, no, I’m not stupid enough for heatstroke. Luckily it’s due to be a little cooler tomorrow ( ‘only’ 29°C/84°F), so once I’ve seen the Husband off at 5.30am, I shall start in with the post hole digger! I can safely say I do NOT miss snow and ice, apart from how pretty it can look. Stay warm, stay safe.

  4. Hate, Hate, Hate the cold! Takes me so long to get dressed for it and then I can’t move! And my skin hates wearing clothes, and my feet hate wearing shoes/boots (get chilblains!) and my skin dries up and itches! It was 70 on Thursday and 24 last night, not as cold as you and luckily no snow. I am already wishing Spring would hurry up LOL
    You did good girl to battle that morning after feeling and get everything done! Time for heavy stews and cozy cups of hot chocolate!

  5. Oh no, no, no!!! That weather looks dreadful Celi, and I can only think that winter is actually right around the bend for us down here too! And, as much as I try to embrace it, wrap my head around the fact that it is here, and inevitable, I still feel resistance!. 😦 So I’m sending you warm thoughts, as I get ready to milk our goats, outside, at 20 degrees. I know my hands will be freezing! Soon they will be dried off, so I won’t do it again until spring. By then, with the warm weather, I”ll be so happy milk once again as I watch their babies play. DO find all your warm layers, hats and gloves! It’s time, no denying it any longer! 🙂

  6. When the weather changes quickly to bad cold, good time to boost the immune system. Drink hot tea with lemon – skip the sugar which depresses the immune system, or make pine needle tea (white pine, not red pine) which is loaded with vit c, or perilla tea, or ground ivy tea, or usnea tincture, or grapefruit seed extract in warm water, or a whole lemon in warm water. All those will help keep the immune system working well. Good thing also to make some turmeric milk. Keep your head warm and your neck as well, and your feet. Those areas seem to be the most fragile when it comes to cold. Just think, now your garage is refrigerator space! 🙂 Di

  7. Natures way of telling us that no matter how we plan we are never really in control… She most likely was smirking at any number of folks in these last few days, chuckling and being delighted with her tricks. Stay safe Miss C, this round can’t last forever.

  8. My father always loved quoting some loon who said, There’s no such thing as bad weather – just wrong clothes. I swear that loon must’ve lived in Barbados…not my father; the loon. Did you find your hattie?

  9. Oh my dear. WARM YOURSELF. I hate cold as well. I see some teeth-gritting in your future. Boo has adopted a lovely stoic face though.
    Maybe he has some deep drifty thoughts on the matter.

  10. You know that spring saying, “in like a lion out like a lamb”? Maybe we can apply it to winter and believe it will be a mild one. Here’s hoping and careful of that ice please.

  11. Ooooh, so your wheather forecast (whoever they are – haha!) told the truth – lots, lots of snow! And so cold. Incredible! But beautiful shots!!! Especially the second one I adore. Our temps are at the freezing point, but there’s just a tiny little bit of snow, just a blush – whereas the North has got many and I’ve some note from a town in Seberia, they struggle with 28C minus degrees. Whew! – I’m surprized that your trees still got their foliage on, here all trees are naked, all the leaves have vanished totally. Maybe that’s why you totally forgot to look after yourself…. ?

  12. That will teach you to nap! :))) I always prepare for the worst and expect the best. The last blizzard I was in left me with the Bells Palsy and a paralyzed face forever. We ended up with a total of 6 feet on the ground and roof. I moved away from it when we needed a back hoe to get us out of the house. That’s part of why I moved to Portland. It’s 32 degrees right now and what precipitation we get, I don’t have to shovel. We do get ice though and to me that’s more dangerous than snow. You did get one hellofa blizzard there!!! Wow!!! Shall I send you my mucklucks? They kept my feet so warm when I did have to shovel. It is so beautiful to look at…after it’s over. 🙂 Sorry about the wine headache.

  13. Oh you poor dear. The first I knew of your ‘orrible weather was seeing your barn on Misky’s blog! I hope you maaged to find hattie and the rest of the survival gear. We thought we had it cold here – the first frost of the year last night. Keep a good fire going and stay safe.
    lots of love,
    ViV xox

  14. Bloody hell! Seems I’m not prepared for your sudden extreme and somewhat premature winter weather either… I was expecting to ease my way into months of incrementally increasing cold and snowy reports & pics… although it made for wonderful photos. But it is November and even though my experience of it is southern hemisphere, being a November birthday girl I’m very aware that any weather can and does happen in November.

  15. Sunshine, snow or blizzard, it’s always good weather for a throw the stick game, right Boo? Hope you found your hattie!

  16. You already suspected what Sheila knew… and Old Man Winter blew in with a furry it seems. Your images leave me feeling the icy cold -the dread of going outside. Oh how I remember my young life in Nebraska… I disliked the winters so much! I laughed at your words, “freezing my skinny ass”. I’ve often used the term “bony ass” for myself. Better put some rocks in your pockets when that wind gets up or your skinny ass will blow away! 😀

  17. Just looking at those photos makes me shiver. We had a little snow on Friday and Saturday, but it is all away today, chased by cold bright sunshine. Now taoasting my toes at my fireside. Stay warm, Celi, Sheila might make you a ‘pigloo’ coat!

  18. I share your feelings. Would rather have (and often do) a couple of feet of snow than a half-inch of ice. I recommend the penguin thing – it really makes a difference in whether or not I remain vertical.

  19. And I thought we in New England would get it first! If you don’t mind, hang onto a little longer as we don’t want it. Dreary here today in CT with a little light rain, but not really cold yet. Sending you warm thoughts!

  20. Have to thank Ella for a morning laugh again: she does tell the truth in a wonderfully Australian way 😀 !! And the trees must be saying ‘bloody hell, what happened’ also as they had not been allowed to graciously drop their leaves as yet! Actually beautifully romantic photos but may I take my current sunny 26C and hope our parcel of Weather People have it right and it won’t go one degree over the 38C they have prognosticated for Thursday . . .

  21. Sorry, Celi. I live close enough to the Lake that it’s warm temp turned much of our snow into rain mixed with snow. All told, I doubt we got 2 inches. We did get the cold, though, and that gave us ice from all that wet stuff falling yesterday. I stayed home and instead of pushing a snow blower I threw salt. Much easier on the back. I hope they’re right and we get above freezing tomorrow. You have it hard enough lugging water in this cold without doing it across what amounts to an ice rink.

  22. Oh my piggy heavens above – that is a LOT of white stuff. We got some cold but nothing like that my friend. Please stay warm and safe. Lots of piggy snuggles. XOXO – Bacon

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