Open those doors

I hate it when the barn doors are closed, it is such a cold drafty space in there, the animals need  sunshine and air. When the big doors are open the nasty drafts are exorcised. Lots of air always wins over a little air flying in through a tiny slit in the wall. I hate that word slit.  It is such a mean little word.

And yesterday we had plenty of both. It started out a little chilly – the afore-mentioned 7F (-14C). And even though I was trudging through the snow in my Sprigged boots with my buckets of warm water for the pigs,  it just felt better with the sunshine filtering through.  pigs and peacocks

The moment I opened the doors  of the barn, after the storm had abated, all the animals streamed out like a reversed Noahs Ark into the sun – even the big birds, the peacocks,  flew out of the barn and then from roof to roof, barely touching the snow but settling into the sun on whatever roof caught their fancy.  I watched them and felt as though I were those birds, just flying –  because I could.  The turkeys were, as you can imagine, confused. I find it hard to think like a turkey.


So frustrating for our Geraldine. She is so beautiful. She is a peahen in a flock of turkeys. Poor girl. I can literally sit next to her and stroke her feathers – though as a rule birds do not like to be touched by humans – Geraldine makes an exception for me ( and maybe Amanda who was her first human and will be visiting again after Christmas).

Mr Flowers

Mr Flowers.

peacock and pigs

This is probably my favourite picture this month.

What is your favourite I wonder!?

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your celi

46 Comments on “Open those doors

  1. The barn in a blizzard photo from yesterday is my favourite. It’s my computer’s wallpaper this week.

  2. Your favourite picture is mind boggling. Pigs and peacocks. Hmmm.
    |’m glad you can let the sunshine in (and the flerd out) sometimes, despite the cold.
    ViV in sunny, chilly but-nothing-like-as-cold-as-the-Farmy, France.

  3. Good Morning! – Your image of Noahs Ark brought me to smile, Celi. Oh, beauiful Mr. Flowers is with his growing glory (my fave). Love the sunshine in your pics… Have a wonderful day!

  4. I love that Geraldine will let you stroke her. And I love that the animals scampered out to the sun. And I love beyond reason that you talk about it. And the fact that I can read it? Beyond all the other reasons of love. Gayle

  5. Wish I could have seen that reverse Noah’s Ark. You captured that exit scene perfectly with that phrase.
    Enjoy the sun! (We had “frost on the pumpkins” last night even as far south and close to the coast as we are. Brr – happy dogs!)

      • Old timers without tv weathermen used to say “frost on the pumpkins” all the time after observing early morning gardens during the first cold weather spells. It was literal. Winter must be here. It always brings up images of early mornings on the farm in the fall. More like “frost on the rooftops, grill, or dog house” here.
        It is a bit early this year, but maybe just as a special treat for “Frostival” – celebration when they open the outdoor ice rink downtown.

  6. I couldn’t possibly pick a ONE favourite! Although your’s is a brilliant one. I didn’t know birds didn’t like to be stroked. Maybe if they’re raised with loads of handling they become used to it and tolerate it. It would be the greatest treat to stroke those beautiful peacock feathers, and Geraldine is such a princess. I love how her crown is growing in. Such beautiful birds, all of them. I had an idea which might be fun: maybe you could take some random photos of the turkeys and everyone could pick a photo and try to caption it with thought bubbles. 😀

  7. My favorite photo will always be the pigs on the gate smiling. But the rest follow closely. I like what you said about the word “slit”. It is a mean word. And the bird lunching with the pigs just tickles me pink. What a great Monday. Keep warm, dear heart, keep warm and strong.

  8. The plonkers and Miss Sheila are always winning photos in my book! Geraldine is a quite beauty. I have raised orphaned doves and I suppose because I was their mama, they loved to be touched or stroked. I had two one time that perched on my back or shoulders as I worked outdoors. They’d come flying from a distance and land on me as I worked. Then one spring day they flew off to the south never to return – that I know of anyway. It is a special thing to know intimately and be able to touch these exquisite creatures. They each have their own personality, and they read our energy.

  9. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite photo either, although the one of Geraldine here is beautiful. She is quite exquisite! My pet crow loved to be stroked too and sometimes she would close her eyes when I did.
    Love Mad’s comment again…I think he’s quite “mad” about we all are. 🙂

  10. I love any photo with any pig in it… Also the big architectural shot of the barn interior. I hope there was just a nice steady stream of them flowing out of the barn, and no rude jostling and trampling of the smaller ones.

  11. I love all and any photos of Boo, it was him…..he?…. after all, who brought me to the Farmy and he’s so much like my Mirrhi. There’s a gorgeous photo of him in The Cast as a wee pup, looking adorable with his head down, eyes up….sigh! I loved the one yesterday in the snow with his stick, waiting for a game. Is Geraldine Mr Flower’s youngster or Godot’s?

  12. Have replaced my computer background with one of Mr Flowers and two plonkers amiably sharing their world: could not be more different but show it CAN be done . . . heartwarming! When will human beings be wise enough to learn . . .? Off topic – about a third of our evening news last night led us to the unseasonable Illinois and Michigan storm . . . even worse than you described . . . blessings . . .

  13. My favourite photo of the month has to piggies in the barn observing all and hoping for treats! A short second is the focus meeting huddle with Mr flowers and his porkie pals. Do you think they are discussing Mama Celi’s new winter garb? Stay warm and out of draughts.

  14. Poor Geraldine – a peahen amongst the turkeys. My guineas have suddenly allied themselves with the ducks and when the ducks go onto the pond they sit as close as possible to the water’s edge. I hate closed up barns and love the image of your livestock streaming out. Wishing you a sunshiny day.

  15. The colorful peacock plumage shines in your photo. The lovely Geraldine is my favorite photo here.

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