The other day…

.. something happened. I did not want to tell you because maybe you would think I was stupid and leave me. But then I thought maybe you do stupid things too (I hope) and it would be a relief for you to read about other people doing stupid things (I hope). Though you should never CALL someone stupid – not to their face. If you tell someone he is stupid he will BE stupid. Name calling lowers ones game. It teaches us nothing.

But no-one called me stupid. Well,  not recently anyway. carlos

You see, for a number of days my phone was not ringing. There was no sound at all just the vibration. I played with the buttons on the side turning it up and down. I went into settings and fiddled about – nothing. I discovered a few hairline cracks in the glass so I assumed it had been damaged. cows

So (in the absence of a teenager) while I was in town the other day  I took my phone into the shop where I bought it -I had all my insurance papers in order.  I was ready for a long and protracted Carry On. I walked into the store, cockily said Hullo to The Greeter before she saw me,  walked with confidence across to the phone department and was met by a terribly nice young man who was probably about twelve years old.  He put down the device he was working with, giving me his full attention.  I explained my predicament and he smiled and reached out his hand and said ” Can I see the phone?” “Sure”, I said and handed the offending device over.  He took it in the palm of his hand, tilted it slightly to look at the side buttons, flicked one with a fingernail and said “You had the Mute on.”

My eyes widened, my pulse elevated and a blush spread across my face as I did a quick search of the immediate area to see if anyone SAW! “Oh”, I said, grabbing my phone and stuffing it back into my bag – at speed.   “Thank you.”I smiled and laughed, as you would. “Silly me”! I said.  “I am so sorry”. He was awfully gracious “Happen to anyone, sometimes the covers slip over the button,  I love your accent, where are you from?” But with a wave I was already out the door and hurrying for my used cooking oil car, almost running down The Greeter  who was outside having a smoke, as I bolted for the carpark . Can you imagine – the embarrassment?!

dexter bull calf

Now, if you think that was stupid listen to this. Yesterday I was off to buy feed and so I dressed accordingly and  I took out my clean town shoes, (I never wear farm shoes where other farmers might be walking). These shoes  are green Converse shoes.  I love them.  I put one shoe onto one foot then remembered something in the kitchen so with one foot shod and one in a sock I ran  from the bedroom to the kitchen. Saved my coffee or whatever it was, I cannot remember,  then I raced back to the bedroom to put the other shoe on but Icould not see it, i searched and searched but  NEVER found the second shoe again. It had vanished! For ages I hobbled about the house with one shoe on and one shoe lost, backtracking and retracking myself looking for the other clean green Converse shoe. GONE.

I had to change my trousers to accommodate boots (I only have one pair of shoes) and then went Out and Back again. It was not ’til much later in the evening that I found my beautiful clean green Converse shoe on the shelf next to the microwave in the pantry. What WAS I thinking not looking for my shoe on the shelf next to the microwave in the pantry!pig

Here is another Stupid Story. Because of the cold breezes coming into the barn now I  gave each set of pigs a whole bale of straw to play with and so they could snuggle down in the lea of the bale, out of the cold, and sleep. Well, the day before Yesterday  I was talking to one the Plonkers in the barn,  when behind me I heard a noisy excited scuffle namely Tahiti (above) and Molly, the two Hereford gilts,  shoving their bale of straw up against the gate then climbing up onto it and launching themselves over the gate like fish sliding out of a bucket – straight onto my feet. “Merciful heavens”, I said much surprised, “how long have you been practicing that little trick.”

“It worked.” they screamed with delight to each other and merrily began to gnaw on my boots!

Needless to say I took out my trusty farmers knife and slit (there is that nasty word again) the strings on their bale  of straw before opening the gate and letting them back in.

I think I need to drink more water!  Obviously I am so distracted lately I am losing my MIND.

cows eye

Did you see what Boo is looking at in the header shot?  Here it is again.


The big hunter. Have a lovely day,

Our new Dexter heifer should be coming today! I will keep you posted.

love celi

70 Comments on “The other day…

  1. Ha! I did exactly the same with my phone though my son was not as gracious as your shop assistant when pointing out the error of my ways. Love the light shining through the ear of the quarry.

  2. Leave you? Never!

    Hearing your stories have me even more reason to stay. It’s easy to blog about our good and perfect lives. However, it’s those imperfections that make life much more real and enjoyable. And at least you put your shoe down in a strange spot, this not being able to find it. It wasn’t like you were carrying around with you while you were looking for it. Not that I would know what that was like 😖

  3. Me too! Twice took the phone in for reasons that proved stupid. And I am always losing things in this house. I just blame it on the gremlins.

  4. We are all in good stupid company I think. I do those things all the time. I have lost ONE earring of a very important pair. Disappeared into thin air. And I have lost an entire pair of black boots!! Whoosh. Vanished. Tahiti is too darling for words. My goodness, those piggies are smart things, aren’t they?

  5. We never doubted you were human. You’re allowed to do silly things sometimes… I’ve put the book I was reading in the freezer, poured a sauce I’d spent half an hour making down the sink and dropped my phone down the toilet. And before you ask, yes, I did go after it. I hadn’t actually *done* anything yet…

  6. Oh good, so its not just me who forgets and misplaces things. Yay, that makes me feel much better.
    Have a wonderfully happy farmy day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  7. What a funny post. I do similar stupid things on a daily basis, but prefer to think of them as senior learning experiences. Also, Tahiti is the bee’s knees here. And apparently a bit smarter than previously thought. 🙂

  8. You are stressed and distracted by something. Last week I had two stupid moments (probably more), in particular I destroyed my Visa, which I need because I confused it with an expired card. That may not seem stupid but the moment and way it played out was so dumb. And the worst was sitting at work grumbling that my phone charger wasn’t working, only after a rant, realizing I was holding the plug in my hand. It worked fine when I put the plug in the wall socket!
    I have been very stressed and distracted lately. These are signs to slow down take a moment to regroup.
    Those little piggies are brilliant! Great shot of Boo hunting, love it!

  9. All those Ginger Cats hibernating already? 🙂 Happy homecoming to Alex. Laura

  10. Ha ha ha, you’re a girl after my own heart and I would never leave you! I do “stupid” things every day…like put the milk away in the cereal cupboard and look for my reading glasses…while wearing them! Actually, it’s just normal round here. Tell you what, C thinks of herself as stupid because she gets anxiety driving and finds it difficult to cross bridges by herself. Robert bought her a bobble-headed, fluffy puppy who sits in the car, (his name is Louis), and he told her this: “If you saw the puppy being nervous and crying, would you say, ‘stupid dog!’, no of course not, you’d have compassion and say, ‘poor puppy’.” So now, when she feels stupid about something, she puts her hand on her puppy and says, ‘poor puppy’, to herself and forgives herself and understands herself better. Some days we all need a poor puppy to remind us that we’re only humans with two hands trying to spin far too many plates in the air at the same time. 😀

  11. Oh I do Stupid Phone Things all the time and then must sheepishly ask one of my kids to fix it for me. They try not to roll their eyes too much, but rarely succeed. And I’m also constantly losing my phone as i wander through the house. I’ll hear it ding, as if someone has contacted me but I can’t find it–and then it will be in some odd place, like your shoe. So I’m not judging!

  12. Oh my, no worries about any of us leaving you! I do things that make my husband shake his head all the time. A few weeks ago I had my favorite coffee cup with hot coffee in it, went to grab something, made lunches, and couldn’t find the coffee. Finally poured a fresh cup, and as I opened the fridge to grab my yoghurt, there was the cup of coffee.

    Those gilts are too much! Wish we had a video of the whole operation!

  13. We seem to be all in this together. But there is strength in numbers, if only in knowing we are not the only one who does such things! And we all manage to carry on in spite of our lapses. I think we’re doing okay, and thank you for giving us a reassuring (honest) place to feel normal!!

  14. Ha! The phone muted itself Miss C, I am sure of that since my latest unasked for update that sneakily occurred in the middle of the night my phone does all sorts of odd things all on it’s own. When it begins levitating to me, in need of attention, I will BE DONE. You have some clever plonkers, and Molly and Tahiti, as companions to shenanigans need a serious discussion regarding their behavior. Silly pigs.
    I might guess that missing Hugo, and his help, have something to do with all this disquiet around the farm.

  15. Ha leave you never! We all do things like that all the time. It can be very frustrating though. It always seems to happen to me when I’m in a hurry! Ohh I had a pair of bright green converse, I have worn them out and they don’t do the same colour anymore 😳

  16. Ha!! I laugh with you, not at you!
    My dishwasher quit working one day when I was a young wife/mother. We were in a rental and so getting it fixed wasn’t as easy as calling a repairman. Channels, I had to go through proper channels. Finally after a week of handwashing dishes and thinking I’d somehow broken the machine, a repairman was dispatched. He took one look under the adjoining sink and said, “Why have you got it turned off. Of course it doesn’t work without power.” Turns out dishwashers can be powered by switch (think lightswitch). I had never heard of such a thing! Dishwashers are hardwired where I come from. Somehow, in fiddling under the sink for something, I had switched it off. Being 20-something, I was terribly embarrassed. He was so cruel to me about it and charged me the $95 service fee as well. That was real money back then! I cried for half the day.
    So dear Celi, you are in good company, as the Friends are sharing their “stupid” stories.

  17. You made me grin from ear to ear this morning. There are days where I do so many of those kinds of things, my son will look at me as ask if he needs to start worrying about me. I know then I’m loading my plate to full of things that need to get done. We start running in circles and get lost in the rush. I know then it’s time to step back and take a breath. I always use the word “foolish” because I know neither of us is stupid. I’m certain you are not! We do foolish things when our personal hard drive is full. 🙂 I could not see what Boo was looking at. But I loved every photo. Looking forward to the calendars so I can have them all on the wall. Have a wonderfilled day.

  18. Oh my gosh, I do brainless stuff like that, too – putting a shoe, or the milk, or my keys somewhere ridiculous and then spending half the day looking for it. These brainless things happen more often in the hours before a migraine hits and when I’m grieving something. And, I’m not fond of the holiday season, or winter, it all makes me melancholy and dull, so I have to be extra on guard against my own stupid actions lest someone gets hurt.

  19. I was just wondering what you could possibly pull off that would cause any of us leave you? I couldn’t think of a thing!! Ha ha I do these very same things every day… I just don’t tell on myself. In a desperate moment I ask FD for help. And that mute button, I have done the same thing… for days until I “accidentally” figure it out. Cell phones are a source of embarrassment for me anyway. My latest brain fart came when I was talking to one of my sisters (of course the one that will NEVER let me forget) and I suddenly announce to her that I must have left my cell at home because I couldn’t find it in my purse… but no, I was talking to her ON MY CELL. I have no earthly clue what was going on that day. Apparently I was very distracted or possibly I really am losing my marbles!

  20. I’ve done that do. Salt and pepper shakers in the fridge. Stuff like that. I spend half my time looking for things or going back into my purse to make sure I’ve got it. I’m amazed at your smart little piggies. Next they’ll be making stilts!

  21. I would have done the same exact thing…..I know I would because I have! I am still laughing at the smart pig tricks! Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Celie a million thank yous for owning up to being human: we thought you were superhuman and incapable of our kind of idiocy, so it’s lovely that you’ve joined us ordinary mortals. As for leaving you: impossible. You’re stuck with us.

    I waste a large proportion of my life in looking for lost things. Nowadays I look in the daft places first. I believe in the indestructibility of matter, and if I go and do something else, the lost whateveritis will turn up sooner or later.

    Those plonkers could earn a fortune on the stage! Love ’em.
    ViV xox

  23. You did not do stupid things. You did NORMAL things. That is what I tell myself when I do things like that. I lost track of the baby one day and ran through the house looking for him. He was in his baby carrier. You know, the kind that mom’s WEAR. Yeah, I was looking for the kid that was hanging on me.

    • And please pretend that I didn’t add the unnecessary apostrophe. I didn’t get home until 2am. So very sleepy and not punctuating clearly.

  24. My favorite sign of dehydration, ahem, …..whilst talking on my cell phone I park my car, grab my pocketbook, and commence searching for my phone in case I need it while shopping……usually it “dawns” on me after abit of panic…..more than once friends , more than once. LOve our fellowship !!

    Happy Day of Thanksgiving and harvest to all…..Nanster

  25. I have days like that! More now than ever. I’m overly stressed with life and cancer in the family. Prayers for my Mom and my sweet beagle Chloe.

  26. Oh Cei I have so many stupid days like that, my sister in law and I just laugh madly at them. I was talking on the phone the other day and wanted to look up a number and could not for the life of me find my phone to do so. I it was in my hand of course.

  27. Welcome to the club! Elly and I call it hunt the glasses, although it may not be spectacles we are searching for. Some people have washing machines that eat socks, I have an arm chair that eats fine sewing needles. 😦 Mind you the larger the object, the more difficult it is to find. I look forward to meeting the new Dexter heifer tomorrow. Stay warm.

  28. Yep, me too… and it’s not an age thing… vague moments have been occurring my whole life. I think we get busy… and the tireder and hurrieder I am the more it happens. But in hindsight it makes for a laugh. And you have to be able to laugh at yourself 🙂
    Life is never dull around Poppy, and now her progeny are at it too.
    Clever Boo… well, he is a cat-tle dog.

  29. Agatha Christie said something along the subject that it is when we see folks being foolish that we realize how much we love them. You are Well Loved, Celi…along with all the Fellowship members who have ‘fessed up to similar shenanigans. Much, much love to all of us darling fools, Gayle

  30. Hilarious, because we all do I think, trying to do too much. At least your Converse wasn’t IN the microwave 🙂 Funny, I was going to ask are you drinking enough water, sounds like your brain’s not hydrated enough. Go now and drink a nice big glass full. Dear Boo, and his wee mouse. And is that Aunty Del checking out the new baby…sweet.

  31. I’m glad you told us this – makes me feel better about dropping my phone down the loo, putting my specs in the fridge and only finding them when I gave up hope and turned to wine, dropping an earrring in a boot which I found inside it a long while after I lost it, taking my Spanish purse and money out shopping and trying to pay in Euros in England, salt for sugar….oh I could go on, but I think you get the picture!

  32. Never thought that you could think we leave you … You had been serviced by such a charming boy in that shop. – With lost things it is so so strange: It – whatever –has just been there, it cannot be, it’s impossible, can’t be found again, it’s vanished and it remains dissapeared. I so know these situations. Sometimes I think there are otherworldly beings at work that want to joke with me.
    OK the only thing or reason I’d may leave you might be when you’d leave the Farmy. But you would not – I know.
    Love how Aunty Del is interested in the new Farmy member – that’s so great. Wow.
    And Tahiti & Molly are such cute and funny Punchs.
    For Boo: There is a mouse, isn’t it?

  33. This brought such joy to my early morning! I do stupid things too and as ElleDee says, they make for very funny stories later on. But at the time, you do wonder if you are losing your mind. I’m so glad to know you are normal, Celi!!

  34. I lost my phone last Nov. never found it, though I know it is in the house. Finally had to replace it….but don’t know how to mute except to press the bell icon until the little dots go way way down. I’m scared of this of course because the reason I lost the original phone is because I turned it off and wasn’t able to call it in order to find it.
    I wonder if Tahiti and Molly would have such trouble . Those Smartypants!

  35. Ah, phones. They will do things you can’t figure out. Mine keeps showing that I have an unread text message. It’s stuff like that makes me come here to your blog for a dose of watched mouse (the light shining through its ears!), clever plonkers, and sweet little bull-calf.

  36. I’m not playing this game. I’ve done plenty of dumb things and still do, for that matter, as you well know. Blessedly, most occur in the privacy of my own home with no one around. That’s where I intend to leave them — but if Max could talk … 🙂

  37. John is so right! One does get away with lots living alone and looking oh so innocent 🙂 ! Actually methinks I did a lot more stupid things in my younger years – now one is more than careful not to ‘frighten’ oneself with what may seem like a ‘senior’ moment . . .

  38. Oh dear! I have moments like those at least once a day! And most days I drink 2-3 ltrs of water, some days I even drink 4ltrs, so I can’t blame dehydration haha ❤
    Those clever little pigs!! If only they would turn ntheir brainpower to good instead of mischief 🙂

  39. I laughed right out LOUD – very LOUDLY – when I read where you found your shoe. Isn’t amazing how our minds can totally miss seeing some things! I’ve been in that type of situation – so maddening when you KNOW you started out with a pair. Oh my – sure would have loved to have someone else be manning your camera house when you saw that shoe. I imagine that was a priceless expression on your face! Love that you caught ‘Mousey’ in your shot.

  40. It happened TODAY! I was building a snap together shelving unit in my cellar thinking evil thoughts and saying bad words about the person who packaged it and the store who sold it because I was short one connector – which was in my hand. So very glad not even the dogs were down there with me.
    My dad once lost a pair of prescription glasses, could be found nowhere no matter how many times he backtracked his day. He had to go buy new ones. Two YEARS later they were found in a box of stored items on the very top shelf of his closet !?!

  41. I had an embarrassing day. I saw a coworker in the car next to me at a stoplight. And when we rolled down our windows to chat, I mistook his daughter for has wife, never having met either. Proceeding to the market, I got to the checkout and realized I’d left my purse at home. When I told the clerk this, she promptly dropped an entire case of San Pellegrino on the floor. It shattered and caused a small flood. I should have stayed home.

  42. No, we all do stupid things..I asked my other half today if she had the cell phone, she told me she gave it to me so I said I guess it’s lost, she went out in a huff & lo & behold there was the phone on the seat in the truck! I guess she gave it to me while I was driving & forgot about it! And the other day we were @ Foxwoods Casino & couldn’t figure out why the machine wouldn’t accept our slip,,,,turns out the slip was for Mohegan Sun. And we both do this, grab the portable phone to change the channel on the TV. See, you are not alone!

  43. I’m sure not leaving. You’re one of the bright spots in my day. I had misplaced my pair of walkie talkies, both of them. After months of looking for them I found them nestled happily together on the desk, right where I’d put them. Picked them up and moved them so I was certain where they were for the next shopping trip to the big box store so the spouse couldn’t lose me and when we were getting ready to go headed to pick up the walkie talkies, yep, there were gone, still haven’t found the blasted things and the spouse did lose me in the big box store, three times in one trip. My glasses do the disappear too, usually perched on top of my head while I go hunting the house for them and Smoky watching me like I’ve lost my mind because I put them on top of my head so he could give me puppy dog kisses and he slimes my glasses, silly boy. It isn’t stupid, those who are stupid are unteachable and constantly do the same things over and over expecting different results. It is distractedness, sometimes a tiny thing will be enough. The walkie talkies being AWOL is annoying and the ring that fell off somewhere in the house because my hands were so cold I didn’t feel it slip away. What is absolutely maddening is packing stuff, then not knowing where it went while hunting yourself silly only to realize it’s in a box in a storage unit.

  44. OMG, I wouldn’t feel bad! We all have these moments, which I’d say is the body’s way of saying, ‘Slow down!’ Even if just a bit. Husband Chris loved the Tahiti photo, btw 😉 xoxo

  45. I have done the same thing with my phone, so do not feel bad, luckily, or not, ha ham it was my husband that showed me what I did !! He usually shows me what stupid things I do with the silly iphone !!!

  46. I’ve done the same thing with the mute button–positive I’d flipped it on. I hope this is something drinking water can help. I spend an awful lot of time looking for things lately.

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