Guess how much Sheila weighs!

A competition for us. Go on guess.  How much do you think Sheila weighs?

I finally took my dressmakers tape out to the barn to measure her and then applied the equation and the result is pretty close to her actual weight they say.  So I have the answer in my mind.

sheila - hereford pig

What you do is measure your pigs length from the her tail to between her ears, then her girth (round her tummy).

The equation goes like this: multiply Length by Girth and Girth again then divide by 400.

Here is an example: Tahiti is 44 inches long and 42 inches around – Using this formula she is 194 pounds (or 87kg). The hardest part was to persuade Tahiti to remain standing – just the hint of a scratch and she throws herself on the ground. Tahiti - hereford gilt

Here they are together. This gives you a point of reference for your estimate. (It was hard to get these shots as Molly spent the whole time following me about chewing on my clown suit, bumping into me and squealing gently. She is a delightful menace!) I think Sheila must be four now. But I need to look that up.

hereford pigs

Walter will explain the formula further.  (He can find the divide key on HIS keyboard).

hereford pigs

So now: Guess. You can give your answer in pounds or kgs. It will be hard for you not to be influenced by other readers guesses so have YOUR guess worked out before you scroll down reading everyone elses. Yes! I know what you are like.  I trust you to stick to your guns.  Because her weight was a surprise to me, so you might be right. Though it would be a good idea if we do not have two the same.  There are flaws but we will see what happens.

I will tell you Sheila’s weight tomorrow and we will see who wins.

cat on fence

I tried hard to think of a prize – things being quite busy at the moment. How about this -the person who guesses the closest weight wins the chance to be the guest writer for the blog while I am on the plane. We will all come to your blog on that day.


I am looking forward to this!

Have a lovely day.

Love celi


90 Comments on “Guess how much Sheila weighs!

  1. I’m bad at this stuff. But judging her against Tahiti, how about 425 pounds…? She looks a tad more than twice Tahiti’s size.
    Have you starting putting things into your suitcase yet?

  2. Complete guess here – 32 stones, or 448 pounds! Never good at guessing weights or age LOL Always think I look younger and thinner then I am (hee hee )

  3. I am guessing 675lbs., and I didn’t look at anyone else’s guess!

  4. 520kg for me. (the divide key is a forward slash, lower case question mark). Laura

  5. I guess 680lbs and I hope I don’t win because I couldn’t be good enough to write your blog, so good luck to everyone else xx Jane

  6. It is really not nice to judge a girl’s weight. I hope no one is out guessing mine, but I must join in the fun. 575 lbs of beautiful pig!

  7. 808.5 pounds. That’s my final offer! I started at something around 1400 because I was guessing that she was twice as long as Tahiti, then I figured that was way off, so I started imagining her length in terms of my own height. This is nuts, and fun.

  8. 808.5 and that’s my final offer. At first I came up with something over 1400 pounds, but that seemed nuts, so I started thinking of her length in terms of my height and I came up with this. Nutty and fun.

  9. You have described her as your 600 pound pig before, so if you were surprised, she is more or less than that. You are her weight-watcher & founder of her diet, so let’s say you’ve held her down to 550lbs. But she does look big beside Tahiti, so I hope it’s not 750lbs. Didn’t do the equation~ just guessing.

  10. She is one large girl. I never realized how big until I see her next to Tahiti or Molly. I am not going to guess because I am bit of a shy blogger and it would be too stressful if I won, though I doubt I would.

  11. My blind guess was 658 lbs. Then basing the length as your height (I think you are as tall as I am) and a waist band of a fat man… I come up with 446.16 lbs! Go on, laugh at your grannymar, it is way to cold for me to remove my socks to aid with the counting, the ten fingers will have to do for today!

  12. Let’s say that Sheila is 740 lbs. If I am way too high, please don’t tell her. I would hate to offend her, and she is lovely no matter her weight 😉

  13. Well, I am thinking that Sheila is a little more than twice the size of Tahiti, so if I calculated this right (which is highly doubtful), I come up with 1552 pounds! If I am wrong, please ask Sheila to forgive me! I didn’t mean to insult her. I’m horrible at math! 😉

  14. Comparing her to Tahiti, I came up with way over 1,000 pounds, which seemed crazy, given what a horse weighs. She is one big pig, though and I remember you saying she was up past your hip. I redid the calculation making her slightly smaller and came up with 1,023 pounds. Just from a picture, I’d have said 600, but this calculation makes her weight alarmingly larger. She would throw off a lot of heat for the little pigs!

  15. I think 261 kilos as she looks about three times bigger than Tahiti.

  16. 880 lbs. I’m sure that sounds too much but that’s my first answer. Did it again, reducing my girth estimate a little and it came down drastically.

  17. Just for fun I decided to try this on myself and it is actually pretty close to being spot on if you use your waist measurement and height!!
    Poor Sheila, she may need therapy for all this speculation on her weight. 🙂
    My guess is 831 lbs; hoping it comes as a complement…

  18. I maybe cheating a bit – she looks really close to the size of our Penny pig (gone now but never forgotten), she got to a little over 700lbs before she left us, so that’s my guess – 700 lbs. Your baby is a beauty!!

  19. My guess is 738 lbs. That was just a number that came to my brain. I only deal with deer and wild hogs so I could be WAY off!! Ha ha!

  20. Hmmm … I’m guessing she is twice the length of Tahiti … so 88 inches. And three times the girth … so 126 inches. 88x 126 x 126 divided by 400 = 3492.72 pounds!?! I HAD to show my calculations because I am flabergasted. But … there is my guess!

  21. If numbers are involved, I will withdraw. They dance in my head and scramble my brain. I loved the photos of them though. Looking forward to seeing who got the figures right. 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday.

  22. I guessed that Tahiti weighs about 270 – and I wasn’t too far off. I’m gonna guess that Sheila weighs 675 pounds. ; o )

  23. Wow… so much response for a day! Well, by comparison, I am thinking I am way too low but I guessed she was a good third more in length than Tahiti, plus a little bit… so I gave her 60 inches in length — that’s 5 feet — and just a tad less in girth at 55 inches…..thus my guess for Sheila’s weight would come in at 453 pounds.
    Kitty is loving the sunshine and I’m loving the kitty… she looks so sweet up on the fence post. Have a lovely day too… and dig out the snuggies cuz the weatherman says we’re in for some cold cold weather. But then this winter has been so exceptionally great I suppose we really can’t complain. ~ Mame 🙂

  24. Whatever Sheila weighs, she seems to be in very good condition, with a nice, lean underline.

  25. Dearest Sheila, Greetings and Happy Troughing. Questions first? Are you sad, depressed, tend to eat more at night, and everything is good for the garble even the lonely lima bean? No worries. First of all, wear your lightest frock when attempting a hoof to the giant scale on the land. Remember this: Repeat often: Feelings are not facts. This will get you through a rough day when some anorexic beast spurns yout love because you, dear Big Boned Pig left the realm of Pleasantly Plump in the dust. I would suspect you are 815 pounds, but Sheila, we humans have other worries besides our weight. One of mine is knowing my brain is a smooth slick slide, absent mathematical knowledge. Dearest Sheila, please know I am with you in your hour of struggle, and I am sure the Force is there also. You are a World Citizen Pig. In order to be a World Pig, your spirit must be operatic. Thus, it takes your spirit which is wider than a beer barrel to sit inside your lovely skin.

    In the end Sheila, we are all girls together, and we have your back!. My love till the end of the day (Biblically speaking, a day is a year)

  26. 243.37 kgs?? I worked it out to start with just eyeballing Tahiti against Sheila……then kept reading and saw Tahiti’s actual measurements but am staying with my first answer. Better go write something on my blog to entertain you all with….just in case 🙂

  27. 98 kg or 216 lbs.
    (I know Sheila and will see her again later in the year. She’ll never forgive me if I guess her actual weight in a public forum or, worse yet, give a weight larger than she actually is. I’ll err on the side of chivalry.)

  28. Guessing 389, with no shout outs or phone calls to experts. She bows low. Much love, Gayle p.s. This is really fun!

  29. 727.5 lbs,
    Will Tahiti and Molly bleach out to be the same color red at Sheila? I do so love their color. I wish it came in a box. I might be bold and go red. 🙂

  30. Hmmm-not reading anyone’s posts- I am guessing 645 pounds? Looks like your weather is still being spring like- so is ours- but we all know it is our “Fake Spring”. We’ll get more of the white fluffy stuff soon! Cheers!

  31. So many numbers, not my thing… all I will say is Sheila appears to be a comfortable-size pig, happy, healthy & enjoys her life 🙂

  32. The colour of Molly or Tahiti, whichever is the lovely rubiginous colour, is gorgeous. Her coat is so shiny, and obviously her belly well scratched! I think Sheila is around 827 pounds.

  33. 315 kilos or 695 pounds. Sheila is looking in very good shape whatever her weight.. I cant remember the year you got Sheila but I remember it was around April Fools Day. Joy, my neighbour, told me to check out your blog because it was funny you had Hereford Pigs. It was the first time I read your blog and it was the one with the conversation with the Swine Herd. I had never heard of or seen Hereford pigs and at first thought it was some elaborate April Fools joke.

  34. Laughter: With no pounds or stone in Australia since the 1960s methinks have to do a bit of maths . . . OK, around 745 lbs +/- 10% [how’s that for hedging one’s bets 🙂 !] Oh dear US, when will you make matters simple and use the decimal system: you DO have 100 cents in a dollar, why not 1000 gms in a kilo ?

      • Hello darlingHeart . . . just back from lunch [luvverly prawn sirfry with Hokkien noodles] and found the same!!! Of course I did not ‘withdraw” – ruddy ‘system’ playing games again!! About three weeks back I got ”stripped’ of almost all of my address book which will take me months to restore . . . .anyways, thought you were gorgeously funny . . . oh yes: we thought neither of us was a vet!!!!

        • If you are in search of e-addys, I could send you some. Snicker, Gayle

  35. Cute photos as always. – My proposal is 1.724,4 pounds or 771 kg (or even more).

  36. Ehm yeah, hm – no, I’m not a vet either. – And, reading on that “reward” only after having posted my comment I terribly hope that I am so so wrong with my two cents… just for a laughter at the end. Yes. – Isn’t it funny? Nice game that one. 🙂
    And yes, I’m looking forward to the very truth tomorrow.

    • Sunny pm here and I am about to plunge into other matters – laughing: methinks you just may be wrong but hope you do come closest – I think it would be a delightful and memorable challenge 🙂 ! I ‘filled in’ for Celi for a day about 2 1/2 years ago during a major bushfire here . . . .altho’ I had to start at about 10 pm on two nights to go thru’ to ‘eyes closed’ at 4 am, I remember it as huge glorious fun, and you would be just great . . . keeping my fingers crossed . . .

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