Possibly Poppy.

I have three entries in my diary – all possible farrowing dates for Poppy. They read.

April 04 – Possibly Poppy.

April 25 – Possibly Poppy.

May 17 – Possibly Poppy.DSC_0613

I don’t think it will be April 04.

Poppy and all the other female pigs were extremely agitated and excitable yesterday.  I watched them all closely and could find nothing in common other than the thundery stormy weather. Poppy was actually jumping up on her gate something I have not seen her do for a while.

Tane was out in the field when the weather began to change, and  the thunder and lightening rolled in and he turned and ran  (like a short fat old trotter pulling a sulky) – legs swinging in unison, strong and steady, all the way home. He had to rest all afternoon to get over his fright.

alex, dexter heifer

Because of all the rain The Cadet, Inaki and I spent the afternoon working in the barn again.

man cleaning barn

Observed by cows. The wind as blowing hard and they were locked off the fields die to the  wetness, so they all stood in the barn and watched us work. Cows love to watch.  Inaki was cleaning out the Black Hole of Calcutta, the dark quiet pen that is the best one for calving.  Next it will be scrubbed and limed. When Lady is due to calve clean straw will be put down. The Cadet was trying to make sense of my mess of a workbench and the cats after gathering all the winter eggs of dubious age and disposing of them.

Carlos the Tiny

Carlos the Tiny has been adopted as a kind of mascot by the bigger cows. They use him as a warm friendly cushion, resting their heads on him sometimes.

Lady Astor

The thing that attracted me to this image is the curve of the cows neck. So languid.

Lady Astor’s udder is definitely dropping.  My diary says she has 31 days to go.  So if all goes well I will soon  be milking.  The milking shed is almost ready but I need to get John to give the pump its check up and make sure I have all the hoses ready to go. Time goes very fast on the farm.  Especially at this time of year. It is best to be ready WAY ahead of time. A pig will usually go to her date (if she has a date that is) but a cow can go two weeks either way without much trouble.

Good morning. Yesterday we got 20 trees and 5 berry bushes planted before the rain. And a whole lot of grass seed sown and a line of carrots  too though technically the ground is way too wet for much seed sowing – I just could not help myself.  But I was pleased with that.  Things are definitely up and running.

Even though I cannot stand on the garden I will sow around the edges today – unless it rains again of course and that is an 80 percent possibility.

I hope you have a lovely day.




28 Comments on “Possibly Poppy.

  1. Poppy may keep us guessing for a while longer, but Alex is definitely pushing out to the left 🙂 Hope the sun comes out soon. Laura

  2. You are so right Celi, it’s crazy how fast time goes, especially at this time of year on the farm! We have put Ellie Mae, our sow, in her birthing area and are keeping a close watch on her. She seems ready at any moment, but according to the calendar, still has a few days to go. Next will come the goats, one for sure, and hopefully two. We’re not sure about the second, Olive Oil. One day she looks pregnant, and the next day she doesn’t. It’s her first kidding, so I”m hoping, as with some women, she is pregnant, but just doesn’t hugely show it! 🙂 We’ll soon see!!!

  3. Wishing you the best of luck with all the babies due. It will be a busy time for you. The weather must be warming up, I see that Inaki is wearing a t-shirt in the photo!

  4. Always so much going on C. How lovely to have so many things done – lovely satisfying chores like that.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  5. Why does one use lyme in a cleaned out stall? Is it a wash or a dusting?? I’ve also read that some will use lyme in a compost pile, but have no idea why.

  6. Rain rain go to Spain so that Celie can sow her grain.
    Good luck with all the pregnancies – milk will come in useful too!
    My house is smelling wonderful: my friend Maria brought me 12 eggs yesterday, and I already had lots in the fridge, so I’ve made two big fruit cakes. Now to rest while they bake.

    love, ViV xox

  7. Yesterday, I re-read two pocket journals kept by my great-grandmother Sallie about daily events on their farm in western Illinois. The first was from 1876 soon after she and her husband John had settled there next to his brother David. Day after day I noted entries about the jobs and tasks done. They confirm what you said above. “Time goes very fast on the farm. Especially at this time of year. It is best to be ready WAY ahead of time.”

    The second journal was from 1892 on the same farm. Both journals had daily entries for things bought or sold or traded. At the end were pages of monthly tallies of expenses and receipts.

    I was fortunate to grow up on that same farm land.

  8. Just checked my calendar and from what you had posted earlier, I had Poppy due to pop on the 24th. Here’s to fresh milk again!

  9. The work never ends and a couple of those support posts sent shivers up my spine. They looked quite frayed up high. It may be a photographic illusion. No one wants to be out in a storm. I’m glad all your farm family has a place to hide from the weather. Crossing my fingers for a larger family. 🙂

  10. I love how your other farm followers weigh in with their imminent experiences with their critters. Very exciting time of the year. Gives new meaning to so many expressions, for instance, “She’s no spring chicken!”

  11. Milking again soon! Icecream, cream, butter, cheese, all those lovely things back on the menu. I love how your eating is truly seasonal. Carlos the Tiny’s photo is lovely, he has a peaceable tranquillity in his face.

  12. When we had the dairy Terry always said a cow was much like a woman…two weeks either side, thank you very much!


  13. Love the curve of the cows neck. And you must get a photo of someone using Carlos as a headrest.

    Mom’s home – no worse – no better – just home with lots of caregivers coming in and out.

    • As much as it may seem very busy with people coming and going, this sounds like it could be a “gentle time”. Gentle times can make good memories as they often allow for quiet talks. I still have you both on my prayer list, asking for peace and comfort.
      Chris S in Canada

  14. Hmmm: methinks that for the next few weeks you certainly won’t have to carry heavy things having such a tall and strong wwoofer with two helping hands standing ready to tote 🙂 ! Do hope Inaki is settling into the Prairies way of life and The Cadet is at peace doing chores she enjoyed before . . .

  15. Cecilia,

    I was going through some old photos and came across this one. Thought you might like to see it.

    Your neighbor, Carol Gardner


      • I thought I sent it by email. I was having trouble accessing the photo but I thought I had it worked out. It’s a photo from 1977 of you in the Homecoming parade. What would be a good way to get you a copy?

  16. Fresh milk! I think I’m going cry.
    Things are rushing by here, too. Not the days and the endless things to check off my list, but the weeks and the months are getting eaten up by time. I can’t believe it’s April already!

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