I lost my clothes


This is the time of year when your day starts cold so you eat a hot breakfast, dress for the weather and go outside and then later in the morning, and layer at a time,  you peel off your clothing  leaving little pools of discarded colour like a trail of breadcrumbs to follow back home. Then later in the afternoon it begins to get cool again so you go in search of each layer but where is that jacket? Where was it that you ripped that top off and hung it in a tree – which tree – and was it a tree or a post or possibly on a bale of hay?

Sigh. Best I get up in the morning and just walk about putting on any of the items of clothing that I find.

I am always losing my clothes, and my phone and my sunglasses.

The plonkers have arrived. Four of them  – they are Berkshires. Not pretty but that’s ok. No pig is as pretty as a Hereford piglet in my humble opinion. So these Berkshires will do for the first wave.


The pig farmer told me that a lot of farmers  out here had trouble breeding their sows this winter.


No-one is sure why.  So maybe Poppy just got involved in a bad year.




Poppy is relieved. The pressure is off her.  Now she can focus on Autumn.


Now up and off to work for me. We are getting busy now. Lots of animals depending on me.

Lady Astor put herself in the barn last night but even though her udder is a very respectable size and she is quite floppy in the rear –  I don’t think she is quite ready. I still think five more days.

Maybe today I will take photos of her from four different angles and you can guess too. Most of you have been watching cows get to this stage in my pictures for years!

OK out I go. Though I cannot find a THING TO WEAR!

Love celi


68 Comments on “I lost my clothes

  1. I love a Berkshire Black, myself. Berkshire is the county in the south of England where I was raised, and where I first made the acquaintance of this breed of pigs, ranging freely in the fields where the wheat had just been harvested. I learned the expression of pure bliss on a piggy face when you scratch them, and the soft delicacy of piglet skin when they are not yet weaned. Those days are long gone, but I still love my Berkshires….

    • Kate, you wrote so beautifully that I almost felt as if I were walking through the harvested wheat fields with you…and scratching a happy piggy!!

      • I have cuddled more than my fair share of warm, wriggly piglets. They don’t smell of anything much when free ranging, maybe a bit muddy, and those little faces are full of mischief. Celi’s farming takes me back to that place and time when animals had dignity and earned respect because of their contribution to our lives.

  2. Berkshires are sweet-tempered and also very tasty! We used to get feeder piglets that were either Berkshire/Large Black or Berkshire/Tamworth crosses. All lovely, but my favorites were the Berkshire/Large blacks. Playful and very friendly.

    • So far they are deeply terrified – they are being haunted by chickens and cats – everyone is staring! But I do hear the Berkshires are gentle to manage. Do you remember that the boar that had the terrible fight with Sheila was a Berk. A Beserk Berk! c

  3. You know, I don’t think I ever had pigs on my fantasy farm … but now Plonkers would probably be one of the first purchases 🙂 You have turned a lot of us into pig farmers. I have scrolled back a couple of times to look at your breakfast …. those orange free range yolks are enviable. Laura

  4. Dear Lady Godiva…when you find your clothes…i hope you have a splendid day. Personally i think all pigs are pretty..i am sure that their mother thought so too. Love P

  5. Those piglets are gorgeous – let’s hope they grow well and taste great when the time ever comes. That first food shot is fabulous….thought it was one of Roger Stowell’s!

  6. ooooh I know exactly what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow – ANZAC DAY ❤ I am drooling already! lol
    Those plonkers are simply adorable! ❤
    Love the pic of the bird in tucked-in-wings flight behind Marmalade {Or one of her babies? I can never tell 🙂 }

  7. Breakfast looks scrumptious! I have certain places I put my jacket when I remove it while I work. Here in the south we don’t have to wear so many layers. It’s more about placing the jacket or wind breaker somewhere that the wind won’t take off with it! I walked with Daisy deer yesterday morning. She’s toting a big belly and is an eating machine! I expect by the end of May we’ll have fawns running around again. I’m being hopeful the predators stay away this time.

      • Thank you very much, Celi, for your request: All is well so far. – Can’t take my thoughts off of the Farmy, still must check regularly how everything is. It was such a nice and wonderful experience and time I had with you and all… Won’t forget you.

  8. Oh Celi. You need a butler. An organic farm lady’s butler. Someone to follow you with your clothes and your phone and your deliciously good humor if in case you should misplace that too. I love your blog. I wish I could lighten your load somehow. I think the plonkers are quite cute, especially that one with his front paw raised in such a cunning way.

  9. Those Berkshires look cute to me – if you named plonkers you could honour the royal family – Windsor Castle is in Berkshire 😉

  10. Maybe take a picture of yourself in the morning and train the dogs to go find the items in the picture! I can’t imagine you have any free time for training. I think the Berkshires are a nice looking pig. Can’t name them if they are destined for the table. That would make every bite sad. Good luck with your day.

  11. Berkshires are a nice looking pig. Maybe you need a rucksack or little packs on the dogs to put spare garments in as you shed them. And if your shedding that much, wear sunscreen🤗

  12. I leave layers of clothes around in various places for far different reasons —menopause. Ugh. Lovely plonkers and that breakfast is making me drool.

  13. I’ve never owned a pig (yet) but I think they’re adorable anyway, lol. Hope you stumble on some clothes!

  14. Save yourself the trouble and just wear a bale of hay. It works for Shelia, you know.

    Ugly plonkers are for the best. I do love their sturdy little legs. Seriously. They’re like little rhinos!

  15. Those plonkers look mighty handsome to me, and I’m sure Celie’s training will soon have them UN-terrified. I have visions of you running about in bra and pants (or less). Do you need a new baggie for your ‘phone?
    ViV xox

    • Yes, Celi…do you need a phone bag? I’m sure I could come up with something. Is your phone a big ol’ smart phone? Lemme know. Much love to fellowship and farmy, Gayle

  16. I know what you mean about the clothes. Doing the evening chores yesterday, I reclaimed my jacket (hanging over the hay cart), gloves (on the feed bin in the barn), and fleece top (dangling from a fencepost). If I didn’t have to do evening chores, I’d run out of clothes in about two days.

  17. The plonkers look so sturdy and pretty cute. If a lot of pig farmers are having breeding problems, you might need to consider that the GMO corn is the culprit. A number of studies conducted in Europe have shown that GMOs cause reduced male fertility.

    • Yes I have read that too – and when you see how many adverts there are in america for “male performance” one has to assume it is pretty wide spread here .. c

  18. When the moon makes its change to the next quarter (my grandmother would say) you must wait. Once the change has occurred you will have a baby!


  19. I agree, your Herefords are a more pleasing piggie to look at… but the Berkshires here are sweet looking, as are all babies. I hate to think of frightened animals, so I hope they get more comfortable soon and settle in. Your glasses need a chain for around your neck so you can take them off without fear of losing them and, also, they are freely available when you go outside into the sun again. The idea of GMOs causing fertility problems, as liffster has suggested above here, is really rather scary — but it would answer the ‘why’ question.
    Hope you have a great day and find all the stuff you left laying about yesterday… lol ~ Mame 🙂

  20. I think the new gray and white piglets are very cute (and I don’t think pigs are that cute!). Hope you keep your sunglasses! Hard to see and keep the eyes safe in the blazing sun without them!

    • ALLISON!!! Welcome to the Farmy and Fellowship! I’m so happy you’re here! This is a delightful blog and I’m so glad you can enjoy it too! Much love and big ol’ smoochies, Gayle

  21. Yep! Finally found my found in the birdbath. Thankfully, there was no water in it. Sigh. I set it down to get the hose to fill the birdbath but was waylaid by a pair of robins building a nest and trying to lead my away, tripped over the hose and decided what I needed was a cup of tea and there you have it. 🙂

  22. Same here with the clothes, although the opposite season…….I have woolly socks and a cardi on which will both be discarded as the day goes on and warms up…..supposedly high 20s……(80s F) then I’ll be hunting for them tonight when it cools again. Love the berks with their frilled ears, they do look a mite terrified! I’ve had no computer for nearly two weeks and today I’m back, t’s been like having a chapter book, and getting to read each days happenings one after another. And a new baby, how delightful!

  23. I always byu my piglets off farm. They come from the same place each time, they are free range and weaned but still with all their borthers and sisters. I am always amazed at how resiliant they are considering all the changes they go through in the first few days and given that they are still babies. I try and remeber that bit about them being babies in the early days and treat them as such, especially being all alone at night in a strange new place, but in the morning I always find that they have snuggled into the hay in an old dog house that I have put there just for the babies. One thing is for sure, they find their confidence from each other and quickly adapt to new things, I love watching them explore new places or dig a a hole for the first time. Its good that you can give your shed raised plonkers that experience. American pigs are so stocky in comparison to the free range piglets I buy here which are mostly berkshire crossses. I also feed my pigs eggs and grain (pollard) in lieu of commercial feed but find that they dont take to the eggs well very early on so I feed them something they are familier with then wean them on to the eggs. Then I do both for a while as I am not sure how many eggs are enough (I need to be weaned off using the commercial feed!) I would be interested to know what you feed your growing piglets, particularly how many eggs is enough protein?

    • I think a mash at the beginning is the best – these guys are older so i have to teach them to eat hay as well! But the eggs? I have no idea, i just throw them shell and all into the feeder as I find them. Probably 4 – 6 a day? But I agree it is important to bring everything in slowly, a pig with an upset stomach is not a happy pig.

  24. It’s my gloves I’m forever losing, one time it was more than a year! I think I need those clip things that are used to attach children’s mittens to their jacket sleeves.

    • I work so hard to have little stations all around the farm where I place things but I still end up wearing two or three pair of gloves in a day, often carrying all three as I refind them – sigh.. c

  25. Beautiful ANZAC Day morning here: well, it will be your holiday also tomorrow morning 🙂 ! Tho’ you will be at a different kind of Dawn Service and will not march up the street in a straight line but all over, losing more garments – you can always teach Conor two-up at lunchtime!! I think the Berkshires are just beautiful and much, much bigger than I envisaged – thought you were getting piglet babies . . .

  26. hahahah stripping until you need to regroup! Your piggies will be fine- too bad about Poppy not being pregnant- maybe this will inspire her!

  27. Now you must remember that this is coming from a citygirl, but are the legs of those plonkers more sturdy looking than usual? Much love to you, the fellowship, the farmy and the animules. Your Gayle

  28. I think the Plonkers are kinda cute. Hope your clothes turned up!

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