Her tail …

alex the dexter

Alex wears her tail like a train.  It is so long but how I wish she would stand still so I could get a brush through it.  She has the best tail, that wee Dexter cow but she prefers dreadlock look. My cow is a hippie.

carlos - dexter bull

Carlos the Tiny having a scratch. We found some burlap bags the other day so this week Conor and I will put the little bags of Diatomaceous  Earth inside the burlap bags then we will hang them in the trees to release the dust onto the cows as they brush through them. This helps with the flies. and is fun for the cows to stand under on a hot day.
Txiki Dexter calf

I’m ready to begin milking.  Hopefully by this weekend, but Lady is looking ridiculously calm though her udder just took another step up in size.


Though I have everything ready for the milking nothing is in place yet. Lady A will have a few days grace before we begin milking and anyway I don’t want to jinx it.  I am a very superstitious woman.

storm coming

There was a warning for severe weather last night. So I closed the middle gate in Lady Astor’s  night pen  leaving her with the big half, this way the others could have the opportunity to come inside if indeed there were gale force winds and hail and all that stuff.

Imagine a four year old being told No and she crosses her arms and sticks out her lower lip and lowers her brow and stomps her foot. This was the look Lady gave me when I closed her gate.  Here is the shot again.


Grumpy cow.

It was only for a few hours. Once the danger was passed I opened the doors and let the others all back out.  It was only a little wild but I prefer to bring the calf in because I can and you never know what will blow up at this time of year. And Txiki cannot go anywhere without her minders crowding in after her.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your celi

64 Comments on “Her tail …

  1. For a moment I thought that Carlos and Txiki were the same animal… I’m sure there’s quite a big size difference in reality 🙂

  2. It looked as though all Hell was going to break loose from that sky. I’m glad it gone without a problem.

    Hang in there, Celie: what goes in must come out, so that calf will arrive when it’s ready.

    I am not making much sense – been struggling with the tax declaration all morning. All bits and pieces found, now all that’s left is arithmetic!

    ViV xox

  3. Lady A is going to make us wait till the last day. 1 May is a holiday called Labour Day here, so it would be quite appropriate 🙂 Dreadlocks are cool too. Laura

  4. Just look at the high shine on those milk churns. Someone has been expending serious elbow grease. Miss Txiki is looking extremely lively, and if Alex wants a dreadlocked tail, I think she deserves it, so long as she doesn’t start them in her gorgeous forelock too.
    Please can I ask for lots of crossed fingers and positive thoughts on Thursday? Results will be in of yet more scary scans… When will it all end?

    • Kate, sorry wasn’t aware you are all caught up in that again 😦 I will burn a candle for you all day Wednesday to cover for our time difference and cross everything I can for positive results – which would be negative, right? Laura

    • Lots of crossed fingers and positive thoughts . . . . and we are in the same time zone . . . mind-body medicine does work: just refuse to be scared . . . . hour by hour, day by day . . .

      • You’re right, you can’t live in terror hour by hour. I make busy and forget it for hours at a time. Some sort of diagnosis will be a relief. As Celi says, once you know the problem, “Excellent”!

    • So sorry to hear this and sending you thoughts and prayers from Oregon.

      • Thank you so much. I can feel the strength pouring in from all the Fellowship. And even if the news isn’t good, well, at least I knew the nature of the beast, and I’ve beaten it before.

    • Prayers coming at you from all sides… and from here too. Hang in there, Kate, we’ve got your back! ~ Mame

    • Crossed fingers from me too. Different time zone but will think of you and send positive thoughts.

      • The time zone makes no difference, positive thoughts are all it takes, and yours are greatly appreciated. Knowing there’s all that goodwill out there takes some of the terror out of the situation.

    • I have my recitation when I do my morning walk: all I am grateful for and all those I pray for, I will for sure add you to my chain for the very best results ever!

      • Oh Kate – on it goes – however you can take some strength from the massive Love and good wishes from The Fellowship – this eclectic collection of people can bring the sun out – together we are so strong (and that WE is you too) you will be buoyed by us – your friends from far away.. Take care – keep us in the loop – Onwards! that is all there is – Backwards is unacceptable! c

        • There is never going back. Only the lesson I have learned from you: “Excellent! Now, how do I deal with this?” If it’s not Darkness My Old Friend, then it’s something else that has to be fixed. Aren’t the Fellowship absolutely brilliant when you need bucking up and encouraging?

      • I’ll share mine:
        Let me do no harm, but only good today.
        May my kindness outweigh my smallness of spirit.
        May those I love be safe and well.
        And now, give me the energy to get out of bed and do what must be done this day.
        I think finding out the results comes under the heading of what must be done that day, don’t you? And whatever follows, what must be done every day after that…

        • Prayers from me Kate, here in Canada. I will pray for good results, strength, grace and courage. I think you have most of those things already, but I will ask for more to hold you up through this time.
          Chris S in Canada

          • I’m sure Whoever is listening will not be able to ignore the international ear-bashing he’s getting on my behalf! I’m hoping only for the strength to change what I can and the grace to accept what I cannot.

  5. Txiki is the cutest thing. You sure are ready to start milking. Hope Lady Astor is ok with it!

  6. Alex just prefers the latest fashions and Lady read your post at Tanya’s and now has a minor case of the sulks ‘I’m doing things my way, Miss C’ !! You just have some individualistic cows 🙂 !!

  7. your skies are amazingly stunning! and I never ever tire of seeing your cows- gorgeous animals! Even with dreadlocks!

  8. My goodness, what a gorgeous animal Txiki is! Such a perfect shape and colour… I just want to hug her. My guess is she wouldn’t appreciate that very much, but that never stopped me. heh heh I am surprised Lady A is still in waiting but I suppose there is no rushing Mother Nature. Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy days to post photos – and the latest news – of the farmy!!! ; o )

  10. I wish I could post an old photo of our horse Ben with tons of burrs in his mane – it had formed a corkscrew and it was sooo funny!! ; o )

  11. The weather was WILD last night, heavy rain throughout and then there were the winds and thunder and lightening. I love the sound of rain and often will try to calm myself with a sound app of rain falling. I didn’t need to use the app last night. It snowed at the cottage. 😦

  12. I would love to see what your burlap and diomataceous (sp?) earth bags look like when you hang them. We are ALWAYS looking for ways to help our small herd fight the flies. The blackflies came out this week … but this morning we had five centimetres of snow! That knocked them back some! Never thought I’d be happy to see spring snow … not that I was. But that was cheating because I knew it would be gone in a few hours. Glad your weather cooperated last night.

    • As soon as this next batch of wild weather is gone we will be hanging them – the cows love them – nothing will keep all the flies off of course but it give them the ability to brush their sides with the burlap.. I will post it for sure.. c

  13. That sky picture looks like a large grey flannel sheet, pinned to the clouds at the corners, filled with something that appears ready to burst through the thin spots. Beautiful, but a little worrisome.

    Good thoughts for Lady A and all the rest.
    Chris S in Canada

  14. Haha, the minders crowding in after her. They’re as smitten as we are! She is adorable! That is one threatening cloud hanging over there.

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