Under the weather

I am.
the grass is not growing

Feeling a little under the weather.   That is a peculiar expression. “Under  the Weather”. But it is how I feel.


This endless gray rainy cold weather. I am under it.  So I took an extra half hour of sleep for myself  in my warm bed under my Australian wool duvet but the time for sleeping is over and now back on with the warm clothes and my good old farm jacket and out I go.


Into the Under Weather.  The Weary Weather.

I hope you have a lovely day or at least find some loveliness in your day.

Love celi

PS. I feel like my barn.

old barn

52 Comments on “Under the weather

  1. Maybe you are doing too much and wearing yourself to a thread(now there,s another strange saying) i know you are not old but just maybe you should take your life Easier…you are always on the go..thats another one…take care dear friend as we do not want you collapsing into a heap….lots of love

  2. How about I come out Wednesday morning and help you. Right now I am off in the morning. I could do a 7-11 am shift as I need to be at another office in the afternoon. Think about it and text me. I would love to see you, the animals and do some work. Connie

  3. Poor poor Ce! When we were in Australia we loved the phrase “feeling crook”. It describes being sick so well. Hope you are up and at em again soon and feeling back up to your regular energetic self. Take care!

  4. We have had a cold snap here too, and the dark clouds are circling. I have been weeding and planting, but now I have lit the fire…time to be inside for a while.

  5. Hope you feel less ‘ragged’ as the day wears on. I’m beginning to think Lady A’s calf is waiting for the white coat with a black belt he may have ordered. 🙂 Laura

  6. I hope you are ‘above the weather’ soon. I think both you and your barn are works of art. ❤

  7. Raining today, rained yesterday, and rain predicted for the next six days. And here I thought the soup kettle could have a rest for a while! Simmering now.
    Hope you’re soon feeling better!

  8. Hang in there Dear Celi! The warm, sunny weather is on it’s way!!! xoxoxo

  9. 😦 in Spain you’d be feeling “pachucha” which is a great word but not a good way to feel. I hope you can get a bit of extra rest to recharge the batteries.

  10. It’s crappy here too. And it does get to us…. doesn’t it? You sure aren’t babying yourself, that’s for sure. Sleeping in a half hour only – and getting ‘back into it’ outside… plus posting – you are amazing and we all love you!! You brighten up our day… each and every day my friend.
    I sure hope the sun comes back out soon!! ; o )

  11. I hope your peckish spell has passed & that you’re not going to come down with the pip or the epizootic right now when Lady Astor’s days are about to be accomplished. J.

    • Love that word – peckish. Now my mother would say you have a sick louse. My mother said a lot of weird things. Truly think this oddball up down up down weather is hard on a body. The sun came out here today and the wind calmed somewhat and I feel like a new person.

  12. Still lots of life left in that old barn. Thing is, after a certain point in a barn’s life, it needs a little extra maintenance to continue to stay in top form.
    It’s May now, so any day now the sky will clear and the hot sun will beat down upon all growing things and make them shoot up.
    Rain here today too, and yesterday. Give your bones a little extra maintenance today, you earn it other days. And, as someone else said: Hope you’re feeling above the weather very soon! ~ Mame 🙂

    • Or as you might say: Excellent, a time for regrouping. (Now if that doesn’t just tick you off, nothing will… lol) And as Eha has said: Stop still awhile, Missy! 🙂

  13. Dearest Celie, I’m sending you a metaphorical ladder to climb up above the weather. Take life a bit easier – wait for your helpers to arrive, rather than trying to do it all yourself.
    Love ‘n hugs,
    ViV xox

  14. My mother always used to say that on days like that you must treat yourself to a glass on bubbly and everything will be better. Believe me it works! And it need only be one glass but you can have more if you wish😄

  15. Grey weather may be dreary, but he grey weathered building is beautiful. Looking at Lady Astor, you can understand where “pregnant pause” came from. Any time now. Take care of yourself. You are here for the long haul. You can’t sprint all the time. Sleep an extra half hour, sip your tea. We are all here with you, cheering you on.

  16. I feel like your barn too. I would like to join Sheila in her nice cosy bed and rest my sore back against her piggy furnace warmth. I wish you sunshine, an end to the greys (as opposed to the blues), and a nice shot of something happy. Like a calf.

  17. I know that feeling and extra rest only helps a little. I’m sending you some of out unseasonable warm, (85 degree) sunshine to warm your bones and bring a smile back to your face. We will be getting to 88 degrees by next weekend. Inconceivable for May in Portland!! I hope you feel on top of the weather soon.

  18. I think that barn is fascinating and makes me want to draw it and walk inside and explore it. Life is, perhaps sadly, more interesting when things are not quite perfect.

    I hope your mood and energy go up as the day progresses.

  19. Tree pollen has me feeling sluggish and under it all. Take it easy on yourself, Celi! Love that photo of Lady and the barn is beautiful.

  20. Ooooh I’m hoping the sun shining here at last has now made its way down to you, Cecilia. It surely will help.

  21. May the feeling-like-the-barn quickly turn to feeling equally strong and beautiful: for all that it looks worn and rickety, it has clearly withstood eons of hard work and, through them, developed the gorgeous patina of experience and softness that grows from yet surpasses every nick and scar. You are allowed ‘down’ time and a good wallow in melancholy and rest. You’ve earned it and then some. And your joy in and love of what is best in your life will come back with a little self-care. Your menagerie is full of clever and patient animals, no matter how willingly they might work to convince you your constant care is their only refuge, so let them coast a little and they’ll appreciate you just as truly when you’re back up to speed. Emergencies notwithstanding, you’ve got their well-being well in hand. Now, *yours*. Sending sunshine and quiet your way!

  22. When I look at your barn, I see beauty, strength, longevity, and endurance. Four words that I have a feeling also describe you. I have high hopes that both you and your barn will survive and enjoy the sunny days soon to come. Hang in there Celi! We all have those “gray, draggy” days, but the sunshine is just around the corner. Give all the animals on your little farmy a hug from me, the ones that are huggable, at least. lol Look forward to your posts every morning. First thing I usually read.

  23. My love surrounds you in your healing. If love could do it, you’d be out turning cartwheels, our beloved Celi! We all love you to bits and want you at your tip top best.

    I hope you aren’t offended that I am saying this prayer for you today:

    Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion. Thy mercy to me is my healing and my succor in both this world and the world to come. Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. Baha’u’llah

    Lots and lots of (hopefully) useful love,

  24. We call all relate to those under the weather days. Hopefully you can sneak in a bit more sleep. Sheila can teach us how it is done.

  25. OK, Mama says: forget about the blog for a few days – we aren’t going anywhere!! Do the minimum on the farmy: just so the four-leggeds survive [Lady Astor is a four-time Mum and well practiced!! ] . . . snuggle under your duvet and simply read a book and be in your very own world . . . . I SO ‘agree’ with that saying ‘feeling crook’ – did not know that was an Aussie one . . . well, I am feeling a bit the very same way at the moment and the only way to reverse is stopping still awhile, Missy !!!!

  26. Sunshine fixes a lot, and its absence enervates mentally & physically I think, it’s age-old instinct. And the seasons currently seems to be slightly out of whack – another good saying. Happily our warm Autumn endures, but so does your damp spring however the tipping point must happen soon.

  27. I’m sorry you’re not well. There is so much going on right now with spring planting, mending, building and preparing – and we are not spring chickens anymore. 😦 I have been down for two weeks now – something with my spine. I have taken it down several gears. It’s frustrating… but healing is so important. Take care wild woman of the prairie. I am sending positive energy and healing on the southern winds!

  28. Of the week I was away, we had six days of rain. That one sunny day made everyone feel better. Hope you are, too.

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