Guardian Pig

We tried to get Sheila my big tall, long, not too fat Hereford Pig to go for a walk yesterday but she was having none of it.  She is a big lass and not too young and was feeling the heat. Though I was grateful for the windy heat as it was drying my hay. But Sheila was quite happy where she was thank you very much, sitting outside the chook house door.


And even after a short coaxed walk she refused to go any further,



sheila and poppy

..and went to sleep in the shade for a while  …

guardian pig

.. then heaved herself up and went into the chook house to have another sleep there.

guardian pig

The chickens do not even bat a bird-eye when there is a pig sleeping on their living room floor. She does not do this too often but when she does I cannot shut the chook-house door – Sheila does not like to be locked in, so last night any predator who may have wandered in there would have got a big fright.

The guardian pig was on duty.

Have a lovely day darlings.




36 Comments on “Guardian Pig

  1. No doubt about it Sheila is not just a BIG girl..she is HUGE….but big,small or otherwise she is loved beyond measure

  2. Sheila is a porcine goddess, and heaven help any predators who think they can sneak past her majestic self. I feel sympathetic with her attitude, I’m not feeling much like walkies myself 🙂

  3. Whoa! That Sheila is a very big girl indeed!!!!! 🙂 Just love the pic of Sheila and Ton Ton striking a similar pose against the barn! xo

  4. Sheila cracks me up. She’s too funny. How lovely it must be for her to lie in the grass. And I bet the gentle clucking in the chook house is music to her piggy ears. Katechiconi is right: porcine goddess.

  5. If I was a fox or even a raccoon, I would not want to face off against Sheila!

  6. I don’t want to go for a walk either, Sheila. I do love the heat though. Such a good girl guarding the chooks. Have a lovely nap in the shade this afternoon too.

  7. Would Sheila lay in a kiddie pool? Might cool her off. I can’t imagine walking my pig. I like the porcine goddess comment from katechiconi as well. Sheila has personality to spare and could protect a hen house, ha ha, in her sleep!

    • The problem with pools and pigs is they like to pee in them, and poo in them sometimes. so i do not do the kiddie pool thing.. it gets a bit disgusting.. c

  8. Maybe Sheila somehow just knows when it’s time for her to lend her presence. It surely would be enough to make an opportunistic chook thief think twice.

  9. Love Sheila, are the chooks brave enough to hop over her or do they all stay put? Laura

  10. I read your closing as “so last night any predator who may have wandered in there would have got a PIG fright.” 😉

  11. And that night, any predator would’ve gotten a Big Dose of Sheila!!! ; o ) And I bet that predator would never return. I think it’s a riot she likes to sleep into with the chickens!! My chickens would go into the pigs area ’cause they liked to eat some of their food!

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