Mr Flowers comes out for a walk

And he is still out with his girls this morning  AND I slept in a bit.  Which is unusual but happens sometimes. I wake at 5AM but this morning I went straight back to sleep.  And now it is 6.27AM!
peacock mr flowers

So I am writing to you as fast as iIcan so I can get out there and make sure they do not get into the gardens.  Because you know what they are like when they see little vegetable plants.
#peacock mr flowers

But once in a while they need to come down from the  Peacock Palace and have a walk about.

#peacock mr flowers

peacock mr flowers

Time to milk the cow.

lady astor and bobby


As a new way to make sire you can keep all the animals straight I will attach the name of the animal to the photo. So if you hover your cursor across the image the name should be there.  As soon as I have a free hour I will update the Cast of Characters. (above)  I need a PA.

Lots to do today. It is my girls last day.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi#peacock mr flowers

40 Comments on “Mr Flowers comes out for a walk

  1. Love the first photo of Mr Flowers in the early morning light: all elegance and grace in a beautifully composed shot. Hmm, at 6.27 this coming morning I hope to be fast asleep for another hour . . . 🙂 ! And time moveth fast: the girls seem to have just arrived . . . another page being turned . . .

  2. Mr Flowers is one hot cookie. The girls will unable to resist him! Have a good day, Miss C. I’m off to bed after my medical excursions. So lovely to be home…

    • Sincerely hope matters worked out to your satisfaction and that there is some hope for improvement in future days. With a ribcage of broken bones myself methinks our chemists are delivering us the same drugs . . . in my case am counting the days to get off them . . . .

      • Good heavens, Eha! “A ribcage of broken bones”??? What on earth have you done? Sounds absolutely gruesome! Hope you heal quickly — or at least as quickly as bones can heal. ~ Mame 🙂

        • Thanks for your wishes! A totally accidental but bad fall 12 days ago which landed me in hospital for a week. I’d rather have a baby every day and it is supposed to take 6-8 weeks to heal! Twelve days done and dusted . . . the countdown is on 🙂 !!

        • All on crutches or walkers or simply in pain 😦 !! There is a saying ‘that too will pass’ – Cecile, you are the third of my blogfriends to have managed the ankle: hope you have some help and all the best!!

          • You know, it’s actually been pretty easy. I didn’t need a cast. I have what they call an inflatable boot. Years and years ago when I broke the other ankle I had a cast – and that WAS a big pain! Saw the doctor yesterday and she’s very, very pleased with how it’s healing.
            You know what, I know two bloggers who’ve just broken ribs… YIKES!!

  3. Those peacock shots with the lovely sky are stunning. I thought of you as we drove I-80 through the flatlands of Illinois on a recent road trip to the East Coast. I wondered, where does Miss C live?

  4. The morning light is impeccable. Such beautiful pics this a.m. Celi! I have tried hovering with no results…it is perhaps going to be in effect on the next post? Love the mommy and baby cow.

  5. Mr. Flowers is beautiful. Is this what Theo will grow up to be? Lovely morning sky. Have a peaceful, productive day.

  6. I’m wondering the same thing. Is Theo male? Peahen is female, peacock is male, right?

  7. Yes, I agree with other comments, your photos are really wonderful today… with a special hue to them in the morning light. You’re going to miss your girls as they go off into the yonder today. I guess they come and they go, but seems they all leave a little of themselves behind to savour in quiet moments of reflection.
    That’s the first time we’ve seen Mr Flowers this year… it would be nice if he and his concubines stay active for a while.
    Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  8. There’s nothing like the light outside during dawn and twilight… not that I get up early anymore… I do get confused with all the names – how sweet of you to think of putting in something to help us remember who is who! ; o ) Please say a fond farewell to the girls for us.

  9. He’s a handsome chap! I showed him to Big Man and said his name was Don Flores….and then we realised that we have a lovely brother in law called Mr Flowers (in Spanish of course) and he’s a bit of a peacock too ☺

  10. I was just having a think about Mr Flowers…..twas wondering how he was doing !!……Thanks for the pics…he is one handsome bird dude !

  11. Great photos. Not sure if I asked before… is Mr Flowers tail heavy?

    Now just four hours to sunrise, time I got a little shut-eye!

  12. Mr. Flowers really has the skinny on dramatic flair – such bold color and markings. Wouldn’t it be fun to do our makeup like that and wear fabulous and outrageous clothes? I feel my nose going up in the air already… ah the pomp and parade of it all! 😀

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