Back they go

The pea fowl have finally discovered the gardens.

DSC_0065 mr flowers

MR Flowers has been caught eating the zucchini flowers.  The naughty, naughty bird.

And here is Pania. DSC_0060 DSC_0061 Pania the Peahen

Jumping into John’s raised bed garden.  Don’t tell him – he still has not forgiven Pania for eating a whole row of  baby cabbages three years ago.

And they are all watching these – very closely.

DSC_0068 DSC_0063

blue berries9

So tonight the peacocks will go back into the peacock palace for a while again.  Just to be safe.  And so we get a crop.

Molly and Tahiti

Above is Molly and Tahiti.

Below one of the Plonkers. PLonker

Siesta time.


We all love siesta time.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

25 Comments on “Back they go

  1. Oh no! You cannot possibily have them eat all those gorgeous crops. What I could make with the blueberries and raspberries and tomatoes….. I can dream on.

  2. Mr Flowers is now my computer desktop image. The one from the other day with Mrs Flowers (I think) looking in the mirror. OH the berries! My grandmother had blackberry bushes (HUGE THORNS!!!) and the ones that were not eaten while picking – she would refrigerate and serve with thick cream poured over them and a sprinkling of sugar. Not much, but just a little. Such a simple desert, but tasted better than any french pastry I have ever had.

  3. I thought it was a case of sharing what you grow…maybe this was not shared with the peafowl..??

  4. It’s good to see Sweet Tima! How are she and Tane doing? I hope well!!! 🙂

  5. well you have to give them some credit for tryi8ng- naughty naughty birds! And I do love your piggies- even if they could do with a bit of washing up…hahaha! Have a lovely day and do have a bit of a siesta snooze!

  6. I’m waiting for the gophers to get my tomatoes. The squirrels are real nuisance here and pick most of my apples from the one tree I have. I don’t mind sharing but I like to have some of my fruit .

  7. For some, it’s bad pigs and peafowl. For me, it’s humungous grasshoppers. Their razor jaws can reduce my little bok choy or sage or infant tomatoes or capsicums to stumps. Overnight. Not little friendly green jobs an inch and a half long, but giant armoured brown monsters 4 inches long. I shall have to enjoy your harvest vicariously, and stick to grown stuff for pretty, not for food.

  8. Those birds look like the supporting cast of a Beatrix Potter story. Maddening, I can imagine, to the resident gardner. Good luck keeping them and their instincts out of the vegetable patches.

  9. Always some mayhem or sneak attack going on in the garden, isn’t there? If it’s not some large mammal or fly-in bird, then it’s a teeny tiny insect and its friends.

  10. Am really enjoying all these garden, haying, porch photos. Plus the added pics of the wonderful farm assistants. It brings back so many memories and helps us get a better view (pardon the pun) of the lives of you and the critters.

  11. Wow your vege gardens are going gangbusters 🙂 Naughty but beautiful birds. Laura

  12. I hope you are having some delicious mulberry smoothies to help with the heat.

  13. Marvellous gardens of yours ! What an abundance of greens and fruits. Enjoy!

  14. Mr Flowers simply has refined tastes! But speaks peacockese and not American . . . can’t blame the poor boy for that!! Ditto for the others: just after a fresh and healthy and tasty feed . . . who wants plain old grass when such luscious growth is available 😀 !!

  15. Yes, we ended up giving away our 9 hens. They were so sweet and tame, but they decimated my gardens. They are happy now with ROOSTERS and such – on a friend’s farm. And I’ve not missed them for a day. I know they’re happy.

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