Peas! We have begun to pick peas from the seeds that Inaki sowed in the early spring.   Fresh pea pods  are wonderful eaten right from the plant.

“The more you pick the more they grow”, I said to Kevin who is Head Gardener and brings us food to cook every afternoon.

“Just like hairs on your legs,” quipped Victoria as she walked into the kitchen.

Rent a Kid.  Everyone should do it. DSC_0016 peas

We ate them lightly steamed with butter.  Just divine. Hot and crunchy.

I was Kitchen Mama yesterday which is like double duty for me so the day rushed past. One of the team leaves us today and on your last day you can choose your favourite last supper and he chose spaghetti bolognese.   So that was easy.  With a coleslaw made from cabbage and garden greens and the peas. It was great and almost all from the farm. (We have run out of last years tomatoes so these were canned.)

girl and cat

cow and calf4

Today we say good bye to Anthony.  He was only here a week but did lots of good work and then the original team of three and me will puddle along until our two French boys arrive on Monday.

Until then we will all throttle back down a gear I think.  Just milk and clean and garden and eat for a few days.

I hope you have a lovely day


30 Comments on “Peas

  1. I love fresh peas, which have only recently come into season here. It’s so nice to have them back 🙂

  2. Nothing like the fresh peas! They are great stir fried too! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous photography today; that beautiful girl holding Egoli/Marmalade. She’s just glowing with happiness and health. And the brilliant green of those lovely peas!

  4. Outstanding post in everyday for me. I love peas and enjoy shelling them. Can’t wait to meet the French boys and I so love your header photo.

  5. I love fresh peas straight from the pod, or steamed with butter. Laura

  6. Nothing like fresh peas with bacon, pasta and a bit of cream. I need a Kevin to help with my poor garden.
    Good luck with the French boys. Tell them they are representing their country and need to do us proud.

  7. I had the first local peas last night (Jock doesn’t like them!) and they were lovely. The beds don’t have time to cool between all your helpers this year. It’s god that you get help, and share the cooking.

    Enjoy your day.
    ViV xox

  8. I wonder if Edamine would grow in your garden? Your pictures of peas are good enough for a cookbook. Enjoy the change of pace for a few days.

  9. The crop here is just finishing, None of the peas made it into the house. The dog and I love going out before dinner and having a snack of sugar snap peas.

  10. That reminds me. I planted some funky purple flowering peas which grew like crazy into luxuriant plants…without a single blossom or pea pod! Then, one blossom came, then five, and now, yesterday I went out to the garden, and there are tons of pea pods! I’m going to pick them and lightly steam them too! 😀

  11. Love peas, I boil them in salted water until they’re just soft then skin the peas out of the pods with your teeth. Yum, my plants have pods but the peas aren’t developed yet.

  12. *laughter* Such a lot of logistics on the early summer farmy just now! Barely time to change the bed sheets ere new arrivals knock on the door!! Peas: guess we all have our peculiarities: personally do not much like peas, but give me peapods any day for a steam or preferably a Chinese stirfry and I am all yours . . .

  13. HALP Celi!!! I’m still signed up! Have I committed some vile sin that I have been cast out? Love, Gayle, sniffling in a corner.

  14. don’t know why I keep coming up as anonymous!?!
    Sherry W

  15. I feel that I have missed so much news from the Farmy while on holiday in London. On screen time is limited but I should be back to normal visiting next week. I could happily have a bowl of fresh raw peas for my breakfast… time to check out the kitchen before we head out for another day.

  16. Fresh peas are such a tasty treat. My mouth is watering at the sight of yours!

  17. One of my favorite childhood memories on the farm is picking peas and then sitting on the back porch during the heat of the day (there was no AC) and shelling peas – and having the old relative talk.
    Nothing smells as good as shelling fresh peas during the summer

  18. I forgot to congratulate you on the previous post, on winning with the first tomato.

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